Is chromatin remodeling an example of epigenetics?

Chromatin remodeling is an integral aspect of epigenetic changes in the body, which is the result of modifications to gene expression rather than modification of genetic sequences themselves.

What is chromatin remodeling caused by?

Such remodeling is principally carried out by 1) covalent histone modifications by specific enzymes, e.g., histone acetyltransferases (HATs), deacetylases, methyltransferases, and kinases, and 2) ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes which either move, eject or restructure nucleosomes.

What does chromatin remodeling affect?

Modifications promote either open or closed chromatin,3 which in turn influences multiple cellular processes such as transcription and replication. Chromatin remodeling is also interconnected with the DNA damage response, maintenance of stem cell properties, and cell differentiation programs.

Is chromatin a remodel?

In eukaryotes, DNA is tightly wound into a complex called chromatin. Thanks to the process of chromatin remodeling, this complex can be “opened” so that specific genes are expressed.

What is chromatin remodeling quizlet?

chromatin remodeling. he dynamic modification of chromatin architecture to allow access of condensed genomic DNA to the regulatory transcription machinery proteins, and thereby control gene expression.

What is meant by the term chromatin remodeling quizlet?

What is meant by the term chromatin remodeling? Chromatin remodeling includes altering chromatin structure by altering the composition of histones within nucleosomes. Chromatin remodeling includes altering chromatin structure by altering the positioning of nucleosomes with respect to specific DNA sequences.

What is meant by the term chromatin remodeling select the two correct answers?

What is the mechanism of action of chromatin remodeling complexes quizlet?

What is one mechanism by which chromatin-remodeling complexes reposition nucleosomes? They promote nucleosome disassembly and reassembly at another site within the chromatin. They change the conformation of DNA and/or nucleosomes so that DNA that is bound to nucleosomes assumes a more exposed conformation.

How do chromatin remodeling complexes work quizlet?

How do chromatin-remodeling complexes work? They use the energy from ATP hydrolysis to alter the arrangement of nucleosomes, rendering certain regions of the DNA more acceible to other proteins. The tails of the core histone proteins can be chemically modified by the covalent addition of what type of chemical group?

How do chromatin remodeling complexes work?

Chromatin remodeling complexes can be broadly categorized into those that carry out remodeling by utilizing energy from ATP hydrolysis and those that covalently modify chromatin proteins and thus bring about permanent yet reversible alteration in the chromatin structure.