What does a CAC card reader do?

The CAC can be used for access into computers and networks equipped with one or more of a variety of smartcard readers. Once inserted into the reader, the device asks the user for a PIN. Once the PIN is entered, the PIN is matched with the stored PIN on the CAC.

Is a Smart Card reader the same as a CAC reader?

CAC Reader / Smart Card Reader

Common Access Card (CAC) or Smart Card readers are used as a communications medium between the Smart Card and a host (e.g. a computer, point-of-sale terminal, network system, etc.) in secure systems such as those used by government, banking and health care.

What is a CAC device?

A CAC is about the size of a standard debit card and has an embedded microchip that enables the encryption and cryptographic signing of email and use of public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication tools.

How can a civilian get a CAC card?

Applicants for a CAC must be sponsored by a DoD government official or employee. For the majority of CAC holders (Military and DoD Civilian), your sponsor will be an authoritative data feed from your Human Resources department.

How much are CAC card readers?

$12.81 FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00 shipped by Amazon.

How do I install a CAC reader at home?

You can get started using your CAC by following these basic steps:

  1. Get a card reader.
  2. Install middleware, if necessary.
  3. Install DoD root certificates with InstallRoot (32-bit, 64-bit or Non Administrator).
  4. Make certificates available to your operating system and/or browser, if necessary.

Can you use a CAC on iPhone?

Use your smart card right on your iPhone or iPad to access your web mail using your CAC or PIV card. Smart Card Utility has been tested and is compatible with the most common military and civilian web sites, including: mypay.dfas.mil (myPay)

Do CAC readers store information?

Information Stored on a CAC
Sensitive data such as passwords or highly personal medical information are not contained on your smart card.

How long is a CAC card good for?

8 years
These cards are valid for 8 years.

Do DoD civilians get military discount?

Nearly 600,000 civilian employees who work for the Defense Department and the Coast Guard will now be able to shop in the stores, which are sales tax-free and offer some discounts compared to major outlets.

Can I use a CAC reader on my iPhone?

Using your iPhone and iPad and Smart Card Utility, it takes seconds to turn on and access websites, Teams, Office 365 and more using your CAC smart card. Login fast with your CAC card and Smart Card Utility Readers for iOS and iPhone.

Can I use my CAC on a personal computer?

It order to utilize a CAC on a personal computer, it is necessary to install the DoD Root Certificates, which are common to all users. To simplify and automate the process of installing DoD Root Certificates, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) developed a software package, known as InstallRoot.

How do I access files on my CAC card?

Insert your CAC into your CAC reader. Open an Internet browser and go to: https://evwhs.digitalglobe.com. The Log In screen opens. Select CAC Access.

Will a CAC reader work on a phone?

MTAKYI Portable Type C CAC Smart Card Reader, USB C DOD Military Common Access Card Card Reader, Credit Card Reader Compatible with Android Phones/Mac Book/i Mac/Laptop/Tablet or Other Type C Devices.

Can I connect my CAC to my phone?

How to use the CAC Feature in USAF Connect (Android) – YouTube

Can you use a CAC reader on a phone?

Apple and Android Mobile CAC and PIV Readers
Thursby’s Sub Rosa suite of products provides you with the ability to access two-factor websites, sign, encrypt, and decrypt emails, view, edit, and create calendar events, and edit and sign PDF documents from your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet.

Can I use my CAC to fly?

You cannot go straight to the TSA Pre✓® line with your CAC; you must enter the number when you book your travel. Additionally, you do not have to be in uniform to go through TSA Pre✓® using your DOD identification number.

Can you have 2 CAC cards?

Yes, a person can have multiple CAC but only one of them can have full certificate and email functionality at a time. Possession of a duplicate CAC or ID card in the same category is prohibited.

Can DOD civilians get gas on base?

In order to buy gas on base, you must hold a valid military ID; meaning active duty and Reserve military and their dependants and retirees and their dependants are the only ones eligible to use the station, no matter the means of payment.

Can DOD civilians buy alcohol on base?

All of the new authorized civilian shoppers are restricted from purchasing alcohol offered in the package store, tobacco and uniform items. The new directive allows DoD and Coast Guard civilian employees in the United States and locally hired in the U.S. territories and possessions to shop in military exchange stores.

How do I get a CAC card to work at home?

What is stored on a CAC?

These cards contain only selected, abbreviated data relating to your work functions or benefits and privileges provided as a uniformed member of the Armed Forces, U.S. Public Health Service, or NOAA, DoD Civilian, or DoD Contractor.

How do I use my phone as a CAC?

Can you plug a CAC reader into an iPad?

As with all third-party USB devices that require installation of a driver, CAC readers are not yet supported by iPad.

Can a CAC reader work on Android phone?