What are the cuts of gems called?

An Introduction to Gemology

These cuts are also known as gem cutting styles. The three most basic cutting styles are brilliant, step, and mixed. For example, a “round brilliant diamond” has a round shape but a brilliant cutting style. Faceters can combine these styles to create many different gem designs.

What is the most popular gem cut?

round brilliant cut
Round Cut – also known as the round brilliant cut, this is the reigning most popular cut. The facets are cut in a way to optimize the dispersion of light in a stone, this cut was once exclusively for diamonds. A trillion-cut citrine gemstone.

What is cut in gemstone?

When a gemstone is desired to be used in jewelry, it is cut depending on the size and shape of the rough stone, as well as the desired piece of jewelry to be made. As a general rule, a cut gemstone will reduce the mass (described in the carat) by about 50 percent.

What is a round gem cut called?

Round. Alternatively known as “Round Brilliant”, “American Ideal” or “American Standard”. With 57 facets, this cut is the most efficient in capturing a stone’s brilliance and sparkle.

What is scissor cut gem?

Just like its name suggests, the facets of a scissor cut gem look like the criss crossed blades of scissors. The style is a type of step cut, but it’s more reflective than an emerald or asscher cut because of its facet pattern. The scissor cut makes darker gems look deeper and bolder with a little extra shimmer.

What is faceted cut?

A faceted stone is a type of gemstone cut where the stone has flat top, polished faces called facets across it and a pointed bottom.

What is a square cut gem called?

The Princess cut is the second most popular cut in the diamond and gemstone market, behind the Round Brilliant cut. The diamonds on the side of this yellow sapphire are a princess cut. They are square in shape and have between 58-76 facets, making it incredibly sparkly.

What is Portuguese cut?

Portuguese cut gems feature faceting technique where the gem is cut with two rows of rhomboidal and three rows of triangular facets above and below the girdle (the girdle is the line that divides the top or crown of the stone from the bottom or pavilion).

What is an oval cut gem called?

A marquise is an oval shape gemstone cut with pointed ends. And just as the oval above, wouldn’t call this a marquise, marquise but just a marquise.

What is a Barion cut?

a modern style of a fancy square-shaped, mixed cut. The fancy name of a diamond style designed and introduced in 1971 by Basil Watermeyer.

What is a cabochon cut?

cabochon cut, method of cutting gemstones with a convex, rounded surface that is polished but unfaceted. Opaque, asteriated, iridescent, opalescent, or chatoyant stones are usually cut en cabochon. The back of a normal cabochon-cut stone is flat, but it may be hollowed to lighten the colour.

What is faceted stone?

A faceted stone is a type of gemstone cut where the stone has flat top, polished faces called facets across it and a pointed bottom. This cut refracts the light inside the gem and reflects light on the outside facets of the gemstone, maximising the stone’s brilliance and fire.

What is a Navette cut?

a term used for marquise-cut diamond or other gemstones with boat-shaped outline. Also spelled navet or navette cut. Also called boat shape.

How do you facet a gemstone?

Faceting gemstones consists of mounting gem rough on a dowel or dop stick, which fits into the quill of a faceting machine. Next, the faceter touches the gem rough to abrasive laps in two sequential operations. First, they cut the top of the gem or crown, then the bottom or pavilion.

What is briolette cut?

A briolette is a style of gemstone cut – an elongated, faceted pear shape. It is often drilled to hang as a bead. The style was popular during the Victorian era.

What is a faceted cut?

What is cabochon cut?

What cabochon means?

Definition of cabochon
: a gem or bead cut in convex form and highly polished but not faceted also : this style of cutting.

Why is it called a marquise cut?

In France during the eighteenth century, King Luis XV ordered that a diamond be cut in such a way that would resemble the lips of Marquise de Pompadour who was his lover. The cut that came from this demand has come to be called the Marquise cut.

What is a marquise diamond?

Marquise diamonds possess an elongated elliptical shape with pointed ends. A Marquise diamond typically has 58 facets. Due to their long and narrow shape, Marquise diamonds can create the illusion of greater size.

How were gemstones cut in ancient times?

Until the late Middle Ages, gems of all kinds were simply cut either en cabochon or, especially for purposes of incrustation, into flat platelets. The cutting known as faceting gradually developed from the first attempts in the 15th century, probably in France and the Netherlands.

How do you cut crystals into shapes?

To cut hard gems, use a faceting machine to grind them into the shape you want. If the gems are softer, like pearl or amber, you can use sandpaper and water to shape the gem. When picking a shape for your gemstone, choose one that’s similar to the current shape of the stone so you don’t waste a lot of it.

What is a faceted briolette?

A briolette is a style of gemstone, which is cut in an elongated, faceted pear shape, and is usually favoured for wire wrapping or hanging teardrops.

What is a Sugarloaf cut gemstone?

Often considered a rarer or more refined variation of the cabochon cut, the sugarloaf cut is distinguished by its conical shape coming together in a rounded point at the top, almost like a pyramid or a mountain.

What is a flat bottom stone called?