Is chamsys MagicQ free?

MagicQ PC is available free of charge for use on Windows, Mac and Linux with 64 universes of output fully enabled (via Art-net, sACN, Pathport) – no hardware required!

How do you unlock the Chamsys console?

Together left down right and up you can see the console is now unlocked.

How do I get my MagicQ computer out of demo mode?

When MagicQ PC or Mac is installed for the first time, it will show awindow with choices of demo shows. This window can be hidden on subsequent starts by pressing the “Hide Options Next Time” button. It can be reactivated by setting the Setup, View Settings, Windows, Start Mode option to “Choose Demo show”.

How do you put a Chamsys lamp on?

Lamping On / Off

It is possible to lamp on all patched heads from the Macro Window using the Lamp On All soft button. To lamp off heads select the heads and then press SHIFT + CTRL and LOCATE. MagicQ will run a macro to lamp off the selected heads.

How do you reset Chamsys?

To reset the console, press SETUP to go to the Setup Window and press SHIFT and QUIT. This performs an immediate soft reset of the console – the MagicQ application will be running the show again within about 2-3 seconds.

How do I update Chamsys Quickq 20?

QuickQ Installation Videos: How to update your Console software

How do you update Chamsys in MagicQ?

How to Update Chamsys MagicQ Software

  1. Download the latest version of the MagicQ software to a USB drive. Visit the Chamsys website to download the latest stable release of the MagicQ .
  2. Insert USB drive into your console.
  3. Navigate to the “Change Software” screen.
  4. Quit console.
  5. Load software from USB stick.

How do I update MagicQ on PC?

On the MagicQ console select Setup, File Manager and change to USB DRIVE. Click on the software version, then confirm the update. The console then automatically upgrade the software.