What do you write in a professional birthday card?

Example Messages

  • Hope that you have a happy and healthy year!
  • You deserve a wonderful birthday. Happy Birthday!
  • Just a quick note to say Happy Birthday. Here’s to a prosperous and healthy year!
  • Wishing you all the happiness you deserve.

How do you say happy birthday professionally?

“Wishing you the best on your birthday and everything good in the year ahead.” “Hope your day is filled with happiness.” “Wishing you a happy birthday and a wonderful year.” “Our whole team is wishing you the happiest of birthdays.”

What are the top 3 greeting card companies?

LOUIE Award Winners for Excellence and Innovation

Print and Production Excellence
Company Year Founded
1 American Greetings 1906
2 Hallmark Cards 1910
3 Quilling Card 2011

What is the best message for birthday card?

Short & Sweet Birthday Messages

  • “Hope all your birthday wishes come true!”
  • “It’s your special day — get out there and celebrate!”
  • “Wishing you the biggest slice of happy today.”
  • “I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories!”
  • “Our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us!”

How do you say happy birthday in unique style?

How to Say Happy Birthday 50 Different Ways

  1. You sustained one more year.
  2. I wish you a happier birthday than anyone else has wished you.
  3. Didn’t we just celebrate this like a year ago?
  4. You sustained one more year.
  5. Don’t count the candles, enjoy your day.
  6. Happy you day.
  7. Age is just a number.
  8. I’m glad you were born.

How do you wish a happy birthday to a client?

Birthday Wishes for New Clients

  1. Happy birthday! Beginning from this wonderful occasion, may every hope and ambition you have be fulfilled.
  2. It is our sincere wish that life will present you with every opportunity you need to prosper. Happy birthday!
  3. We wish you have the most joyful of birthday celebrations today.

How do you say happy birthday to a respected person?

Happy Birthday to the most admirable and inspiring person in the universe. It is my honour to be wishing you a happy birthday today. You are an inspirational, highly respected, and honourable person, one of whom I feel very privileged to know. Here’s to you and to many more marvelous years ahead.

How do you wish someone formally?

More Formal

  1. “Congratulations on your well-deserved success.”
  2. “Heartfelt congratulations to you.”
  3. “Warmest congratulations on your achievement.”
  4. “Congratulations and best wishes for your next adventure!”
  5. “So pleased to see you accomplishing great things.”

What is the best greeting card site?

The Best E-Greeting-Card Services (for When Snail Mail Isn’t an…

  • Culture Greetings.
  • DaySpring.
  • American Greetings. From $5.
  • Hallmark E-cards. $5.
  • Jacquie Lawson. $20.
  • GroupGreeting. $5.
  • Open Me. This free e-card service allows you to send your thoughtful notes via email or Facebook.
  • Tribute. From $29.

Who is the largest greeting card company?

Hallmark Cards One of the most highly recognized greeting card retailers is Hallmark Cards. This privately owned company headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri was founded in 1910 and is the largest manufacturer of greeting cards in the entire United States.

What is a good birthday quote?

“Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age.” “The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.” “There is still no cure for the common birthday.” “The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.”

How do you write a heart touching birthday?

62 happy birthday wishes found:

  1. You are the sunshine in my life.
  2. Finding the words for someone special.
  3. Someone special and someone I love.
  4. I’m so fortunate to have you in my life.
  5. Wishing you many good things today.
  6. You deserve the world, my dear.
  7. You’ve always meant a lot to me.
  8. You’re an integral piece of my heart.

What is a fun way to say happy birthday?

Here are some wishes to make your friends laugh on their birthday. You don’t look a day over 50! Enjoy your old age 😀 Happy Birthday, Buddy! On your birthday, make cakes and not war, I wish you a Happy Birthday!

How do you say happy birthday in professional email?

Sample Birthday Messages

  1. Our sincerest wishes from [name of company] on your birthday.
  2. Happy birthday to you, Mr.
  3. Customers like you are our real treasure.
  4. We hope that you celebrate your birthday with joy this year!
  5. We hope that your birthday this year will bring many opportunities to prosper.

How do you write a formal birthday letter?

Be direct and express your wishes for the person, but do not over-exaggerate with superfluous praise. You want the letter to be genuine and true. Include a small section on your history with that person – what they mean to you, and what you have been through together.

What do you write in a birthday card to someone you admire?

Birthday Wishes for Someone you Admire

  1. I truly look up to you.
  2. I hold so much admiration for you.
  3. An older person I admire and respect.
  4. I appreciate you more than you know.
  5. Celebrating the incredible person you are.
  6. Happy birthday from your greatest admirer.
  7. You are so very precious to me.

Whats the most formal greeting?

The most respectful greetings are formal ones like “hello,” or time-related greetings like “good morning” or “good evening.” To make it even more respectful, add the listener’s formal title afterwards, like “hello, Mr. or Mrs. ______,” or even “hello, sir or ma’am.”

What is a formal greeting example?

Formal greetings are usually used when you are speaking with your employer or someone of high authority examples include Hello,Good morning, Nice to meet you. Informal greetings are usually used when speaking with friends or relatives examples,hey,how are ya, what’s up .

What is the popular e greeting card website is?

Sendwishonline.com is a free ecards platform to send group ecards for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, farewell, and send invitations for all kinds of events. It’s one of the best websites for animated greeting cards.

Are Blue Mountain ecards really free?

As a member you will have unlimited access to the funniest, most entertaining, interactive, and customized ecards that you cannot find anywhere else. First time members can try BlueMountain.com today, free for 7 days! Get started now to send cards to the ones who matter most!

What is the best greeting card website?

The Best E-Greeting-Card Services (for When Snail Mail Isn’t an…

  • Greenvelope. From $19.
  • Smilebox. From $5.
  • Punchbowl. Photo: retailer.
  • Evite.
  • Paperless Post.
  • Postable.
  • Culture Greetings.
  • DaySpring.

What type of greeting cards sell the most?

Birthday cards are still the best-selling card type, accounting for more than half of the total cards sold. About two-thirds of birthday cards are mailed. Greeting card prices can vary from 50 cents to more than $10 – with a price point for every consumer and sending occasion. The vast majority are between $2 and $5.

How do you write a special birthday message?


  1. “I’m so grateful you came into the world because you make my world better every day.
  2. “Thanks for you being you and being mine.”
  3. “It’s your day, and I can’t wait to celebrate it with you.”
  4. “I hope your birthday is the happiest.”
  5. “Happy Birthday, Beautiful.”
  6. “Wish you were here for me to spoil today.”

How do you say happy birthday meaningfully?

Sentimental Birthday Quotes

  1. Showing my love with a special message.
  2. My love for you is unique and meaningful.
  3. A very special happy birthday to you.
  4. Anyone would be lucky to have you in their life.
  5. I appreciate you and everything that you do.
  6. You enrich my life to no end.
  7. Today’s your special day, my friend.

How do you say happy birthday in elegant?