Is Takagi a good brand for tankless water heater?

Takagi tankless water heaters are one of the high performers you’ll find in your search. They’re good for several reasons. Clients consider them good for their safety features and a long list of excellent residential and commercial use options.

What is the most common problems with tankless water heaters?

Here are six of the most common problems and maintenance concerns for tankless water heaters:

  • Mineral Buildup.
  • System Overload.
  • Cold Water Sandwich.
  • Air Supply or Exhaust Blockage.
  • Ignition Failure.
  • Flame Failure.

Are AO Smith and Takagi tankless water heaters the same?

American and AO Smith tankless water heaters are both made by Takagi. The general rule of thumb for tankless water heaters is that performance and durability depend almost entirely on the installation.

How much is a Takagi tankless water heater?

Compare with similar items

This item TAKAGI TH3OSNG Tankless Water Heater Takagi T-H3M-DV-N Condensing Direct Vent Tankless Water Heater, Natural Gas
Price $1,640.08 $89995
Sold By Buildcom GlobalTowne
Item Dimensions 21.75 x 15.62 x 33.25 inches 17.75 x 13.12 x 29.5 inches
Number of Items 1 1

What are the best tankless water heaters?


  • Rinnai11 GPM Interior Commercial 199,000 BTU Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater.
  • ANZZIENVO Atami 4.8 GPM 27 kW Electric Tankless Water Heater.
  • RinnaiHigh Efficiency 7.5 GPM Residential 180,000 BTU/h Propane Exterior Tankless Water Heater.
  • MAREY1.32 GPM 34,120 BTU’s LP Gas Flow Activated Gas Tankless Water Heater.
  • Where is Takagi manufactured?


    Takagi currently manufactures a full line of gas tankless water heater models in Japan for residential and commercial applications including the recently released “second generation” 92 percent efficient T-H2 model designed for residential or light commercial applications.

    What is the downside of a tankless water heater?

    In addition to high upfront costs, tankless water heaters have several other disadvantages compared to tank-style water heaters: they take longer to deliver hot water. the water temperature is inconsistent when multiple outlets are on simultaneously. they cannot provide hot water during a power outage.

    Why does my tankless water heater take so long to heat up?

    The length of the delay can be determined by a few factors, including the distance between the water heater and the outlet. In other words, the longer the water has to travel, the more cold water will need to be discharged before the hot water appears.

    Does AO Smith make a good tankless water heater?

    A. O. Smith tankless water heater products offer high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR® qualified water heating solutions. They feature condensing and non-condensing technology for continuous hot water on demand—no matter the need or application. Very pleased with unit, always enough hot water and very efficient.

    What size tankless water heater is needed for a family of 4?

    What Size Tankless Water Heater Do I Need For A Family Of 2, 3, 4, 5, Or 6?

    Number Of Family Members: Gas Tankless Heater Size (GPM) Electric Tankless Heater Size (kW)
    What size tankless water heater do I need for a family of 3? 7-9 GPM 15-23 kW
    What size tankless water heater do I need for a family of 4? 8-10 GPM 20-28 kW

    What does Takagi mean in Japanese?

    tall tree
    Takagi (高木) is a Japanese surname meaning “tall tree”. Notable people with the surname include: Akimitsu Takagi (1920–1995), Japanese crime fiction writer.

    Do tankless water heaters increase electric bill?

    Obviously, there are many variables that determine how much exactly does running an electric tankless heater cost. Nonetheless, according to the Department of Energy, tankless units do spend less electricity than conventional water heaters that run of electricity.

    What size tankless water heater do I need for a family of 4?

    A family of 4 should look for a tankless water heater that can produce 7 gallons of hot water per minute. Most families use about 6.5 GPM during peak times. To determine the tankless water heater size, you’ll need to know how many appliances your family will use simultaneously.

    What temp should a tankless water heater be set at?

    You’ll want to shoot for 100-115 degrees Fahrenheit for your water to be heated. If your groundwater temperature is 60 degrees and you want your shower at 110 degrees, that’s going to be a 50-degree rise.

    How often does a tankless water heater need to be cleaned?

    every year to 2 years
    Tankless water heaters should be flushed out every year to 2 years.

    What is the best brand of hot water heater?

    Here’s a list of brands, each of which is able to hold the title for best water heater brand.

    • Navien. Many consider Navien to be the best water heater brand because they offer some of the best tankless units on the market.
    • Bradford White.
    • Rinnai.
    • Rheem.
    • Kenmore.

    Can a tankless water heater fill a tub?

    Yes, usually. A tankless water heater can provide hot water indefinitely, which means it will fill up the tub. However, you still need to consider how fast the heater can provide the temperature of water you want. Faucets work by mixing in hot water with the cold.

    How do you pronounce Takagi?

    How to Pronounce Takagi – – YouTube

    What is the full name of Takagi SAN?

    Teasing Master Takagi-san (Japanese: からかい上手の高木さん, Hepburn: Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san, lit.

    Is it worth switching to a tankless water heater?

    According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, a tankless water heater is more efficient and uses less energy than a conventional water heater, providing a $25 to $107 in annual savings. If your hot water use is low (less than 41 gallons per day), a tankless water heater will be 24% to 34% more efficient.

    Does it take longer to get hot water with a tankless water heater?

    Tankless units take about 15 seconds to bring water up to temperature, but you still have to wait for that hot water to arrive at your shower head or faucet, just as you do with a tank-type heater.

    What happens if you don’t flush your tankless water heater?

    What happens if I don’t flush out my tankless water heater? Mineral deposits may build up. This could cause a clog within the unit and may prevent normal heating activity. Your hot water could also fluctuate and overheat the system, impacting its efficiency.

    What is the average cost to flush a tankless water heater?

    What Does A Tankless Water Heater Flush Cost? It costs around $150 to flush a tankless water heater. You especially need it at least annually if you have well water with a lot of iron. That causes more sediment buildup.

    What is the most efficient hot water system?

    An electric heat-pump hot water heater uses much less electricity than an electric storage water heater, and are the most efficient hot water systems on the market.

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