Is it safe to travel to Cartagena Colombia now?

Cartagena today is actually pretty safe – in fact, it’s one of the safer places in Colombia. There’s plenty of police officers on the street and the city is seeing improvements to the crime rate and general security. Most tourists who visit Cartagena have a trouble-free time.

What do I need to know before going to Cartagena Colombia?

15 Useful Things To Know Before Visiting Cartagena

  • It’s gorgeous.
  • Except for the beaches.
  • There’s more to see than you’d expect.
  • You must visit the islands.
  • Cartagena is crowded.
  • Book your room well in advance.
  • It’s terribly hot.
  • It’s not that cheap.

What is the best month to visit Cartagena?

The best time to visit Cartagena is December to April. The city’s tropical climate means that, although temperatures tend to stay around the mid-80s year-round, the amount of precipitation each season varies wildly.

Is Cartagena safe Tripadvisor?

Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, Colombia’s drug cartel resulted in an extremely high crime rate and heavy danger to locals and tourists alike. Today, that danger is essentially gone, but there are still things in Cartagena to be aware of. Many locals now say that Cartagena is relatively safe.

Is Cartagena safe to travel to in 2022?

UPDATE: COVID-19 in Cartagena, Colombia

In 2022, it is possible to travel to Colombia and feel relatively safe from COVID. Here’s what you need to know before you go to Colombia: Travelers must be vaccinated or have a valid negative COVID test before they can enter Colombia.

Can I drink tap water Cartagena?

You Can Drink the Tap Water in Cartagena
As our bellies can attest to, the tap water in Cartagena is safe to drink, safe to brush your teeth with, safe to wash fruit and veg with, and safe to have ice in your cocktail. If it helps, it is officially recognised as safe too.

How many days should you spend in Cartagena?

Although the city is small and manageable, we suggest staying for at least four days to enjoy the eternal summer weather and the nearby islands. Here is our ideal itinerary. Contact Indagare for assistance planning an escape to Cartagena.

Can you use US dollars in Cartagena Colombia?

Unlike several other South American countries, Colombia will not accept U.S. dollars as payment.

How many days do you need in Cartagena?

What is the rainiest month in Cartagena Colombia?

The month with the most rain in Cartagena is October, with an average rainfall of 6.1 inches. The rainless period of the year lasts for 3.2 months, from December 30 to April 5. The month with the least rain in Cartagena is January, with an average rainfall of 0.1 inches.

Is it safe to walk around Cartagena at night?

Bocagrande and Manga: Our Colombian locals say it’s easy to stay safe in Cartagena when you’re in these beachside neighborhoods, which are famous for their palm-lined promenades and Miami vibes. Feel free to hang out after sundown and check out the nightlife.

How do I not look like a tourist in Colombia?

8 tips to avoid looking like a tourist in South America

  1. Dress the part. Of course South America is home to some incredible nature experiences.
  2. Sneakers are for exercise.
  3. Style your hair.
  4. Groom your face.
  5. Respect the church.
  6. Learn some dance moves.
  7. Brush up on the language.
  8. Don’t wear shorts.

Are there mosquitoes in Cartagena?

The cold nights and hot days that Cartagena residents have been experiencing are ideal climatic conditions for the reproduction of the mosquito.

Is Cartagena walkable?

The city and its main attractions are all very walkable, and that’s how we’d recommend primarily exploring Cartagena.

Is Cartagena expensive?

Cartagena Affords Affordable Luxury
In terms of total costs—based on the fair market price of things ranging from food to accommodations, to touristy excursions and such—Cartagena (and Colombia in general) is one of the most affordable countries to visit in all of South America.

What can you not bring to Colombia?

Vegetables, plants and plant materials are banned from entry. Meat and animal based foodstuffs are also banned from entry. Guns, explosives and ammunition are prohibited from being imported to this country without stated permission from Colombian authorities.

How much is $20 US in Colombia?

Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates US Dollar / Colombian Peso
1 USD 4610.01000 COP
5 USD 23050.05000 COP
10 USD 46100.10000 COP
20 USD 92200.20000 COP

What should I wear to Cartagena Colombia?

Cartagena is a tropical city with very hot weather, dress accordingly with loose t-shirts, shorts, flowing dresses, maxi skirts and sandals. Always check the weather forecast for each city you plan to visit during your trip to Colombia.

How do people dress in Cartagena?

Can you drink tap water in Cartagena?

Is it safe to drink the tap water in Cartagena? The tap water in most of Colombia’s major cities, including Cartagena, is perfectly safe to drink. If you are still concerned about the water, however, bottled and purified water is cheap and accessible everywhere.

Do I need bug spray in Cartagena?

4. Bug spray If you plan on visiting Cartagena, Santa Marta or the Amazon region you will need insect repellent. Although if you don’t think this is necessary, you can always drink a petaco de cerveza (a crate of beer), which gives your body a special smell which can repel mosquitoes!

Can you drink the tap water in Cartagena?

How many days do I need in Cartagena?

Can you use US dollars in Cartagena?

Cartagena has plenty of banks and casas de cambios. Many large hotels and emerald shops will change dollars, and most of the larger businesses accept US dollar bills. Exchange rates for other currencies are very poor.

What do females wear in Colombia?

Traditionally, women wear colorful, pastel clothing, made with soft fabrics and sewn with flowers, ribbons and other flourishes and designs. Skirts fall to the ankles, and are equally colorful. Men, also, wear loose and colorful clothes, with shoes or sandals made out of natural materials and plant fibers.