How to TRAVEL Gokarna from Bangalore?

The fastest way to reach from Bangalore to Gokarna is bus to Gokarna and takes 7h 40m. The recommended way to reach from Bangalore to Gokarna is bus to Gokarna and takes 7h 40m. Buses from Shree kumar travels-Bangalore – Ankola Route No-10, Sri durgamba travels-8–DOWN, Sri durgamba travels-9 DOWN etc.

Which route is best for Gokarna?

The fastest and good route is Bangalore – Tumakur- Sira- Hiriyur – Davanagere – Ranebennur- Haveri (NH48 good road) take left deviation from Haveri bypass onto Haveri – Sirsi Road (Road conditions are OK) continue on Udupi Hebri Road after Sirsi upto Mirijan. The route will join NH 66 from Mirijan to Gokarna.

How far is Gokarna from Goa?

144 Kms
Distance Between Goa to Gokarna

Distance between Goa to Gokarna by Road is 144 Kms
Distance between Goa to Gokarna by Flight is 86 Kms
Travel Time from Goa to Gokarna by Road is 3:22 hrs
Nearest Airport in Goa Dabolim Airport (15.3, 74.12)
Nearest Airport in Gokarna Dabolim Airport (14.55, 74.32)

Which airport is near Gokarna?


Travelers who are coming to Gokarna will find the nearest airport in Dabolim in Goa. This airport is around 140 kilometers away from Gokarna and you can hire a taxi to reach the destination. This airport is well linked with both domestic as well as international cities in UK and Germany also.

Is Gokarna better or Goa?

Which is better Goa or Gokarna? Goa and Gokarna both are amazing beach destinations in India. Gokarna is comparatively less crowded than Goa, as a lot of people still do not know of this amazing place. If one is looking for a lesser crowd, then Gokarna is a great place to visit.

Is Coorg better or Gokarna?

While Coorg and Chickmagalur will offer lush greens and scenic beauty, in Gokarna you can enjoy the serenity of beaches in the pleasant weather. The temperature in Coorg and Chickmagalur is around 15 degrees Celsius while in Gokarna, it is a warm 34 degrees.

Why is Gokarna famous?

Gokarna is known for the beaches. The Gokarna main beach is in town and Kudle beach are west facing. Om beach, Half moon Beach, Paradise Beach (also known as Full moon) and Belekan beach are south facing.

Which is cheaper Goa or Gokarna?

One of the best views is of the beaches and Arabian sea. You can just sit and enjoy the sunset from one of the best points in Gokarna. Gokarna is much cheaper than Goa. Goa has become the touristy and business market whereas Gokarna is still not that commercialise.

Is Gokarna expensive?

The property offers a majestic view of the beach, and in total the stay cost us ₹3,000, which is ₹1500 per person for 2 nights and 3 days.

Can we see dolphins in Gokarna?

The vast coast of the Gokarna is kissed by the waters of the Arabian sea. Amidst this pristine beauty lies the Om beach, which is named after the religious Hindu symbol. The area is lined up with beautiful Palm trees and the alluring weather sets up a beautiful mood for a dolphin-spotting trip.

How many days are sufficient for Gokarna?

2 to 3 days
You can explore Gokarna over 2 to 3 days trip but if you have some more days in hand, some nearby locations can be included in your Gokarna tour packages. Yana Caves – Located at a distance of 52 kilometers from Gokarna, Yana lies in Kumta village of North Karnataka.

What is special food in Gokarna?

You can try Konkani fish thali for lunch in Gokarna. A seafood dish which is not very commonly available everywhere is Clam Curry made with coconut milk and lemongrass. There are a lot of prawn options in Gokarna like, prawn curry, prawn biryani, prawn fried rice with fresh prawns from the sea.

Does Gokarna have nightlife?

The nightlife in Gokarna is exciting and filled with exuberant fun and entertainment. Exploring the beaches and the town at night is the best option for travelers as the place remains calm and less crowded. One of the best ways to spend Gokarna nightlife is to stay overnight at the beach shacks.