How long will a Jeep Liberty sport last?

Typically, a Jeep Liberty can last anywhere from 10-15 years or 200,000 to 400,000 miles. Of course, how you drive and maintain your Jeep can have a big impact on how long your vehicle lasts. Here are some tips to keep your Jeep running longer: Have a regular maintenance schedule.

Why was Jeep Liberty discontinued?

According to Cheers & Gears, the drop in sales of the Liberty could have been part of the cause behind discontinuing the model, along with safety ratings that didn’t quite meet consumer expectations.

What year did they stop making Jeep Liberty?


WHEN DID THE JEEP® LIBERTY GO OUT OF PRODUCTION? The Jeep® Liberty was discontinued in 2012. WHAT JEEP® BRAND SUV IS THE MOST SIMILAR TO THE LIBERTY? The Jeep® Liberty was succeeded by the Jeep Cherokee, a capable, comfortable midsize SUV.

How do I know if my Liberty is limited or sport?

  1. Sport. The Sport edition Liberty is recognized by its gray fender flares and bumpers.
  2. Limited. The Limited edition Liberty is recognized by its color-matched fender flares/bumper and chrome grille surround/side strips.
  3. Renegade.
  4. Rocky Mountain Edition.

Why are Jeep Libertys so cheap?

There are reasons that they typically are cheaper, mainly for their size and average fuel economy. The Liberty peaked in only its second year on the market in 2002, with just under 175,000 total sold in the US.

Are jeeps reliable after 100k?

They are known to last a long time, so even a vehicle with over 100,000 miles on it is still an excellent option to purchase. Most Jeep Wrangler drivers are not concerned about high mileage since the vehicle provides excellent performance.

Are Jeep Libertys good on gas?

Jeep has manufactured models of Liberty 4WD for 6 years. They average 17.0 combined miles per gallon, with the latest 2012 Liberty 4WD above average at 17 combined MPG.

Fuel Efficiency.

Vehicle Model 2010 Jeep Liberty 4WD
Combined MPG 17
Highway MPG 21
City MPG 15

Is a Jeep Liberty good on gas?

Is a Jeep Liberty a reliable car?

The Jeep Liberty has received average scores on all major reliability ratings. RepairPal rates it a 3.5 out of 5, ranking it 14th out of 26 midsize SUVs. It received higher scores on, earning a score of 4.2 out of 5 based on consumer reviews.

Are Jeep Libertys expensive to fix?

The Jeep Liberty Reliability Rating is 3.5 out of 5.0, which ranks it 14th out of 26 for midsize SUVs. The average annual repair cost is $674 which means it has average ownership costs. The frequency and severity of repairs are both fairly average when compared with all other vehicles.

At what mileage do Jeeps start having problems?

How Many Miles Do Jeeps Generally Last? Jeep models are known to last well over 100,000 miles. A well-maintained Jeep Wrangler can last for up to 400,000 miles. Most cars start having serious problems at 100,000 miles.

How many miles on a Jeep is too much?

The Jeep Wrangler boasts extreme longevity
However, Jeep vehicles generally breeze through year five and continue to perform well for up to 15 years and beyond. A Wrangler can typically reach 280,000 miles before significant problems begin to surface. But well-maintained models exceed 20 years and over 400,000 miles.

Are Jeep Liberty parts expensive?

Which Jeep lasts the longest?

The Jeep Wrangler and the jeep Wrangler unlimited have been known to be the most reliable and long-lasting Jeep models. Because the Wrangler is built for the outdoors and can survive rough terrain, it makes it that much tougher and adds to its longevity. It has been known to carry owners for well over 10 years.

What is considered high mileage for a Jeep?

Jeep Wranglers can easily surpass 100,000 miles. Even older Jeep Wranglers in decent condition can last beyond 200,000. Newer models that are taken care of and are in excellent condition can go up to 3400,000. They are a great investment, even with high mileage.

Are Jeeps reliable after 100k?

Which Jeep is most reliable?

The org gave the Gladiator an excellent predicted reliability score; the Grand Cherokee came in second with an average rating.

  • 2020 Hennessey Jeep Gladiator | Hennessey.
  • 2021 Jeep Gladiator | Jeep.
  • Jeep Gladiator Mojave interior | Jeep.

What is the best older Jeep to buy?

10 Best Used Jeeps You Can Buy

  • 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee. Pretty much any model of the Jeep Cherokee in this golden age offers you a good buy.
  • 2003 Jeep Wrangler X.
  • 2014 Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition.
  • 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.
  • 1988 Jeep Gladiator.
  • 1996 Jeep Comanche.
  • 2010 Jeep Wrangler Islander.
  • 1994 XJ Jeep Cherokee.

Are Jeep Libertys reliable?

What is the best cheap Jeep to buy?

8 Best Used Jeeps Under $10,000 for 2019

  • 2008-2013 Jeep Liberty.
  • 2008-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  • 1996-2006 Jeep Wrangler.
  • 2006-2010 Jeep Commander.
  • 2014-2016 Jeep Cherokee.
  • 2011-2017 Jeep Compass.
  • 2015-2017 Jeep Renegade.
  • 2011-2017 Jeep Patriot.

Which Jeep is best on gas?

Jeep Renegade
It stands to reason that Jeep’s smallest crossover would have the best fuel efficiency. The Jeep Renegade with front wheel drive achieves 27 MPG Combined (24 City/32 Highway).

Do Jeeps waste a lot of gas?

Do Jeeps Get Good Or Bad Gas Mileage? The Jeep Wrangler gets on average of 17 mpg for city driving and 23 mpg on the highway. A modified Jeep with heavier tires and steel bumpers will get lower mileage because of the weight.

Are Jeeps expensive to maintain?

Despite its rough-and-tumble image, Jeeps are known as a relatively reliable brand, and the average Jeep will cost you about $634 per year to maintain, slightly more than average for a major brand.

Do Jeeps break down a lot?

In their most recent dependability review, ReliabilityIndex placed Jeep 29th out of 40 manufacturers, with a reliability score of 173. This isn’t that much below the industry average; in fact, it’s similar to the score of brands like Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and BMW, but it’s still not a great score.

Are Jeeps good on gas?

Take note that these 27 miles per gallon are the combined city and highway driving average. Even though 27 miles per gallon isn’t all that great, for a Jeep, it makes a huge difference.
These Jeep Models Have The Best Mileage.

Jeep Model Year Mileage (MPG)
Cherokee FWD 2019 26