Is songkick a real website?

Songkick is a concert discovery service owned by Warner Music Group. The service allows users to search for upcoming concert events in their area, and also track individual artists to receive notifications of upcoming shows in their area.

Who is supporting London grammar?


Coldplay are currently heading out on an “eco-friendly” world tour, with London Grammar supporting them on select dates. Footage shows Hannah entering the stage before singing a verse of the song, which appears on Coldplay’s 2021 album Music Of The Spheres.

Is Taylor Swift having a tour in 2022?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Taylor Swift scheduled in 2022.

How does songkick make money?

Photo Credit: Songkick. Songkick was a concert discovery app founded by Ian Hogarth, Michelle You, and Pete Finlay. They didn’t sell concert tickets, but earned money via referring customers to ticket vendors.

Are tickets from Songkick legit?

Songkick has been a trusted home for live music since 2007.

Who owns Songkick?

Warner Music GroupSongkick / Parent organization

Why are they called London Grammar?

They chose the name as “not only was it where we’re from, but London is also so international and multicultural that it actually felt like quite a universal name in a way.” After completing their studies in mid-2010, the trio moved down to London to pursue a career in music.

Are London Grammar good live?

Overall, London Grammar delivered one of the greatest live shows since the live music industry opened its doors once again. The biggest shout has to go to the incredible backstage crew of set and lighting designers who created something special here.

How much are front row Taylor Swift tickets?

If you want a VIP experience, floor packages are available for $3,500 to $4,200. VIP pit tickets range between $4,000 and $5,000. Front Row VIP tickets cost between $5,500 and $6,500 and lastly, ultimate front row tickets cost $8,000 to $10,000.

How can I meet Taylor Swift at a concert?

Buy a VIP ticket to her concert.
Music celebrities, like Taylor Swift, often host a “meet and greet” before or after their concert. This is a time where fans can meet and take pictures with the celebrity. Although VIP tickets tend to be pretty expensive, they may be worth it if it means being able to meet Taylor Swift.

How much is Songkick worth?

Songkick was acquired by Warner Music Group for $5M on Jul 14, 2017 .

How many people use Songkick?

15 million music fans
Bringing the magic of live music to fans everywhere.
Right now, more than 15 million music fans across the globe use Songkick to track their favorite artists, discover concerts and buy tickets with confidence.

Where is Songkick located?

Brooklyn, New York
Where is Songkick ‘s headquarters? Songkick is located in Brooklyn, New York, United States .

How many users does Songkick have?

Right now, more than 15 million music fans across the globe use Songkick to track their favorite artists, discover concerts and buy tickets with confidence.

What do London Grammar sing?

Wasting My Young YearsHey NowStrongNightcallHow Does It FeelLord It’s a Feeling
London Grammar/Songs

What is London Grammar doing now?

London Grammar announce their new album Californian Soil which will be released on 16th April 2021, pre-order it now.

Whose concert tickets are the most expensive?

“Classic rock” act Bruce Springsteen’s “Springsteen on Broadway” tickets from 2017 ($496.16), 2018 ($508.93) and 2019 ($506.39) were the top three most expensive average ticket costs the study found. At $337.43, Lady Gaga’s 2020 tour was the priciest ticket on average among pop acts.

Does Taylor Swift have meet and greet?

Yes. Taylor never charges any fees for her meet and greets. Instead, her team and her mother (sometimes even Taylor herself) chooses fans before and during the concert who meet her and take pictures after. She does at every show.

Are tickets from songkick legit?

How long is a London Grammar concert?

around 1 hour to 3 hours
London Grammar Concerts usually last for around 1 hour to 3 hours however this is dependent on the setlist (songs that are planned to be performed).

Who is the most expensive band in the world?

10 Most Expensive Bands To Hire

  • 1) Rolling Stones–Cost To Hire: $8.1million.
  • 2) Rihanna–Cost To Hire: $8million.
  • 3) Madonna–Cost To Hire: $5million.
  • 4) Elton John–Cost To Hire: $3.4million.
  • 5) Taylor Swift–Cost To Hire: $1million.
  • 6) No Doubt–Cost To Hire: $750,000.
  • 7) Mumford And Sons–Cost To Hire: $750,000.

Which concert has the biggest crowd in the world?

Copacabana New Year’s Eve Concert 1994/1995
British rock singer Rod Stewart proved that better than anyone else on New Year’s Eve 1994/1995. His free New Year’s Eve concert attracted a bit more than 3.5 million people that year, making it the biggest concert of all time.

How much are VIP Taylor Swift tickets?

How can I meet Taylor Swift at her concert?

Go to an album or book signing.
Buy a ticket to one of Taylor Swift’s album or book signing to get a chance to meet her. Contact the bookstore or venue ahead of time to confirm the event’s date and time. Also ask the venue about their autograph and photograph policies.

What was London Grammar biggest hit?

# 1 – Wasting My Young Years.