Is goat farm profitable in Kerala?

Commercial goat farming in Kerala is a profitable business, especially among the youth. Goat meat demand in Kerala is very high when compared to other states. With a perfect goat farming business plan and market study, you can obtain excellent profits in the goat farming business.

Which goat is profitable in Kerala?

Malabari is the local goat breed of Kerala which is quite a productive dual-purpose goat breed. The low cost goat farming is possible in Kerala because it has more green land for grazing. Goat farming in Kerala can make a good profit it can make more profit if goat raised with indigenous chicken.

How much profitable is goat farming?

The profit margin in Goat farming is 50%. You can increase the profit margin up to 80% if you grow your own feed on the farm for goats. As per Me, the Profit margin in goat farming depends on the purpose and type of goat farming.

How much does a goat cost in Kerala?

The kids fetch a price between Rs 3500-4000 each, irrespective of their gender. Beetal kids have a price tag of upto Rs 750 per kg in the market. Beetal crossbreeds are priced around Rs 350 per kg. Beetal and their crossbreeds are large goats that grow to a size of 45-50 kg.

Are goats a good investment?

The fact of the matter is that farming meat goats can be and is very profitable. In fact, meat goats are far more profitable than either sheep or cattle. Remembering that goats can be worth up to $20 per pound on average, whereas cattle goes for much less.

Which breed of goat is most profitable?

The most profitable dairy goat breed is the Saanen, in which you can profit up to $36 per day. So, if you’re asking how much money can you make raising goats, selling their milk can give you a good profit.

What is the best goat to sell?

Top Most Profitable Indian Goat Breeds:

  • Beetal Goat: Beetal breed goats are mainly found in the Batala subdivision of Gurdaspur district of Punjab province.
  • Black Bengal Goat:
  • Barbari Goat:
  • Jamnapari Goat:
  • Sirohi Goat:
  • Gaddi Goat:

Which goat is most profitable?

Jamunapari Goat

It is found in Uttar Pradesh and is the most prolific goat breed for profitable commercial goat farming. The weight of Jamunapari goat is around 65 to 75 kg of male 45 to 60 kg of female. The Jamunapari goat rearing for mainly meat and milk as they have a high commercial ratio.

How much space does 100 goats need?

The space required for one matured goat is 10 square feet per goat while the space required per matured sheep is 12 square feet per sheep. the space required per 100 Goats is 1000 square feet while the space required per 100 sheep is 1200 square feet.

What is the cost of 1 goat?

Vendors say the starting price of a goat is Rs10,000-12,000 and it crosses even Rs1 lakh, depending upon the size and breed.

Which goat is best for meat in Kerala?

Malabari Goat
Malabari Goat
The Malabari breed of goat is known for its quality meat with less fat, prolific breeding, and is ideally suited for the Kerala climate. Malabari is a breed of medium-sized goats seen widely in the northern districts of Kerala.

What is the price of malabari goat in Kerala?

– Female (Below 1 year and 13 to 20 kgs): Rs. 320/kg.

Which goat is more profitable?

No doubt, Sirohi goat breed is one of the most profitable breed of india. Jamunapari is another popular goat breed of india. Jamunapari goat is also known as Queen of goat because of its adorable look and tall height. This is the dual purpose goat breed, it is best in both meat and milk production.

What is the disadvantage of goat farming?

There is a lack of adequate veterinary care across the country. This is also one of the major drawbacks of goat rearing. – Some Areas Have Marketing Challenges: In some areas, a good market is not always available.

How do you start a successful goat farm?

Starting a Goat Farm in 19 Simple Steps

  1. Decide What Type of Goat Farm to Run.
  2. Select Your Goat Breed (Dairy Goats or Meat Goats)
  3. Do a Market Survey.
  4. Make Sure You Have the Necessary Qualifications Knowledge on Raising Goats.
  5. Create a Goat Farming Business Plan.
  6. Name and Brand Your Business.

How can I invest in goat farming?

How to start Goat Farming Business – YouTube

How do I start a small goat farm?

Which is the fastest growing goat?

Boer Goat
Boer Goat
They are fast growing and have a high fertility rate.

What is the cost of Beetal goat?

Complete Guide about Beetal Goat price in india
Normally the male beetal price is 700 to 1000 rs per kg in India.

What is goat farming called?

Goat farming involves the raising and breeding of domestic goats (Capra aegagrus hircus) as a branch of animal husbandry. People farm goats principally for their meat, milk, fibre and skins.

Is goat farming difficult?

Goats require adequate land for grazing or foraging and some heavy-duty fencing, but other than that, raising goats is no more difficult than any other farm animal.

Which farming is most profitable?

Some Best Profitable Farming In India 2022

  • Garlic Farming. The payoff on growing garlic can be enormous for those who prefer to grow “gourmet” garlic.
  • Lavender Farming. Lavender farming produces above-average gain for small growers, as it is such a varied crop.
  • Gourmet Mushrooms Farming.
  • Bamboo Farming.
  • Willows Farming.

How do I start a goat farm?

What is Kota goat?

Introduction of Kota Goat:- Kota Goats are also knows as “Karoli” and these goat breeds are distributed throughout the States of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Kota goats are being raised or reared for milk, meat and skin production. However, mostly this breed is considered as dairy goat. Kota goat is similar to Beetal goat.

Which goat is known as city goat?

Barbari goat

Other names Bari Sai Bari Thori Bari Titri Bari Wadi Bari
Distribution Haryana, India Punjab, India Uttar Pradesh, India Punjab, Pakistan Sindh, Pakistan
Use dual-purpose, meat and milk
Weight Male: 38 kg Female: 23 kg