Is the Drumline based on a true story?

Drumline is inspired by the life of Grammy-winning super-producer Dallas Austin, who created massive hits with Boyz II Men, TLC, Madonna and more.

Was there ever a Drumline 2?

Drumline: A New Beat is a 2014 American television film directed by Bille Woodruff. It is the sequel to 2002’s Drumline. The screenplay, a fictional story about a historically black college marching band, was written by Karen Gist and Regina Hicks.

Who is Nia in Drumline?

Letoya Luckett

Letoya Luckett (Single Ladies) will portray Dr. Nia Phillips, the intelligent and determined dean at Atlanta A with former romantic ties to Sean.

Did Nick Cannon do his own drumming in Drumline?

Nick Cannon did his own drumming on screen while his double, Jason Price, did majority of the close-ups with complex techniques.

What school was Drumline based off of?

The film focuses on fictional Atlanta A University — a historically black college that takes tremendous pride in its marching band — and was inspired by North Carolina A. So was the 2014 sequel, Drumline: A New Beat.

What does Atlanta A mean?

Administrative and Technical status. Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved.

Did Nick Cannon have to learn to play the drums?

It’s common for actors to have a skilled stunt double or body double. But Cannon did train with Price for a month to learn how to play the snare drum and how to master some of the stick tricks.

Where can I watch Drumline 3?

Watch Drumline: A New Beat | Prime Video.

Who is the main character in Drumline?

Devon MilesNick Cannon, Nick CannonSean TaylorLeonard RobertsMr. WadeJ. Anthony BrownJayven LaPierreJordan CallowayPresident WagnerAfemo OmilamiDanielle RaymondAlexandra Shipp

Can Nick Cannon actually drum?

It’s common for actors to have a skilled stunt double or body double. But Cannon did train with Price for a month to learn how to play the snare drum and how to master some of the stick tricks. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough time to pick up the level of chops he would’ve needed to convincingly do it all himself.

Can Nick Cannon really play the drums?

What does A stand for in slang?


Acronym Definition
A Analysis & Test
A Agriculture and Technical
A Assessment & Taxation
A Annam and Tonkin (philatelic marking of French protectorate, Indochina)

What does the A and T stand for?

Assembly and Test. A/T. Auto-Throttle. A/T. Assist to Turnover Ratio (basketball statistic)

What college did they use in Drumline?

Drumline (2002) (Morris Brown College, Grambling State University, Clark Atlanta University and Bethune-Cookman University)

Is Devon in Drumline a new beat?

Drumline: A New Beat (TV Movie 2014) – Nick Cannon as Devon Miles – IMDb.

Is Drumline on Disney?

Watch Drumline | Full movie | Disney+

Is Drumline okay for kids?

Parents need to know that Drumline has some very strong language (“s–t” and more), mild references to drinking, and moderate references to sex, particularly comparing playing an instrument to making love. A character is “accused” of being a virgin. Nevertheless, the behavior of the characters is admirable.

What does Aggies stand for NCAT?

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
The North Carolina A Aggies are the athletic teams that represent North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States.

What does A stand for in college?

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (also known as North Carolina A State University, North Carolina A, N.C. A, or simply A) is a public, historically black land-grant research university in Greensboro, North Carolina.

What does tly mean on Snapchat?

Summary of Key Points
“Text You Later” is the most common definition for TYL on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What does AT stand for Military?

Annual training
AT. Annual training. AUSA. Association of the United States Army.

Who has the best college Drumline?

The UNT Green Brigade Drumline has been named the No. 1 drumline in college football by Bleacher Report, a national sports website that compiled a top 10 list of college football’s best drumlines.

What is the best Drumline in the world?

The drumline at Chino Hills High School not only won the WGI Percussion World Championships, but it also broke the competition’s record for highest score.

What happens at the end of Drumline?

The final showdown see Devon back on the field with his drumline in an epic drum-off between A and Morris Brown. Morris Brown plays dirty but in the end A’s band are the victors! And it’s of course all thanks to Devon and Sean. Devon and Zoe Saldana are also reunited!

What age is Drumline for?

The MPAA rated Drumline PG-13 or innuendo and language.