Is KIFE a real word?

Verb. (slang) To steal.

What dies KIFE mean?

To steal

Kife definition
Filters. (slang) To steal.

What does KEFE mean NZ?

Noun. kefe (plural kefék) brush (for rough cleaning)

Is KIFE a Scrabble word?

KIFE is not a valid scrabble word.

What’s F * * * * * up mean?

usually vulgar : to act foolishly or stupidly : blunder.

What does alelo mean in Samoan?

“Pogaua” and “Alelo” signifying throat and tongue respectively are used in the heat of the moment and not meant to insult but merely to express one’s feelings against another person.

What does KEFE mean in Samoan slang?

(keh fay) Definition: a derrogatory, swear word in Samoan.

Is Kief a word?

Yes, kief is a valid Scrabble word.

Is Kefi a valid Scrabble word?

kefi is a valid English word.

How do you say hello in American Samoa?

Below are some basic words and phrases with a pronunciation guide to help you along.

learn some samoan words & phrases.

English Samoan Pronunciation
Hello Talofa Tar-low-far
Goodbye Tofa Tore-far
Thank you Fa’afetai Far-ah-fay-tie
Please Fa’amolemole Far-ah-more-le-more-le

Do you speak Samoan in Samoan?

E te iloa tautala fa’aIgilisi? Do you speak Samoan? E te iloa fa’aSamoa?

What does UCE mean in Samoan?

“Uce” comes from the Samoan word “uso” and is used when a man addresses another man as his brother, or a woman addresses another woman as her sister.

What is USO in Samoan?

USO is a Samoan word that means brother. The term is gender specific, which means it can be used amongst men and women but never between men and women. Men can call each other USO but Men cannot call women USO. Women can call each other USO but women cannot call men USO.

Is Hash better than kief?

Hash is waxy and, in some cases, can be in liquid form. It is consumed through either smoking or dabbing. Hash is generally considered much more potent than kief but requires a more complex extraction process.

Is kief a Scrabble?

Is Brexit a Scrabble word?

BREXIT is not a valid scrabble word.

Is KEEG a Scrabble word?

Yes, keef is in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you say G in Samoan?

Samoan consonants are pronounced the same as in English, with the exception of G which sounds like the NG in the word ‘song’. In addition there is the glottalstop, which is designated by an apostrophe ‘.

How do you say thank you in Samoan?

Good answers to this are apparently lelei and manuia.
How are you?

‘O ā mai ‘oe? » How are you?
Manuia fa’afetai » Fine thank you (most common response)
Manuia fo’i fa’afetai » Fine also thank you
Feoloolo » Not so good

What language is closest to Samoan?

Samoan is from the Austronesian family of languages. It is closely related to other Polynesian languages, especially Tongan.

How do you greet Samoan?

Talofa! is the official greeting word in Samoan but we also say mālō in more casual settings. Samoans like to greet each other with a single kiss on the cheek, especially if you already know each other and especially if at least one of you is female.

What does Toko mean in Samoan?

“Uso” is the Samoan word for brother, and “uce” its shortened version. “Dox” is the Tongan equivalent. Starting out as “tokoua”, meaning sibling in Tongan, shortened to “toko”, then to “toks” and finally to “dox”.

Why do Samoans say UCE?

“Uce” comes from the Samoan word “uso” and is used when a man addresses another man as his brother, or a woman addresses another woman as her sister. It has been lost a little in translation, with some people mistakenly believing it means brother.

What does Bro mean in Samoan?

In Samoan, “Uso” means brother.

What’s the point of pressing kief?

Kief presses are used for a variety of reasons. The foremost being that the kief has a much higher concentration of THC levels, making for a more intense high for the user, and the press makes the utilization of the hash easier. Once pressed, the potency of the kief can be preserved for quite a while.