How many episodes Ben 10: Alien Force has?

46Ben 10: Alien Force / Number of episodes

Is vilgax male or female?


Gender Male
Occupation(s) Ruler of Vilgaxia
Status Deceased and Petrified
Details of birth

How many seasons and episodes are there in Ben 10: Alien Force?

The following is a list of episodes for Ben 10: Alien Force. There are a total of 46 episodes and 1 live-action movie. Although the first 26 episodes were produced as one season, they were written and aired as two seasons of 13 episodes each.

How many episodes are there in Ben 10: Alien Force season 3?

21Ben 10: Alien Force – Season 3 / Number of episodes

Does Ken 10 have a sister?

Ken is a tall young adult male with green eyes and red hair, resembling his sister, Gwen.

Who is Kevin’s dad Ben 10?

Devin Levin was an Osmosian, a Plumber and the father of Kevin Levin. He was a Plumber stationed on the planet Earth and the rookie partner of legendary veteran Plumber, Max Tennyson.

Who killed Vilgax?

Once Ben gained access to Way Big, he was able to defeat Vilgax with ease. After he became the “Conqueror of 10 Worlds”, battling and defeating the champions of each, he drained their powers and abilities and added them to his own arsenal.

Is Diamond Head stronger than Vilgax?

In the original series episode Secrets Diamondhead tries to attack Vilgax but all of his attacks merely shatter upon making contact. However, in the Alien Force special; Vengeance of Vilgax, Diamondhead is the one to defeat him.

Who did Ben 10 Marry?

Gwendolyn “Gwen” Tennyson, occasionally known as Lucky Girl, is a fictional character that appears in the Ben 10 franchise.

How old is ultimate alien Ben?


BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN picks up where Alien Force left off, with now-16-year-old Ben Tennyson (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) still taking on a host of alien intruders to Earth.

Who is Gwen’s boyfriend?

Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin are one of the main couples in the franchise.

Does Kevin Levin have a son?

Devlin Levin is the son of Kevin Levin and the best friend of Ken Tennyson.

How did Kevin 11 get his powers?

The rage of an untrained Osmosian, combined with all of the energy and DNA he had absorbed, caused his powers to spiral out of control, causing him to mutate into a hulking chimerical behemoth fusion of the ten original starter aliens of the Omnitrix, which Kevin dubbed “Kevin 11” (due to having all of the powers of …

Is Vilgax stronger than Thanos?

Vilgax is the conqueror of ten worlds, he is very powerful. But if Thanos has all five stones he can defeat vilgax.

Is Vilgax still alive?

Vilgax will meet his death approximately 200 years after the events of the original series. Vilgax is responsible for the destruction of five planets [merch 1] and the creation of a black hole.

Can four arms beat Vilgax?

In Perfect Day Four Arms defeated Vilgax in dream where dream Vilgax was possibly still very strong and in Back with a vengeance Four Arms in one part for a second throw Vilgax and Kevin off himself. Humungousaur was sadly defeated by Vilgax every time and the biggest defeat was in Vengeance of Vilgax Part 2.

Who defeated Vilgax?

Who did Ben 10 fall in love?

Ben Tennyson and Kai Green are one of the main couples in the franchise. At first, only Ben had a crush on Kai as opposed to Kai who only liked his alien forms. However, over time they developed feelings for each other.

Who defeated Ultimate Kevin?

In Night of the Living Nightmare, Ultimate Kevin appeared in a dream, trying to convince Ben to surrender the Ultimatrix. However, he was quickly defeated and reverted back to normal when Ben transformed into Ampfibian and electrocuted him.

Why did Azmuth not like the Ultimatrix?

Because the Ultimatrix is a weapon, and that doesn’t fit with Azmuth’s vision for his creation (It wasn’t even supposed to be called the Ultimatrix anyway, Albedo stole it before it was finished and refitted its function).

Who is Kevin Levin son?

Devlin Levin
Devlin Levin is the son of Kevin Levin and the best friend of Ken Tennyson. He is one of Kevin’s possible children from an alternate timeline.

Who is Ben Tennyson’s wife?

Kai Tennyson is Ben’s wife, the mother of Ken and Gwendolyn Tennyson, and one of Kai’s possible futures from an alternate timeline.

Is Kevin stronger than Ben?

Weaknesses. Despite being stronger than Four Arms, Kevin 11’s powers were mostly not as strong as Ben’s because they only had one-tenth of their original strength. Kevin 11 was vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by shock collars.

Why does vilgax want the Omnitrix?

Vilgax, a Chimera Sui Generis, is the major villain of the Ben 10 series and the archenemy of Ben Tennyson. He wants the Omnitrix from Ben so that he could create an army of aliens.

Who can beat Rath ben 10?

In Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United, Rath saved Diane Farrah and her cameraman before Rex unsuccessfully cured him under the impression that Rath was an EVO. Later, Rath was defeated by Alpha.

When did alien force end?

March 26, 2010Ben 10: Alien Force / Final episode date

How old is Ben in alien force?

15 years old
Ben 10: Alien Force, the sequel series to the original, introduces teenage Ben (15 years old), voiced by Yuri Lowenthal (replacing Strong).

What kind of alien is echo echo?

Echo Echo is the Omnitrix’s DNA sample of a Sonorosian from the planet Sonorosia.

How old is Ultimate Alien Ben?

Can Diamondhead beat Vilgax?

Why does Kevin 11 have an Omnitrix?

Background. Kevin Levin was one of Ben’s bullies, which caused Ben to have a fear of public restrooms, and why he wouldn’t eat lunch for three months. One night, Vilgax used his snooze tech and sent Kevin blueprints for an Omnitrix via a dream. This led Kevin to his fulfillment of creating the Antitrix.

What is Talking Ben’s full name?

Talking Ben (I)
Benjamin, known by his friends as Ben, is one of the main characters of Talking Tom and Friends.

Does Echo Echo have a limit?

Like in Vilgax Attacks, Echo Echo can only clone himself to a maximum of three clones at a time. He can also go Ultimate. Echo Echo is vital for progression on The Catacombs and The Amazon levels of the game.

Can Ultimate Echo Echo multiply?

Ultimate Echo Echo can multiply the Sonic Disks once they have separated from his body, creating as many as needed.

Why is EON evil?

Eon is an alternate reality counterpart of Ben Tennyson who became corrupted and evil at some point in his life. Like most of his other counterparts, he originally had his own Omnitrix. However, something bad happened to his Omnitrix, destroying the device.

In the game’s story, Kevin has been turned into Ultimate Kevin by Vilgax. He is returned to normal after being defeated by Ben, Chowder, and Buttercup.

At the end of the second season, Vilgax is still alive, having survived the destruction of his ship by teleporting out just before the explosion. He is found encased in ice by Kevin.

Is there ultimate jetray?

Ultimate Jetray is the evolved form of Jetray. He is a free use alien made by Alanomaly.

Ultimate Jetray
Species: Evolved Aerophibian
Home Planet: Aeropela
Body: Humanoid Sting Ray
Other Info

Did Vilgax kills Chromastone?

Chromastone is destroyed by Vilgax in battle, but reforms into Diamondhead.

Which is better Omnitrix vs Ultimatrix?

Also the new ultimatrix will have all the features of the new omnitrix that AZMUTH created but it is better because it has evolutionary function and will only work by ben’s mind and will not revert ben to his normal form like the new omnitrix that AZMUTH created.

Devlin Levin is the son of Kevin Levin and the best friend of Ken Tennyson.