How much does an MC Scow weigh?


LENGTH 16 ft 4.877 m
BEAM 5 ft 8 in 1.727 m
WEIGHT 420 lbs 190.509 kg

What type of boat is a scow?


A scow is a smaller type of barge. Some scows are rigged as sailing scows. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, scows carried cargo in coastal waters and inland waterways, having an advantage for navigating shallow water or small harbours.

What do sail numbers mean?

Usually, the number is essentially “how many sails of this model have been produced before this one”. So, the first boat will have sail number 1, the 1000th will have sail 1000. Not all boats will come with numbered sails. However, racing sailboats will always have them.

How long is AC scow mast?


LENGTH 20 ft 6.096 m
BEAM 6 ft 9 in 2.057 m
WEIGHT 650 lbs 294.835 kg

How much does a Melges 15 cost?

Melges 15 Sailboat – Starting at $13995.00 | West Coast Sailing.

How long is an A Scow?

With six to seven crew, the A Scow is the fastest and largest of the Melges Scow family.


LENGTH 38 ft 11.582 m
JIB 150 sq ft 13.93 m2
SPINNAKER 1,200 sq ft 111.48 m2

What does the name scow mean?

Definition of scow
: a large flat-bottomed boat with broad square ends used chiefly for transporting bulk material (such as ore, sand, or refuse)

What is your sail number?

These sail numbers are an important way of uniquely identifying a yacht for search and rescue purposes, and are a requirement of the Racing Rules of Sailing, Rule 77 – Identification on Sails. The RYA recommend that all yachts have a unique sail number.

What is a code 0?

A code zero is strictly a downwind sail.
A code zero is often classified as a spinnaker in terms of racing, hence the restriction on the length of the mid-girth, but it’s not a true downwind sail. If you’re going downwind, you’ll use either a symmetrical or asymmetrical spinnaker.

Can you single hand AC scow?

The scow design maximizes speed yet provides unmatched stability. An original design by the Melges family in 1956, it is unique in the fact that you can sail single-handed or double-handed. Sailing solo is easy, taking a crew is fun!

How fast is an E Scow?

The 2021 ILYA E Scow Invitational Championship Regatta takes place Friday through Sunday, pitting 43 boats against the winds and waves and one another. The event, hosted by the Mendota Yacht Club, will involve more than 100 sailors on boats possibly reaching speeds of 20 mph.

How fast is Melges 15?

10.4kts max speed. Next up before lunch was taking one of our Maxinkuckee Adventure Sailing kids for a sail. I did take the rig back to base for this sail.

Can you single hand Melge 15?

Can I single hand a Melges 15? Yes! Experienced sailors can single-hand the boat and even use the spinnaker. Be aware the the primary design was for double-handed sailing.

What is a Scrow boat?

What are scows used for?

Barges (or scows) are used to transport material that has been excavated by mechanical dredgers or to place other equipment at a dredging site.

What is a scow used for?

Scow definition
A large flatbottom boat with square ends, used chiefly for transporting freight. A large, flat-bottomed boat with square ends, used for carrying coal, sand, etc. and often towed by a tug. To transport in a scow.

Are sail numbers required?

Nationally assigned sail numbers are required for boats subject to Appendix G of the Racing Rules of Sailing and are a valuable identifying feature for any yacht.

Can you change sail numbers?

It’s not hard to do, but it does take a little patience. Let’s take a look at removal and installation of sail numbers. Before you remove the numbers or insignia, you’ll want to buy or pattern your replacements. For numerals, you can purchase pre-cut numbers or a Computer Eight, which you can cut into any number 0-9.

What is a code 55 sail?

Code 65 and Code 55 are named for the geometry of the sail; the number specifies the ratio between foot and mid-girth. For a sail with a foot of 10 meters, a Code 55’s mid-girth will be about 5.5 meters, while a Code 65’s mid-girth will be around 6.5 meters.

What is a Yankee jib?

A jib, also known as a jib skirt or jib sail, and actually better known as a yankee, is a type of genoa, a headsail on a sailboat. You can think of it as a geuna with a high-cut clew. A jib or yankee is often used in conjunction with a cutter jib, as the cutter jib nicely fills the space of the high clew.

How do you rig AC scow?

How to Rig Your Melges MC Scow – YouTube

What is an E Scow sailboat?

The E Scow is an American sailing dinghy that was designed by Arnold Meyer Sr as a one-design racer and first built in 1924. E Scow. Development. Designer.

How long is an E Scow sailboat?

The E-Scow, at 28 feet and handled by four sailors, is a temperamental, sensitive, send-your-heart-into-your-throat kind of boat that keeps skippers of all skill levels coming back for more.

What does a Melges 15 cost?

How much does a Melges 15 weigh?

The Melges 15 is built to be sailed by everyone from friends and couples to families and kids. The design offers performance, comfort, and stability in one sleek package.

LENGTH 15 ft 4.572 m
BEAM 5 ft 6 in 1.675 m
DRAFT 2 ft 7 in 0.8 m
HULL WEIGHT 230 lbs 104 kgs