Is the Geo Tracker reliable?

They are rock-solid dependable (even if you loan them to a friend who happens not to know that cars need oil…) and will get you through any kind of weather. They’re not quick and the handling is what you’d expect for a tall, short SUV, but for the price they are unbeatable. These trucks are excellent in the winter.

Is Geo Tracker made by Suzuki?

The Geo Tracker was a mini SUV introduced in late 1988 as a 1989 model. It was developed by CAMI which was a joint venture between General Motors of Canada and Suzuki.

What is a Geo Tracker top speed?

Top speed:
(theor. without speed governor) 150 km/h / 93 mph

What kind of engine does a Geo Tracker have?

Used 1993 Geo Tracker Specs & Features

Base engine size 1.6 L
Cylinders Inline 4
Base engine type Gas
Horsepower 80 hp @ 5,400 rpm

Are Geo Trackers expensive to maintain?

The estimated cost to maintain and repair a Geo Tracker ranges from $95 to $1627, with an average of $276.

How many MPG does a Geo Tracker get?

Geo has manufactured models of Tracker Convertible 4WD for 6 years. They average 22.3 combined miles per gallon, with the latest 1994 Tracker Convertible 4WD above average at 23 combined MPG.

Fuel Efficiency.

Vehicle Model 1990 Geo Tracker Convertible 4WD
Combined MPG 24
Highway MPG 26
City MPG 23

Why did they stop making Geo Trackers?

But in 1993, after just 3 years of existence, it was discontinued due to the refocusing of Isuzu on trucks and SUVs. The hardiest model produced by Geo is the Tracker; it is a part of the original lineup in 1989 and stayed until 2004 when the brand itself was discontinued.

Is a Geo Tracker a 4×4?

The Tracker came in one shape only, a 2-door, but in three flavors: a 2-wheel-drive convertible, a 4-wheel-drive convertible and a 4-wheel-drive hardtop. The two trim levels were base (2wd and 4wd) and LSi (available with 4wd only).

How fast can a Suzuki Sidekick go?

Suzuki claims a 90-mph top speed for the manual, and 87 mph for the optional four-speed automatic.

Who built the Geo Tracker?

Geo models were manufactured by GM in joint ventures with three Japanese automakers. The Prizm was produced at the GM/Toyota joint-venture NUMMI assembly plant in Fremont, California, and the Metro and Tracker were produced at the GM/Suzuki joint-venture CAMI assembly plant in Ingersoll, Ontario.

How much does it cost to insure a Geo Tracker?

The average price of insurance for the Geo Tracker is $39 a month for standard coverage and $23 a month for minimum coverage.

What are Geo Trackers worth?

The value of a used 1997 Geo Tracker ranges from $638 to $3,779, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options. Get a free appraisal here.

What gas mileage does a Suzuki Samurai get?

25 combined
Find and Compare Cars

1986 Suzuki Samurai
Personalize Find a car 4 cyl, 1.3 L, Manual 5-spd Compare
Fuel Economy
EPA MPG Regular Gasoline 25 combined city/highway MPG 23 city 27 highway 4.0 gals/100 miles

Are Geos still made?

In this sense, Geo existed until 2004, even with the Geo nameplate being dropped in mid-1997.
Geo (automobile)

Product type Subcompact cars
Country U.S.
Introduced August 16, 1989
Discontinued June 16, 1997
Related brands Chevrolet

Do they still make GEOS?

It was in 1989 when Geo was formed and came up with its first car. But waning interest on small cars led to the subsequent discontinuation of the manufacture of cars under this brand. The last model it has produced is the Geo Tracker and the production of this vehicle was already stopped in 2004.

Are Geo Trackers fuel efficient?

Do Geo Trackers have locking hubs?

There are a lot of simple ways you can do to at least prolong the service life of your Geo Tracker locking hub. For cars that are only driven on streets, it is advisable to inspect the locking hubs after 24,000-30,000 miles of driving, which is roughly equivalent to two years.

What is the smallest Suzuki 4X4?

The Suzuki Jimny: The World’s Most Capable Tiny Car

It had a 359cc air cooled, two stroke motor with two-seats and four wheel drive.

How fast will a Suzuki Samurai go?

With a top speed around 65 mph and an almost unmeasurable 0–60 time, the Samurai wasn’t fit for American highways; but it was never designed for them. The same features that made the Samurai uncomfortable on the road—short wheelbase, solid axles, and four-corner leaf springs—allowed it to excel on trails.

How much is car insurance in NY monthly?

The average cost of full coverage car insurance in New York is $2,020 per year, or about $168 per month, according to NerdWallet’s analysis. Minimum coverage in New York is $941 per year on average, but we found you can likely get a cheaper policy.

How much does it cost to restore a Geo Tracker?

What is the top speed of a Suzuki Samurai?

When was the last Geo Tracker made?

Production of the Chevrolet Tracker ended after the 2004. 11 years after the last Tracker was sold, Chevrolet re-entered the compact utility vehicle market with the Trax crossover.

Why did they stop making Geo?

Despite strong sales the Storm was discontinued in 1993, this was due in part to Isuzu discontinuing their car lines, and refocusing on trucks and SUVs. The Geo Storm was the performance oriented vehicle of the Geo marque.

How many miles does a Geo Tracker get?

Fuel Efficiency.

Vehicle Model 1994 Geo Tracker Convertible 4WD
Combined MPG 23
Highway MPG 24
City MPG 22