Is the STI intercooler better?

Pretty much anything is better than stock

The OEM intercooler on the STI is better than the one on the WRX, however, it still has plenty of room for improvement. The factory intercoolers are thin and have lower fin density, and this all translates into a lack of performance.

Do you need a tune for Fmic STI?

yes, a fmic will change your MAF scaling and your a/f ratio’s. It definitely needs to be tuned.

Does a tmic require a tune?

A: No tune is required, but it is recommended.

Is a front mount intercooler better than a top mount?

A top mount intercooler will be more efficient with airflow than a front-mounted, with the only reason being the shorter path from your turbochargers to intake. You’ll get air quicker and sooner, but don’t confuse this with lag, as it is pressurized.

Is Fmic better than tmic?

Premium Member. Tmic is good for stock location turbos, pretty much all of them. You WILL heat soak much faster the larger you go in the stock location. FMIC is meant for rotated setups that are pushing >400whp and are utilizing a larger turbo to do so.

Does front mount intercooler add horsepower?

It also makes the compressed air denser as it enters the intake manifold, which causes a richer air-to-fuel mix in the engine’s cylinders. The result is increased power output. So, the answer to the question is yes! An intercooler does help to increase horsepower.

What is a tmic?

Pretty much all modern Subaru’s use an air-to-air intercooler to cool down the intake charge before it goes into the engine. And all of those cars have a top-mounted intercooler (TMIC) that sits on top of the engine, and draws air in from a scoop in the hood.

Does a new intercooler require a tune?

Nope. Upgrading the intercooler doesn’t require a tune.

Does an upgraded intercooler give more power?

To put it bluntly, intercoolers do influence horsepower but they do not create it. Horsepower is a force created by load, which mathematically can be measured as torque multiplied by rpm. The laws of thermodynamics dictate that the larger the temperature difference, the more energy is converted in combustion.

Does a bigger intercooler need a tune?

Does a front mount intercooler affect the radiator?

Of course a FMIC affects flow to the radiator. If you duct the setup properly you can almost completely eliminate it though. Creating a high pressure differential across the FMIC/Condenser/Radiator is the key.

Can you put an STI intercooler on a WRX?

You need a new pair of inlet gaskets and you need to modify a WRX flexible Y-pipe with an extension if you do. It’s better to get the STI Y-pipe, however. If you need to use your WRX intercooler inlets, they fit right on to the STI intercooler. This is an adapted WRX Y-pipe.

Do I need a tune after intercooler?

How much HP can you gain from an intercooler?

Depending on all these variables, an aftermarket intercooler may be worth power gains of between 5% – 10% above the gains that an OEM intercooler may provide.

Does a Fmic add horsepower?

Under ideal conditions, both will probably make the same HP, but in non-ideal conditions, the stock FMIC will make less HP. IC cools the charged air, cooler air is more dense, so can fit more in the cylinder, and add more fuel to burn -> more hp. But it depends on size, efficiency, and design.

Do intercoolers increase mpg?

Intercoolers usually do improve the general efficiency on a Diesel, plus they contribute to keep the NOx emissions at a lower level due to the colder air flow. They may even increase the durability due to lower exhaust temperatures.

Does bigger intercooler add HP?

Is intercooler upgrade worth it?

‘ and unfortunately, no, a turbo intercooler does not add horsepower to your car. That said, however, it does give you better and more responsive performance as your car has more access to oxygen and it can mean that you can tune your car more aggressively without risking damage to your engine.

Do intercoolers increase horsepower?

Do you need a tune with an intercooler?

Does an intercooler increase horsepower?

Will a bigger intercooler lower EGT?

Adding an intercooler to an engine without one will simply cool the intake charge, provide more oxygen to the cylinder, and will also lower EGTs.

Does Fmic increase power?

Do you need a tune after installing intercooler?

Is intercooler worth upgrading?