Is the Yamaha R3 faster than the Ninja 400?

The Ninja 400 blasted through the quarter mile in 13.02 seconds at 101.2 mph which is a whole second faster than the YZF-R3 at 14 seconds flat with a terminal speed of 94.9 mph.

Which is better zx25r or Ninja 400?

The biggest distinction between the two bikes is the powertrain. The ZX-25R is powered by a 249cc inline four-cylinder that belts out 51PS at 15,500rpm and 22.9Nm of torque at 14,500rpm. The Ninja 400, on the contrary, makes a healthy 49PS of power at 10,000rpm, with 38Nm of peak torque kicking in at 8000rpm.

Which dirt bike is better Yamaha or Kawasaki?

Yamaha and Kawasaki are both outstanding motorcycle brands, and you can’t go wrong with either. But objectively speaking, Kawasaki is known for taking a performance-focused approach with its bikes, while Yamaha emphasizes value for money, particularly at the entry-level range.

Is R3 faster than Ninja 300?

Speed: The new Yamaha YZF R3 has a top speed of 180 km/hr. The Kawasaki Ninja 300 has a top speed of 160 km/hr.

Which bike is better than Ninja 400?

The ex-showroom price of Kawasaki Ninja 400 is ₹ 4,97,218 and Yamaha YZF R3 is ₹ 3,51,928.

Ninja 400 vs YZF R3 Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights Ninja 400 YZF R3
Price ₹ 4,97,218 ₹ 3,51,928
Capacity 399 cc 321 cc
Power 47.5 bhp @ 10000 rpm 40.8 bhp @ 10750 rpm
Economy 25 kmpl

How fast is Yamaha R7?

The Yamaha YZF-R7 hit a 139 mph top speed

Just like its ugly sister, the Yamaha R7 can dip into the 11’s on the drag strip. It’s a lot harder on the MT-07 but the R7 manages mid 11s scoring 11.64 seconds on the quarter-mile run with a terminal speed of 116 mph.

Is ZX-25R a beginner bike?

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Is The Perfect Track Machine For Beginners. Not every rider will agree, but for most, it’s a lot more fun to ride a small bike fast than a fast bike slow.

Is ZX-25R good for beginners?

While these power figures may not seem like much, especailly when compared to its bigger stablemates, the Ninja ZX-25R is plenty powerful for beginners who want to take their track riding skills to the next level.

Is Yamaha or Kawasaki more reliable?

Kawasaki vs.
However, in terms of reliability, a Yamaha motorcycle would last longer than a Kawasaki. Where a modern Yamaha bike can deliver up to 130,000-230,000 miles on average, a Kawasaki can deliver only 100,000-200,000 miles before breaking down.

Which is the best Japanese motorcycle brand?

List of the Best Japanese Motorcycle Brands

  • Honda. Since 1959, Honda has been consistently making motorcycles that are some of the best in their class.
  • Yamaha.
  • Suzuki.
  • Kawasaki.
  • Marusho.
  • Hodaka.
  • Hyosung motorcycle.
  • KTM motorcycle.

Is Yamaha R3 a superbike?

The Yamaha YZF-R3, commonly R3, is a 321 cc (19.6 cu in) inline-twin sport bike made by Yamaha since 2015. The R3 and the R25 are the first Yamaha twins with an offset cylinder design.
Yamaha YZF-R3.

Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Company
Torque 21.8 lb⋅ft (29.6 N⋅m) @ 9,000 rpm (claimed) 19.8 lb⋅ft (26.8 N⋅m) @ 9,100 rpm (rear wheel)

What bike is better than R3?

Compare the Kawasaki Ninja 300 STD vs Yamaha YZF R3 STD on carandbike to make an informed buying decision as to which bike to buy in 2022.

Summary Kawasaki Ninja 300 STD Yamaha YZF R3 STD
Mileage 26.00 KM/L 22.00 KM/L
Power 38.40 bhp 41.00 bhp
Engine 296.0 CC 321.0 CC
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol

Which is faster Ninja 650 or Ninja 400?

The 650 is also faster and offers better low-end torque. Notwithstanding dissimilarities, both Kawasaki bikes marry sport-like performance with all-roundedness.

Is an R3 fast?

What is this? If you hold on tight and tuck real tightly the Yamaha R3 is good for a top speed of 112 mph. Our bike does not hold onto its power as well as some other R3’s from 11,000 rpm so your mileage may vary. With a tailwind or decline, you can hit a real 120 mph just as you kiss the limiter in 6th.

Is R6 or R7 faster?

Pretty much though the R7 works best under 110 mph but will happily pull to an indicated 120-125 mph with the remainder on offer only coming to the most committed. The R6 is easily faster and especially so above 100 mph.

How fast is a R1?

Motorcycle Consumer News reported a tested top speed of 176.7 mph (284.4 km/h).

Why ZX-25R is so expensive?

The ZX-25R is wrapped around a new steel frame inspired by the H2, and then of course there’s the fact that it gets a four cylinder engine, which alone will drive the cost up significantly.

Is zx25r slow?

One automatically expects “slow” when you’re down into this engine size but it was not slow at all. It even had a healthy midrange AND a very satisfying top end rush. It was capable on urban environments AND highway too.

Is zx25r a big bike?

This mini sports bike is not just in name, the features themselves describe its outstanding performance on road. The only bike in this world has only a 250cc engine but produces a power output of 51 PS at 15,500 rpm.

What motorcycles last the longest?

In a nutshell, Honda and Yamaha were the most-named most-reliable motorcycle brands. “Any Japanese” motorcycle was mentioned after that. That would include Honda and Yamaha, but also includes Suzuki and Kawasaki.

Why Japanese bikes are better?

One of the key factors here is culture, with the Japanese placing more emphasis on accuracy than any other nation (even Germans). It is something they pride themselves on, and their engineering accuracy/perfection has led to the production of some bulletproof bikes.

Is Honda or Yamaha better?

Both Yamaha and Honda produce top-quality motorcycles, but Yamaha is less advanced when it comes to engines and technology. However, many motorcycle owners will tell you that Yamaha motorcycles have better design and provide slightly better maneuverability.

Which is the world No 1 bike brand?

From its humble beginnings, Honda has grown to be the biggest motorcycle company in the world. Since its inception, Honda has sold over 300 million motorcycles.

How much CC is Yamaha R4?

Loading Yamaha YZF 250 R4 Specifications: Engine: Displacement: 249 cc.

Is the R7 a good beginner bike?

For someone who’s never been on a motorcycle, it’s arguably the better beginner sportbike. On the other hand, the 2022 YZF-R7 is close, capacity- and weight-wise, to the Suzuki SV650. And that’s one of the most commonly recommended beginner bikes. Plus, not every new rider will necessarily start out on a sportbike.