Is Junkers a good brand?

But are Junkers watches any good? Junkers are a German made brand that produces high quality relatively affordable watches. With a large range of quartz and automatic watches available, there should be something no matter what your preference for movement. Overall I’d say Junkers watches are very good.

How much is a Junkers watch?

How much do Junkers watches cost?

Model Price (approx.) Movement
Junkers Bauhaus, ref. 6030-5 900 USD ETA 7001
Hugo Junkers, ref. 6650M-2 880 USD ETA 2826-2
G38, ref. 6960-4 540 USD Miyota 9100
Cockpit Ju 52, ref. 6180-5 270 USD Ronda 5030.D

Who makes Junkers watches?


German watch makers Pointtec, who are known for producing Junkers watches, as well as Zepplin watches too, have made the announcement recently that they will be changing the Junkers name to Iron Annie, for future collections.

Is Junkers a luxury brand?

The designs, originally drawn by Hugo Junkers, are stylish and very much in fashion even today. Both men and women can indulge themselves in this luxury brand.

Is Iron Annie a good watch?

If you are looking for a special quality watch, you are definitely at the right place with the German and Swiss watch brands. A famous German brand with a great story is Iron Annie. The Iron Annie watches are seen as the successor to the Junkers watches, both produced by the Pointtec company.

Are Iron Annie good watches?

Are Junkers still in business?

It was founded there in 1895 by Hugo Junkers, initially manufacturing boilers and radiators.


Type Privately held company
Industry Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery vehicle construction
Founded 1895
Defunct 1969
Fate Merged into Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB)

What do you mean by Junkers?

an arrogant, narrow-minded, and tyrannical German army officer or official. 3. (formerly) a young German nobleman.

Is Ferro A good watch brand?

Ferro & Co. has earned a reputation in the wild as a solid microbrand that makes good stuff. The Distinct 3 looks like an interesting addition to your watch collection.

Where are iron Annie watches made?

Iron Annie Watches • Made in Germany.

What happened to the junkers?

Junkers fled or were expelled alongside other German-speaking population by the incoming Polish and Soviet administrations, and their lands were confiscated.

Where did the word Junker come from?

Junker (Danish: Junker, German: Junker, Dutch: Jonkheer, English: Yunker, Norwegian: Junker, Swedish: Junker Georgian: იუნკერი (Iunkeri)) is a noble honorific, derived from Middle High German Juncherre, meaning “young nobleman” or otherwise “young lord” (derivation of jung and Herr).

Is Ferro a luxury brand?

Henceforth, the brothers (Ary & Bob) co-founded Ferro & Company in 2014 in the beautiful city of Vancouver (British Columbia) decided to design and create high quality luxury watches at accessible prices direct to consumers.

What brand is Ferro?

Ferro & Company was established in 2014 by 2 brothers in Vancouver, Canada. Their vision was simple, to create unique quality watches with nostalgic characteristics and beauty at their core. Hence, we craft exceptional vintage style watches that take you back in time and have no similarities to other brands.

What does Junkers mean in German?

Junker, (German: “country squire”), member of the landowning aristocracy of Prussia and eastern Germany, which, under the German Empire (1871–1918) and the Weimar Republic (1919–33), exercised substantial political power.

What nationality is Junker?

Junker (and its cognates) was traditionally used as a noble honorific throughout the German-speaking parts of Europe. The title today survives in its traditional meaning in the Netherlands and Belgium in the Dutch form Jonkheer.

What does Junkers mean in English?

Junker in American English
1. a member of the privileged, militaristic landowning class in Germany; Prussian aristocrat. 2. a German military officer, esp. one who is autocratic, illiberal, etc.