Is belfor still in business?

BELFOR USA Group, Inc. operates more than 120 offices across the U.S. under the BELFOR Property Restoration brand name. BELFOR Canada also operates 35 offices coast to coast under the BELFOR Property Restoration brand.

What does the company Belfor do?

BELFOR Property Restoration is the North American leader in integrated disaster recovery and property restoration services. With more than 100 full-service offices in the U.S., we are geographically positioned to respond to almost any disaster – large or small – coast to coast.

Who bought belfor?

The BELFOR Group announces its merger with the Partech Group, a company that has been recognised and qualified in the sanitation and disaster recovery market for over 15 years. This acquisition will enable BELFOR to strengthen its geographical coverage and its presence in the private sector.

Who is the CEO of Belfor?

Sheldon Yellen

Sheldon Yellen has built himself a robust reputation for his unconventional management style. As CEO of BELFOR Holdings, Inc.

Who is the largest restoration company?

1. Servpro. Servpro is the top-ranked restoration company on the Franchise 500 this year. The company and its franchisees specialize in disaster restoration to both commercial and residential customers whose property has suffered fire or water damage.

How many employees does BELFOR have?

As the worldwide leader in property restoration and disaster recovery, BELFOR is at your service with more than 9,500 employees in 300+ locations spanning 30+ countries – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – to quickly secure your property and begin emergency services that stabilize and minimize damage.

What does BELFOR stand for?

The name is a topographic or local surname, which was given to a family who held a barony or lands, had houses, manors or estates in the area. The name may also be derived from the Gaelic word baile which means a place and the Pictish word pawr which means pasture.

What is belfor worth?

A 2017 Forbes profile of Yellen says that Belfor has worked on more than 1 million sites. The magazine at the time estimated the company to be worth $900 million, with Yellen himself worth $320 million.

How long has belfor been in business?


Type Privately Held
Industry Property Restoration Disaster Recovery
Founded 1946
Headquarters 185 Oakland Ave., Ste. 150, Birmingham, Michigan 48009, USA
Area served Worldwide

What does belfor stand for?

Is restoration a good business?

There is tremendous profit potential in the restoration industry. Restoration companies built to handle high volumes of work can enjoy profit margins in the range of 40-75% or more. But, this business is also capital intensive –requiring a healthy investment in equipment and labor.

When was belfor established?

1946Belfor / Founded

How long has BELFOR been in business?

How much is a BELFOR franchise?

While all of our brands require a different net worth to franchise with us, the minimum net worth we require is $70,000.

How big is the restoration industry?

$210 billion
The American restoration industry has grown to an astonishing $210 billion annual market and due to several factors, including aging American homes and infrastructure, the worsening severity of storms, the influx of wildfires and frequent flooding.

What is BELFOR worth?

What countries is belfor in?

Our offices are strategically located in areas that best serve our customers. With our Asia headquarters in Singapore and 6 branch offices in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Thailand, our coverage of Asia is comprehensive.