Is Ocracoke Inlet navigable?

Ocracoke Inlet remains navigable by small craft and still appears on North Carolina maps and charts. It is identified primarily as the boundary line between Hyde and Carteret Counties and between the Cape Hatteras National Seashore and the Cape Lookout National Seashore.

What is the most important inlet in the Outer Banks?

History. Ocracoke was one of the first inlets made use of by colonists on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, first host to a party of colonists who journeyed through it and up to Roanoke Island in 1585. It became the most important inlet for delivery of goods to the mainland, especially to New Bern and Bath.

Is Hatteras Inlet navigable?

WILMINGTON — The U.S. Coast Guard has established a new navigational channel, the Hatteras Connector, in Hatteras Inlet that replaces the former “South Ferry Channel.”

How deep is the water around Ocracoke Island?

The town of Ocracoke is 3.5 miles inside the inlet. Silver Lake, a circular basin at Ocracoke, affords good anchorage in depths of 12 feet, and has several wharves extending from the shore to depths of 10 or more feet.

Is Shallotte inlet navigable?

The inlet, used only by local fishermen and not recommended to strangers, provides an access from the sea to the Intracoastal Waterway and to Shallotte River. The river is navigable to the town of Shallotte, about 8 miles above the inlet.

How many inlets are on the NC coast?

Although six inlets currently occur north of Cape Lookout, numerous additional inlets have dissected the island chain episodically during historical times (post 1585 A.D.) (Stick, 1958; Fisher, 1962).

Is Ocracoke a barrier island?

Ocracoke is one of the southern-most islands of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. As part of this chain of barrier islands, Ocracoke sits roughly 23 miles off the mainland with the Pamlico Sound on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

Where is the ocean pursuit shipwreck?

The Ocean Pursuit ran aground into the beach in March 2020 a half-mile south of Cape Hatteras National Seashore Ramp 4 on what’s known as the Bodie Island Spit.

How do you navigate Inlet?


Is Hatteras Inlet passable?

There are no bridges that run across it, however, visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the free ferries, managed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, that run across the inlet from one island to another daily.

Are there alligators in Ocracoke?

There are no recorded alligators in the sound, but the region is home to thousands of migrating birds, deer, reptiles, and the famed Ocracoke Banker horses, or Ocracoke Wild Ponies.

Are there wild horses on Ocracoke Island?

Several hundreds of years ago, a shipwreck just offshore left a herd of Spanish mustangs stranded on Ocracoke Island. Their descendants still thrive here today.

What kind of fish are in the Shallotte River?

Shallotte River is a stream near Oak Island. The most popular species caught here are Red drum, Summer flounder, and Black drum.

When did Currituck inlet close?

Hurricanes in the early 1730s and in 1828 closed two of the area’s most important inlets, the Old Currituck Inlet and the New Inlet, which served as passageways between the ocean and the Sound.

Who owns Ocracoke Island?

the United States National Park Service

Ocracoke Island is one of several islands and peninsulas that make up North Carolina’s Outer Banks. As the southern-most portion of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, most of the island is owned by the United States National Park Service.

Is the ocean pursuit still visible?

November 16, 2021 | Seashore News
Less than a month after work began to remove the “Ocean Pursuit” shipwreck from the Bodie Island shoreline bordering Oregon Inlet, the vessel has completely disappeared from the local landscape.

Where is the ship wreck in Outer Banks?

“The Winks Wreck” is located near Milepost 2 in the Kitty Hawk area just off Luke Street. It sits in about 15-20 feet of water approximately 120 yards off the shore. The locals named this “The Winks Wreck” as it is close to the Winks Store located just off the beach road at Eckner St.

What does an inlet allow?

Inlets allow an exchange of water between inland rivers and bays, and the ocean. At each change of tide, currents ebb and flow through an inlet. The greater the change in tide, the more water that must be exchanged, resulting in a faster current flowing through the inlet.

Why do people go through Haulover Inlet?

The Baker’s Haulover Inlet appeals to boaters in the northern Biscayne Bay area because it saves them time from having to travel to Government Cut in South Miami to access the Atlantic Ocean. It happens to be the first and northernmost of two inlets in the area.

How do you navigate inlet?

How deep is the Hatteras Inlet?

There are wharves in the basin at Hatteras where berths, gasoline, diesel fuel, and marine supplies can be obtained. Hatteras Inlet Channel leads to Rollinson Channel. The depth was 6 feet. The channel is marked by lights, buoys, and daybeacons.

What time of year is best to see wild horses?

That being said, spring through summer is the best time to view the wild horses, as it is their most active time of year. How exciting that it also just so happens to be our tourist season as well! Foals of 2020 as of 4/28.

How many cars does the Ocracoke ferry hold?

In general, 30-50 vehicles can typically fit onboard a Hatteras – Ocracoke Ferry.

Can you fish from the Shallotte River Walk?

The Riverfront is handicap accessible. Parking – there are several gravel lots on site for parking. Handicap parking is available. Fishing is allowed at this time- please do not cut on the wood or fish under the gazebos.

Where can I fish in Shallotte NC?

Fishing Spots Near Shallotte NC

  • Lake Waccamaw State Park. Lake Waccamaw, NC.
  • Fort Fisher State Recreation Area. Kure Beach, NC.
  • Carolina Beach State Park. Carolina Beach, NC.
  • Freeman Park. Carolina Beach, NC.
  • Myrtle Beach State Park. Myrtle Beach, SC.
  • Jones Lake State Park.
  • Lumber River State Park.
  • Huntington Beach State Park.