What engine is in a John Deere 55 combine?

55 combines were shipped with 9 by 24 inch tires and had a 30 inch cylinder and 45 bushel grain tank. A six cylinder Hercules QXD-3 engine producing 45 horsepower supplied the power.

How much does a 55 John Deere combine weigh?

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Key Specs:
Base weight – less head:
Total machine 20,750 kg 45,746 lb
Manufacturing location:
Country USA, East Moline, Illinois

When was the John Deere 55 combine made?


In 1946, Deere & Company released the No. 55 Self-Propelled Combine. It was the first combine to center the operator on top and center and locate the grain tank and engine behind the operator.

How many bushels does a S780 Combine hold?

S780. With the S780, you are closer to the top of the lineup of S-Series Combines. Going from the S770 combine to S780 combine, you gain an additional 82 horsepower, a 400-bushel grain tank with a 3.8 per second unloading rate, and almost 10 more square feet of cleaning area.

What was the first self-propelled combine?

By 1937, Thomas Carroll, working for Massey-Harris in Ontario, perfected the first commercially viable self-propelled combine. This eventually evolved into the very successful, lighter-weight Model No. 21 introduced in 1940.

What was John Deere’s first combine?

John Deere’s first self-propelled combine was introduced in 1947; the model 55. Soon after in the mid-1950’s, they introduced attachable corn heads which allowed crop producers to cut, shell, and clean corn in one smooth operation.

How much fuel does a combine use per hour?

If running 60% to 70% engine load it will be in the 14 – 15 gallon/hr, if pushing hard and running around 90% load it will get up to 17 – 18 gallon/hr.

What is the fastest combine harvester in the world?

Fitted with the new TERRA TRAC half crawler track assembly, the LEXION 770 reaches a road speed of 40 km/h, making it the world’s fastest combine harvester.

What is the oldest combine?

The first working combine was the invention of Hiram Moore and John Hascall of Kalamazoo County, Michigan who tested it in the late 1830s, patenting it in 1836. In the same year, another American, Cyrus McCormick, was granted a patent for his famous mechanical reaper.

Whats the difference between S780 and S790?

S780. The John Deere S780 Combine is one step down from the S790 in size and power. It also has a 13.5-liter engine, but this one boasts 473 horsepower. Like the S790, this combine can hold 400 bushels of grain and with an unloading rate of 3.8 bushels every second and a total cleaning area of 9145 square inches.

What class is a S780 combine?

The S780 is the second largest of four in the S700 range, with the number eight reflecting its class (S760 is a Class-6, S770 is Class-7 and so on, with the largest being the S790 Class-9 model).

Who sells the most combines in the world?

Deere reckons to account for over 45% of combine sales worldwide, having sold more than 1.1 million units in the past 80 years, while Claas is the leader in Western Europe with around 40% market share achieved by combines produced at its Harsewinkel headquarters in Germany, ahead of New Holland, which claims about a …

What was the first self propelled combine?

Man testing the model 123-SP (self-propelled) combine (harvester-thresher) in a field. The machine was International Harvester’s first self-propelled combine.

How much fuel does it take to farm 1 acre?

Fuel consumption may be two gallons per acre or more depending on tillage depth and/ or the number of different soil manipulations that occur (e.g., subsoiling and disking with a combination disk-ripper). Individual secondary tillage operations often require 0.6 to 0.7 gallons of fuel per acre.

How many MPG does a combine get?

What is the most reliable combine?

New Holland TC5.
New Holland manufactures several different combine harvesters, but the TC5. 30 is one of the best and most efficient. What is this? It can be used for working in just about any field, including small grains, large grains, expert crops, and pulse crops.

How many acres can you combine a day?

In ideal weather conditions (hot and dry) it is possible for a properly adjusted, well-maintained modern combine to cover as many as two-hundred acres in a days’ work; however, it is more likely that a combine will be able to work around one-hundred-and-fifty acres daily.

What is the smallest combine John Deere makes?

The John Deere 9650 is the smallest of the STS series, but allows the operator to drive it up and down hills with better control while maintaining a programmed speed. While the 9560 may be the smallest in the series, it still packs remarkable power.

What class combine is a X9?

class 10
“The X9 1000 or X9 1100 (class 10 and 11 combines) are for producers who need extra-large capacity and who can handle that extra capacity,” Arnold explained. According to Deere, the X9 1100 can harvest up to 30 acres of high-yielding wheat per hour and harvest up to 7,200 bushels per hour in high-yielding corn.

What is the most efficient combine harvester?

Claas LEXION 8900 combine harvester is the most powerful combine model that belongs to the LEXION 8000 series – the new Claas Lexion revolution. This form is a “hot off the fire” design which was redeveloped from the ground to meet demands in the new world of technology.

Why is no till farming good?

No-till farmers grow crops with minimal disturbance to their fields and the organisms that call them home. This builds healthier soils while reducing money spent on fuel and labor – a win-win. With harvest season winding down, you’re no doubt making an important decision for your working land.

Why don t more farmers use no-till?

With no-till a farmer has lost the ability to mechanically control weeds through tillage. There is a risk of carrying over plant diseases when crop residue is not incorporated into the soil after harvest. This can act as a host for disease and can infect the following crop.

How much fuel does a combine burn per acre?

Fuel consumption may be two gallons per acre or more depending on tillage depth and/ or the number of different soil manipulations that occur (e.g., subsoiling and disking with a combination disk-ripper).

How much fuel does a combine burn per hour?

Who Makes the Best combine in the world?

1. Claas LEXION 8900. The 8900 is the most powerful combine harvester in the Lexion 8000 series.