What areas were affected the most by Storm Desmond?

In Lancashire and Cumbria, more than 43,000 homes across the north of England were left without power, as well as over 2,000 homes in the Republic of Ireland and around 700 in Wales, while an estimated 5,200 homes were affected by flooding. The storm claimed two lives – in Cumbria and the Republic of Ireland.

Which areas were the worst affected by storm Christoph?

It shows that southern and western parts of the city were worst hit by rain. Rainfall in Leeds during Storm Christoph (image: MapRain). Guiseley and Yeadon had the most rainfall, with 65-69mm of rain falling from January 18-21. Boston Spa and Wetherby had just 35-40mm.

When did Storm Desmond hit Ireland?

Flooding revisited: storm Desmond causes widespread damage 30 November -0001 Free. Storm Desmond hit this weekend last year causing untold damage and flooding to farmers. We take a look back 12 months on.

What were the economic impacts of Storm Desmond?

Storm Desmond has caused an estimated £500m of damage across Cumbria – almost double the cost of the floods that hit parts of the county six years ago.

How many people died due to Storm Desmond?

Storm Desmond

Desmond on 5 December 2015
Lowest pressure 939 mb (27.7 inHg)
Fatalities 3
Damage ≥ £870 million (≥ €970 million) (2015)
Power outages 46,300

What caused the Cockermouth flood 2009?

In November 2009, over 31 cm of rain fell in a 24-hour period. This is a record amount of daily rainfall for the UK. This led to the flooding of the town of Cockermouth.

What weather did storm Christoph bring?

The impact of Storm Christoph was widespread, with 675 properties flooded across England and Wales. A major incident was declared in South Yorkshire as Storm Christoph brought more torrential rain and flooding to the area already badly hit by Storm Bella in late December 2020.

How long did storm Christoph last?

Storm Christoph made a large-scale impact over 2-3 days across many parts of the UK. Beginning on 20th January, the storm brought high winds and the equivalent of 2 months’ usual rainfall in just 2.5 days.

How many people died due to storm Desmond?

Why does it flood so much in Carlisle?

Carlisle was especially badly affected, with some 2100 properties flooded. It lies at the confluence of two rivers – The Eden and the Caldew, which have highly responsive catchments that feed large volumes of surface run-off from the surrounding fells.

How many people did Storm Desmond affect?

Storm Desmond

Desmond on 5 December 2015
Fatalities 3
Damage ≥ £870 million (≥ €970 million) (2015)
Power outages 46,300
Areas affected Ireland, Isle of Man, United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Sweden

How does flooding affect economy?

Floods generally have a negative effect on GDP of the manufacturing and the wholesale and retail sectors, while they tend to have a positive effect on GDP of the construction sector. Third, the magnitude of the indirect effect of floods differs for asset, facility, and equipment that incurs damage.

Where did Storm Desmond?

Storm Desmond led to thousands of homes and businesses being flooded. The storm saw more than 341mm (13ins) of rain fall in parts of Cumbria in just 24 hours and left an insurance bill of more than £1.3bn.

What caused the Cumbria floods 2015?

The 2015 flood in Cumbria was caused by very heavy rainfall over a large area, and records for the highest rainfall totals over 24 hour and 48 hour periods were broken. Scientists are cautious about linking the apparent increase in extreme rainfall events with climate change.

How many times has Cockermouth flooded?

Cockermouth is highly prone to flooding with 15 flood events recorded since detailed records began in 1761. The town, at the confluence of the Rivers Cocker and Derwent, is prone to flooding due to the natural topography of the area.

Is Cockermouth a good place to live?

Friendly, in easy reach of fells and beaches, packed with gorgeous Georgian architecture, plus it has Wordsworth’s childhood home, a proper swimming pool, an excellent arts centre and amazing independent shops.”

When did storm Christoph hit the UK?

Winter Storm Christoph was named by the UK Met Office on 18th January. The storm produced a convective rainstorm which brought severe flooding to the United Kingdom. The peak of the flooding emergency occured around 21st January but the impacts of the storm were felt until the 26th.

What was the main threat of Storm Christoph?

Unlike the low-pressure systems that often affect the UK at this time of year, Storm Christoph’s main threat was heavy rainfall, rather than strong winds.

What years did Carlisle flood?

Introduction. Carlisle has a history of flooding with large scale flood events occurring in 1968, 2005 and 2015 flooding both homes, businesses and impacting the wider community. Following the 2005 flooding, the Environment Agency built a new Flood Risk Management Scheme on the Rivers Eden, Petteril and Caldew.

Is Carlisle going to flood?

There are no flood warnings or alerts in this area.

Where is Cockermouth situated?


Cockermouth, town (parish), Allerdale district, administrative county of Cumbria, historic county of Cumberland, northwestern England. It is situated where the River Derwent emerges from the mountains of the scenic Lake District and is joined by the River Cocker.

How much rainfall fell in 24 hours which led to the Cumbrian floods?

In November 2009, over 31 cm of rain fell in a 24-hour period.

What should you do before a flood?

Protect your property.

  • Move valuables and furniture to higher levels.
  • Move hazardous materials (such as paint, oil, pesticides, and cleaning supplies) to higher locations.
  • Disconnect electrical appliances.
  • Bring outside possessions indoors or tie them down securely.
  • Seal vents to basements to prevent flooding.

What are the 5 effects of flood?

Loss of lives and property: Immediate impacts of flooding include loss of human life, damage to property, destruction of crops, loss of livestock, non-functioning of infrastructure facilities and deterioration of health condition owing to waterborne diseases.

Is Cockermouth prone to flooding?

Cockermouth is highly prone to flooding with 15 flood events recorded since detailed records began in 1761. The town, at the confluence of the Rivers Cocker and Derwent, is prone to flooding due to the natural topography of the area. Flooding occurred most recently in 2005, 2008 and 2009.