How much does a 115HP outboard cost?

$12,999.00. Brand New 115HP Mercury 4-Stroke EFI CT outboard motor. XL Command Thrust fits both 20″ and 25″ boat and pontoon transoms. Model Includes Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) plus Power Tilt & Trim.

When did they stop making Johnson outboard motors?

Bombardier stopped selling outboards under the Johnson brand after 2007, and moved all sales entirely to Evinrude Outboard Motors until they were discontinued in June 2020.

Can you still get Johnson outboard parts?

To date, the company doesn’t manufacture outboards in the Johnson brand any longer. However, servicing and available parts can still be found and offered by reliable companies.

How much is a 115 Evinrude cost?


Make Evinrude
Model E115DPGL
Year 2019
Condition New
Price $10,560.00

What is the most reliable 115 hp outboard motor?

Yamaha V-Max SHO 115 – Best Mid-Size Outboard For Acceleration. You want neck-snapping acceleration and Yamaha-style power? The V-Max SHO 115 will do the trick. In the 115 HP class we love the Yamaha V-Max 115 SHO, a juiced version of their uber-reliable and time-tested 1.8L F115.

How fast does a 115hp boat go?

With a 115 HP engine in your pontoon boat you might expect to be able to go as fast as 25 to 31 miles per hour, depending on certain variables relating to your boat weight load, size and other adjustments.

How do you tell the year of a Johnson outboard motor?

To find out the year a Johnson Motor has been manufactured you have to look at the last three letters of the serial number. The last letter represents the model run, and the other two represent the year the motor has been manufactured.

What is the best selling outboard motor?

One of the lightest outboards in its class, able to reduce vibration and provide more stable steering performance, while ensuring you burn fuel cleanly – not to mention its size, which makes it ideal for both smaller and larger applications, if you double-up – the No 1 best-selling outboard of 2021 is the Suzuki DF100.

Are Johnson and Evinrude parts interchangeable?

It is true that Johnson / Evinrude lower units can be interchanged however, you can’t rely on visual comparison alone.

Can you still buy Evinrude Motors?

We are proud to have supplied you with outboard engines over the past 110 years. For business reasons, we have made the difficult and thoughtful decision to discontinue manufacturing of our outboard engines to focus on the next generation of propulsion.

How do you start a 2 stroke Evinrude outboard?

Starting the Evinrude 90 HP 2 stroke outboard boat engine. – YouTube

Who makes the fastest 115 hp outboard motor?

Yamaha Outboard

Four Strokes Inline 4 / 1.8L / 115 HP
The Yamaha Outboard VF115 V MAX SHO is the fastest 115-hp four-stroke ever, with a top speed of nearly 51 mph. This 377-pounds outboard is a class leader in torque, top speed and efficiency.

How many hours will a 4-stroke outboard last?

A typical two-stroke or four-stroke outboard engine should provide 1,500 hours of run time.

How fast do you need to go to pull a tube?

You should pull a tube behind a boat at speeds between 8 miles an hour and 20 miles per hour. Lower speeds should be used for children and less than ideal conditions whereas the highest speeds can be utilized with older riders when there are few obstacles and deep water.

Can a 115 hp pontoon pull a tube?

A good rough estimate for the horsepower needed to tube on a pontoon boat is a 90 hp engine minimum, but preferably a 115 hp motor, or even a 150 bhp motor. The faster you hope to pull the tube, the more horsepower your pontoon will need.

What years did Johnson make 4 stroke outboards?

Four outboard engines have been added to the Johnson outboard line for 2003 – 15-, 9.9-, 8- and 6-horsepower models. Johnson portables are a perfect fit for utility boats, inflatables or dinghies.

Can you tell the year of an outboard motor by the serial number?

The serial number can help you determine the year of your engine. Your serial number or model number can be found on the engine’s mid-section. Often this plate is also marked with the engine’s year too.

What is the most reliable used outboard motor?

The Yamaha F250 is one of the most popular outboards among the fishing crowd. This 4.2L engine has been available for around a decade and has proven to be extremely reliable and versatile for different types of boats. The Mercury 2.1L outboard comes in ratings of 75, 90 and 115 horsepower.

Are Johnson outboards made by Suzuki?

The Suzuki motors were painted and badged as Johnsons and gave OMC dealers four-strokes to sell alongside the two-stroke Evinrude models.

How long do outboard engines last?

A typical estimate from the industry is that an outboards motor last around 1,500 hours of operation. Assuming the average owner uses their boat 200 hours a year, this would mean that the motor would last between seven and eight years.

Does anyone still make 2 stroke outboards?

The two stroke outboards are lightweight and compact yet deliver high power output. The engine structure is relatively simple and maintenance is exceedingly easy. Although we have lineup of four strokes, we also offer an extensive two stroke lineup to meet diverse global needs.

Is Evinrude coming back?

Its last two-stroke E-TEC engines used direct-injection technology, making them as clean as four-strokes. And Evinrude touted its maintenance costs as 50 percent less than for a four-stroke. Two-stroke engines for motorcycles are making a comeback in 2022.

Why does my boat turn over but not start?

Dead or Disconnected Battery
If your starter engages, but the engine cranks very slowly, your boat battery may be low. If the engine does not turn over at all, the battery may be dead. Check the voltage of your batteries with a voltmeter and charge the batteries to about 12.6 volts for a full charge.

How do you start an outboard that has been sitting?

Get some water to the engine via a garden hose. Then put on some ear muffs and let the water run for a couple of seconds. Prime up the fuel, turn the key, and hopefully, start and run the engine! If you are going to let the engine sit and run for a while, (which is a pretty good idea to do).

What is the most reliable 4-stroke outboard motor?

So before you make any moves, be sure to check out these best-of-the-best outboard engines.

  • Suzuki DF90A – Best All-Around Mid-Size Outboard.
  • Yamaha F25 – Best Lightweight Outboard.
  • Suzuki DF25A – Most Reliable Small Outboard.
  • Mercury 90-150 Four Strokes – Best All-Purpose Outboard Engines.