What areas are under Fairfield Council?

Suburbs in the City of Fairfield

  • Abbotsbury.
  • Bonnyrigg.
  • Bonnyrigg Heights.
  • Bossley Park.
  • Cabramatta.
  • Cabramatta West.
  • Canley Heights.
  • Canley Vale.

What council is Fairfield in NSW?

Fairfield City Council
The Fairfield City Council is a local government area in the west of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

Fairfield City Council.

Fairfield City Council New South Wales
Mayor Frank Carbone (Independent)
Council seat Wakeley
Region Metropolitan Sydney

How many Councillors are there in Fairfield Council?

12 Councillors

Fairfield City Council comprises of 12 Councillors, a popularly elected Mayor and about 1,000 staff. The Councillors are a vital link between you and the Council.

Who is the deputy mayor of Fairfield Council?

Dai Le finishes term as Fairfield deputy mayor, replaced by Reni Barkho. Daily Telegraph.

Who is the mayor of Fairfield Council?

Mayor Frank Carbone
Mayor Frank Carbone Fairfield City Council.

How many houses are in Fairfield?

Fairfield (C)

All private dwellings 62,737
Median weekly household income $1,222
Median monthly mortgage repayments $1,800
Median weekly rent $350
Average motor vehicles per dwelling 1.8

Is Bonnyrigg in Fairfield LGA?

Fairfield City includes the suburbs and localities of Abbotsbury, Bonnyrigg, Bonnyrigg Heights, Bossley Park, Cabramatta, Cabramatta West, Canley Heights, Canley Vale, Carramar, Cecil Park (part), Edensor Park, Fairfield (part), Fairfield East, Fairfield Heights, Fairfield West, Greenfield Park, Horsley Park, Lansvale.

Where is the Fairfield LGA located?

Area in Sydney’s west, part of the traditional lands of the Cabrogal tribe, a sub-group of the Gandangara. Governed by Fairfield City Council, it covers 104 square kilometres with a population of nearly 180,000 in 2010.

What electorate is Fairfield in?

Find my electorate: 2165

State Locality/Suburb Electorate

Who is Dai husband?

Le is married to Markus Lambert and has one son. In August 2012, Le was appointed to the Advisory Board of Multicultural NSW (formerly the NSW Community Relations Commission) providing advice to Government ministers and agencies.

Who is Ned Mannoun?

Mayor Mannoun has returned to Council after previously serving as Mayor of Liverpool from 2012 to 2016. He has lived in the Liverpool area since immigrating from the United States when he was ten years old.

What does Frank Carbone do?

Frank Giuseppe Carbone (born 26 March 1970) is an Australian politician currently serving as the Mayor of the City of Fairfield, one of the largest local government areas in New South Wales by population.

Why is it called Fairfield?

Fairfield was founded by clipper-ship captain Robert Waterman in 1856 and named for his hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut. Waterman founded the town following failed attempts to establish a port city at nearby Bridgeport/Cordelia.

What nationality is in Fairfield?

Fairfield is an ethnic enclave of Assyrian Christians (mostly from Iraq, and more recently Syria) and other Iraqis of various religious and ethnic origins. Fairfield also is home to a large Latin American presence.

Which LGA is bonnyrigg?

City of Fairfield
Bonnyrigg, New South Wales

Bonnyrigg Sydney, New South Wales
Location 36 km (22 mi) west of Sydney
LGA(s) City of Fairfield
State electorate(s) Cabramatta
Federal division(s) Fowler Werriwa

Who is the local member for Fairfield?

Mr (Guy) Gaetano ZANGARI, BEd MP

A Mr Guy Zangari, MP 55A Smart Street FAIRFIELD NSW 2165
Postal Mr Guy Zangari MP PO Box 771 FAIRFIELD NSW 1860
P (02) 9726 9323
F (02) 9726 9783
E [email protected]

What area is Fowler?

Fowler is based in Sydney’s outer southwestern suburbs of Liverpool, Warwick Farm, Chipping Norton, Cabramatta, Canley Vale, Mount Pritchard, Abbotsbury, Bossley Park, Edensor Park, Greenfield Park, Prairiewood, St Johns Park, Wakeley, Bonnyrigg, Canley Heights, Carramar and Fairfield East.

Is Dai Le an Australian citizen?

Le is the first refugee and Vietnamese Australian to be elected to the Australian House of Representatives.

Who is Mayor of Fairfield?

Frank Carbone
I am excited to announce that Council will be hosting its first ever two-day Fairfield Spring Fest in Fairfield City Centre on Saturday and Sunday 24-25 September from 12pm to 8pm!

When did Liverpool NSW become a city?

It was not until June 27, 1872 that the Liverpool Municipality was proclaimed and Richard Sadleir became the first Mayor.

Is Frank Carbone married?

Personal life. Carbone is married to Gina and has two children.

Who is the new mayor of Fairfield Council?

I am excited to announce that Council, with the support of the NSW Government will be hosting the Fairfield Spring Fest on Saturday and Sunday 24-25 September 2022 at Harris and William streets in Fairfield’s city centre from 12pm-8pm.

Is Fairfield considered Bay Area?

Fairfield is a city in and the county seat of Solano County, California, in the North Bay sub-region of the San Francisco Bay Area.

What county is Fairfield in?

Solano CountyFairfield / County

What type of people live in Fairfield?

In the 2016 Census, there were 198,817 people in Fairfield (C). Of these 49.3% were male and 50.7% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 0.7% of the population. The median age of people in Fairfield (C) was 36 years.