How much is a Aspen Vista back brace?


Item# Description Price
Item #: 993640 Vista 464 TLSO Each $742.09 $618.39

How do you put the back brace on Aspen?

Be sure both the bottom and the top of the belt are snug before tightening with pull tabs if not peel back and tighten the ends of the belt. Again. For patients with a larger hip to waist ratio.

What is an Aspen brace?

The Aspen Lumbar Support can help ease low back pain caused by acute flare-ups, spasms or fatigued muscles. This inelastic brace is a low cost, medical grade treatment option that features Aspen’s patented 4:1 tightening system for enhanced support.

What is lumbar sacral Orthosis?

Your lumbar-sacral orthosis (LSO) brace helps control and support your spinal posture, helps reduce pain, prevents further injury and promotes healing. It will remind you to keep your back upright and straight.

Can you wash an aspen back brace?

Brace Cleaning

When desired, the brace can be hand washed. Wash the brace using mild soap and water. DO NOT use bleach, harsh chemicals or machine wash.

How do you clean Aspen Vista back brace?

Aspen Vista Collar Pad Removal and Cleaning – YouTube

How do you fit an Aspen TLSO brace?


How tight should an Aspen collar be?

Gently press the sides of the front panel into your neck while attaching the Velcro. Tighten the straps, one at a time, until they are the same length on both sides. The collar should fit tightly.

How do you shower with a back brace on?

You may stand in the shower and remove the brace for bathing and then reapply it after drying off. Remain standing straight while in the shower, No Bending. You WILL NOT need to wear both braces simultaneously.

Does Medicare pay for back brace?

As a general rule, Medicare back braces are covered as long as the individual needs the brace for a medical reason. A medically necessary brace is covered under Medicare Part B. You may need to pay a stated co-pay, which is usually 20 percent, and your deductible on Medicare Part B applies to the cost of the brace.

How do you use Aspen belt?

Summit Line Inservice Training Video – Patient – YouTube

How do you sleep with Aspen collar?

Do not sleep on your stomach. You may sleep in any other comfortable position as long as your collar is securely in place. To get out of bed, roll onto one side, bring your legs over the edge of the bed, and then push up with your arms to sit up. Clean your collar when visibly dirty or if it smells.

Can you shower with Aspen collar?

If you’re using an aspen neck brace, you can remove the padding and have it cleaned. If you have an extra set of padding, you can shower with the aspen collar and use the second set of pads when you finish. After the shower, the pads can be cleaned with soap and water and air dried.

How long do you have to wear a TLSO brace?

Following spinal surgery or injury to your back, you will need to wear a TLSO (Thoraco – Lumbo – Sacral – Orthosis). This orthosis (brace) is used to restrict movement of the mid and lower spine while it heals. Your surgeon will decide how long you are required to wear the TLSO, usually 10 to 12 weeks.

How tight should a TLSO brace be?

The TLSO should fit as tight as possible. There should be no gaps between the TLSO and your body. If the brace is too loose, it won’t give adequate support and the grooves will not anchor the TLSO to the hip, causing it to “ride up.” If this happens, lower the TLSO into its proper position and tighten.

How do you sleep with an Aspen collar?

How to Sleep with Neck Brace | Miami J and Aspen Vista Cervical Collar

How do you shower with Aspen collar?

Begin by removing the front portion of your collar and switching it with the front portion of the shower collar. Holding the front piece securely with one hand, log roll onto your side and repeat with the back half of the collars. Roll back onto your back and Velcro the shower collar in place. You may shower as normal.

Is it OK to wear a back brace all day?

Muscle tension and strain.
A back brace for muscle injury or weakness is generally not recommended for longer than 2 to 4 days.

Are you supposed to sleep in a back brace?

Basic rules for wearing your back brace
You do not need to wear your back brace when you are lying down, unless your surgeon told you to do so. Always put your brace on before you get out of bed. Your brace always has to be on before you sit or stand up.

Does insurance cover a back brace?

If your physician prescribes you a back brace and deems it medically necessary, having Medicare Part B can cover 80% of the cost. Medigap insurance and the Medicare Supplement Plan would help to further cover the Part B deductible in addition to the rest of the cost you’d have to pay.

Does Medicaid cover braces?

The answer is yes! If braces are deemed medically necessary for your child, Medicaid can assist in getting them. Some orthodontists will offer a no-cost consultation to discuss your child’s needs. This can be very convenient if you’re looking into the cost of braces with Medicaid, CHIP, or TRICARE.

How long do you wear an Aspen collar?

3 months
You may hear your doctor refer to it as an Aspen Cervical Collar. How long you need to wear the collar depends on your injury and your doctor’s orders. Usually, patients must wear a cervical collar for at least 3 months at all times.

How long do I have to wear Aspen collar?

6-12 weeks
The Aspen collar is used to help stabilise your neck after injury or surgery. It helps to hold your spinal column in good alignment during the healing process. On average, most people wear the collar for 6-12 weeks.

Can you sleep with TLSO on?

2. Sleeping Your physician will direct you as to whether you will wear the TLSO at night. If you tend to get up frequently during the night, you should sleep in the brace. If you sleep in the brace you must check your skin more frequently and take the brace off at some point in the day to allow your skin ventilation.

Do you sleep in a TLSO brace?

Brace Wear Time
Most braces are either nighttime wear or 18–22 hours per day. For nighttime wear, no build-up time is needed, but understand that it may take 3–5 nights to acclimate to wearing the brace through the night. Your child can start wearing the brace every night while sleeping.