How much does it cost to go to the aquarium in Corpus Christi?

Terms & Conditions for General Admission

Gate price Your price
Adult (ages 13 – 64) $38.95 from $35.95
Student/Senior/Military (with ID/Senior 65+) $36.95 from $33.95
Child (ages 3-12) $28.95 from $26.95

How long does it take to tour the Texas State Aquarium?

How long will it take to visit the Aquarium? While each individual stay at the Aquarium differs, the average length of stay is about 4 hours.

Is Texas State Aquarium ethical?

Texas State Aquarium is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit association. As a not-for-profit organization, we publicly disclose financial statements and reports. These reports give depth to our practices, stories and accomplishments.

What kind of sharks are at the Texas State Aquarium?

Enjoy a snorkel-like adventure alongside multiple species of fish, including stingrays, barracudas, eels, and of course, our sandbar sharks! This experience gives guests a unique VIP aquatic adventure that they will never forget!

Is there free parking for Texas State Aquarium?

But we found plenty of parking at the Texas State Aquarium – all free. During peak times, those off-site spots may be your only alternative, but before reaching into you pocket to pay to park, swing by the aquarium parking.

What time are the dolphin shows at the Texas State Aquarium?

1 answer. Hello, our Dolphins presentations are held twice daily, at 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. TripAdvisor will not allow us to post links here, but you can see our full presentation schedule on our website by going to Visitor Info & Tickets and clicking “Daily Presentation Schedule.”

How much does it cost to swim with the sharks at the Texas State Aquarium?

Snorkel with the Sharks Exclusive Adventure: cost is $99.95 per person plus admission. children 8-12 years old must have a paid parent or guardian in the water with them at all times. a signed waiver is required from all participants.

Where is the biggest aquarium in the US?

Atlanta, Georgia

Leading aquariums in the U.S., by largest tank size 2018
The aquarium with the largest tank in the United States was the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia. The largest tank in the facility was a whopping 6.3 million gallons as of December 2018.

What is the largest aquarium in Texas?

The Texas State Aquarium
The Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi is the largest aquarium in Texas, ranks No.

Does the Texas State Aquarium have dolphins?

Get an up-close and personal look at our Atlantic bottlenose dolphins from two different locations in this 400,000-gallon, 12 foot-deep saltwater pool. At our top-level, witness the airborne acrobatics from Shadow, Liko, Merlin, and Schooner during our DOLPHINS!

How do you pay for parking at Texas State Aquarium?

Parking is $5, and you pay for it when you buy your tickets inside the aquarium. After you pay for parking, you’ll receive a parking token.

Are there dolphins in Corpus Christi Bay?

The Gulf of Mexico is home nine different species of dolphins, with the most common dolphin in Corpus Christi being the bottlenose dolphin.

Can you swim with sharks in Corpus Christi?

Can you cage dive with sharks in Texas?

If you’ve ever wanted to swim with sharks, now’s your chance. At the Texas State Aquarium, you can get up close and personal with the ocean’s most notorious predators (from the safety of a diving cage, of course).

What is the #1 aquarium in the world?

1. Georgia Aquarium: Atlanta, GA. The largest aquarium in the U.S. has tens of thousands of animals swimming in over 10 million gallons of water.

What is the #1 aquarium in America?

Georgia Aquarium | Atlanta, GA
Not only a top aquarium in the USA, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is also the largest in the country at an astounding 10 million gallons.

What is the best aquarium in the world?

50 Best Aquariums in the World

  • 1 – Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan.
  • 2 – S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore.
  • 3 – Georgia Aquarium, United States.
  • 4 – Aquarium of Genoa, Italy.
  • 5 – Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, United Arab Emirates.
  • 6 – Oceanográfic, Spain.
  • 7 – Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Canada.
  • 8 – Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Japan.

Do you have to pay for dolphin?

No, admission to the aquarium allows entry to all the shows. This show was filled with great information about dolphins making it better than dolphin shows at other attractions. over a year ago.

Are there whales in the Corpus Christi Bay?

CORPUS CHRISTI — Two endangered whales were spotted Monday in the Corpus Christi Bay, well outside of their typical winter territory. A tanker pilot reported the two Northern right whales, believed to be a mother and a calf, after he thought he may have hit one of them.

Can you swim with dolphins in Corpus Christi Texas?

Unfortunately, there are no programs set in place to swim with dolphins in Corpus Christi. So no, you cannot swim with dolphins in Corpus Christi.

What is Corpus Christi Texas known for?

Legend has it that in 1519, on the Roman Catholic Feast Day of Corpus Christi, Spanish explorer Alonzo Alvarez de Pineda discovered a lush semi-tropical bay on what is now the southern coast of Texas. The bay, and the City that later sprung up there, took the name of the feast day celebrating the “Body of Christ.”

Does Corpus Christi have snorkeling?

Take A Bite of Adventure by Snorkeling With Sharks in Corpus Christi, Texas. If you’re looking for something thrilling to do for a change of pace, Corpus Christi, Texas has the perfect adventure for you this summer. The Texas State Aquarium offers you a chance to go snorkeling with sharks!

What aquarium has the most sharks?

The Oklahoma Aquarium is home to the world’s largest collection of bull sharks. Ten of the “most dangerous sharks known to man” inhabit a 380,000-gallon saltwater tank and tunnel, along with three nurse sharks.

What’s the largest aquarium in America?

the Georgia Aquarium

What is the 2 largest aquarium in the world?

Kuroshio Sea
Kuroshio Sea, the 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world.