What broadheads fly the same as field points?

All broadheads DO NOT fly like fieldpoints, and DO NOT fly the same. They all have different profiles and some have better flight than others, contrary to mythological belief on this site. You can tune your bow to the broadhead, but that doesn’t mean that you try another broadhead it will hit the same spot.

How do you get broadheads to shoot like field points?

So again for right-handed Archer the broad hit hits left move your arrow rest right the broad head hits right move the arrow rest till.

Do QAD exodus fly like field points?

You’ll notice that if your bow is tuned properly, the QAD Exodus broadhead will fly the same as a field point. The cut on the Exodus broadhead is a very respectable 1-1/4 inches. This is the cutting diameter on the 100 and 125 grain models regardless if swept or full in design, for compound or crossbow.

Do Muzzy broadheads fly like field tips?

Muzzy if you want fixed. Rage if you want expandable. Both will fly just like your field points (assuming your bow is in tune and grouping well). I have had great success with both of them out to 60 yards.

Do Rage broadheads shoot like field tips?

Yes, out of a tuned bow the Hypo’s will fly like fieldpoints. Out of a tuned bow it is also possible to have a fixed blade fly like fieldpoints.

Do Rage broadheads shoot like field points?

These are incredible broadheads for hunting. They fly like field points but hit like sledgehammers. The 2 blade design of the Rage Hypodermic broadheads provides a narrow profile in flight, helping to enhance range and accuracy.

Why do my broadheads shoot different than field points?

Slight arrow-rest misalignments can cause broadheads and field tips to fly differently. Shoot one broadhead and follow it with two field tips. If the field tips group higher than the broadhead, your arrow rest is too low, which causes broadheads to plane lower than field tips.

Do fixed blades fly like field points?

A solid 2 blade head will fly as close to a field point as any.

Are QAD exodus cut on contact?

The QAD Exodus fixed blade cut on contact broadhead features BOS (blades over shaft) technology, creating a super short and compact head. This creates field point accuracy in a fixed blade.

Can you sharpen exodus broadheads?

The Exodus has a hardened, chiseled tip that is cut-on-contact. The tip is actually very sharp and can be sharpened even more on the end.

What is the most accurate broadhead?

According to experienced archers and hunters, some of the best models of fixed blade Broadheads for deer are Muzzy Trocar, QAD Exodus, and G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain. Muzzy Trocar: This broadhead is designed for excellent accuracy and efficiency.

Do broadheads fly different than field tips crossbow?

Even though you may have purchased broadheads that are the same weight as the field points that you used for sighting-in, the broadhead’s shape differs from that of the field point’s shape and can yield slightly different aerodynamic results.

Do Rage broadheads fly like a field point?

They fly like field points but hit like sledgehammers. The 2 blade design of the Rage Hypodermic broadheads provides a narrow profile in flight, helping to enhance range and accuracy.

Do rage Trypans fly like field points?

“We’ve found that Rage broadheads fly best” was their research advice. My experience on that big warthog and in practice show that the Rage Trypan’s fly accurately like field points.

Do Grim Reaper broadheads fly like field points?

I like the grim reaper broadhead in so much as it flies right on with field points. Even with a bone hit in off shoulder it dropped the deer withinn 60 yards. I would recommend it.

Do broadheads have to line up with Fletching?

Registered. no it will not make a difference.

Why are my arrows not flying straight?

If your arrows are not spined correctly for your draw weight, length and arrow weight, it can cause erratic arrow flight. That erratic arrow flight might not show up when shooting field points, but as we stated earlier, can be dramatically magnified when shooting broadheads.

Do mechanical broadheads fly the same as field points?

Bowhunters who shoot fixed-blade broadheads will usually shoot them a few times into a target before season because they know field points and fixed-blade broadheads don’t always fly the same.

Why are barbed broadheads illegal?

The purpose of the regulation is to protect animals hit by marginal shots. If the broadhead is barbed it makes it harder for the animal to either pull it out with it’s teeth, for the broadhead to work itself out, or to remove it by rubbing against a tree or brush.

Where are tooth of the arrow broadheads made?


We proudly make all Tooth of the Arrow products in the USA. We source our steel from Chicago. Our packaging comes from Missouri, and we machine every broadhead in our home state of Minnesota to ensure you will receive the highest quality fixe blade broadheads on the market.

What is better 100 grain or 125 grain broadheads?

Simply put, 100-grain broadheads are not the best choice for most bowhunters. Heads weighing 125 grains or slightly more are superior in almost every way to 100-grain broadheads for hunting, and I’ll tell you why.

What arrow tip is best for hunting deer?


  • Rage Hypodermic.
  • Ramcat Pivoting.
  • Swhacker Levi Morgan Series.
  • Grim Reaper RazorCut.
  • NAP Killzone MAXX.
  • G5 Outdoors Deadmeat.

Are Grim Reaper broadheads accurate?

Contingent on proper tuning of your bow and arrows, You can expect field point accuracy with all Grim Reaper Broadheads.

What is the best broadhead for elk?

Best Fixed Blade Broadheads for Elk. Slick Trick Standard and Magnum.

  • Wasp Archery Havalon HV.
  • G5 Outdoors Striker X.
  • Muzzy 3 Blade.
  • Tooth of the Arrow XL.
  • G5 Montec.
  • Best Mechanical Broadheads for Elk. Rage Hypodermic.
  • Grim Reaper RazorCut.
  • Do Rage broadheads fly like field points?