How long is the ferry from Paros to Antiparos?

7 min to 30 min.

The Paros to Antiparos ferry duration ranges from 7 min to 30 min. The travel time varies, depending on weather conditions, the type of vessel and the port of departure. The ferry trip from Pounta is the fastest way to get to Antiparos.

How do I get to the Cave of Antiparos?

You can also go to the cave by car, motorcycle or bicycle. The paved road that leads to the Cave begins to the left of where the ferry boat docks (arriving from Paros) in the Port area of Antiparos. The parking lot at the Cave is very big and spacious. You can also walk to the cave.

How do you get to Antiparos island?

Since Antiparos is quite a small island, it is accessible only by ferry from Paros. You can get to Paros by ferry from Athens (Piraeus & Rafina ports) or by plane from Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion.

How long is the ferry from Athens to Antiparos?

Antiparos ferry: schedules and tickets
There are ferries from Piraeus, Lavrion and Rafina. The best way to travel from Athens to Paros is via the port of Piraeus, as the crossing only takes 3 hours with highspeed vessel.

Is it worth going to Antiparos?

Known for its chic boutiques, fantastic beach clubs and the occasional Hollywood star, Antiparos is laidback and quaint as you can get from a Greek Island. Its rugged terrain makes it a perfect island for those looking for easy hiking trails and also offers those seeking ancient Greek history artefacts to trip over.

What is the difference between Paros and Antiparos?

Another huge plus about visiting Paros is the adjacent small island of Antiparos, a very picturesque and tranquil island located just off Paros. It can be reached in 30 minutes by ferry from Parikia, or just 8 minutes by car ferry from Pounta in the south of Paros.

Do you need a car on Antiparos?

Antiparos is also an island in the Cyclades where you do not need a car. You go to Paros and from there you easily reach the island of Tom Hanks and the famous cave!

Do I need a car for Antiparos?

Antiparos is a small island in the Cyclades, located opposite Paros. It’s a charming destination with picturesque alleys and amazing beaches, and it’s ideal to explore without a car. Antiparos is one of the top islands in Greece you can fully enjoy with no car.

Can you do a day trip to Paros from Athens?

A flight from Athens to Paros takes only 40 minutes, compared to the 4 hour ferry trip, so you will have the whole day free to discover the beautiful Cycladic island of Paros. Paros island is well – known for its natural beauties, its traditional culture and history.

Can you get around Antiparos without a car?

Antiparos is a small island in the Cyclades, located opposite Paros. It’s a charming destination with picturesque alleys and amazing beaches, and it’s ideal to explore without a car. Antiparos is one of the top islands in Greece you can fully enjoy with no car.

How many days do you need in Antiparos?

Ideally, you’ll need a minimum of two days to explore the best things to see and do on Paros. Although, if you can spare a third day, quaint Antiparos is worth a full day on its own. Of course, there’s plenty to do on the island for a week or even longer. But if you’re island-hopping, I’d recommend 2-3 days on Paros.

Is Antiparos a party island?

Antiparos Nightlife
The hip and happening places are mostly located at the main town square and along the beachfront where you will see many quaint cafes and bars and also 2 or 3 nightclubs that stay open all night.

How do you move around in Antiparos?

Antiparos transportation

  1. Public buses. Public transportation is a convenient way to move around the lovely island of Antiparos.
  2. Taxis and private transfers. A taxi offers you easy and fast transfer to your destination.
  3. Car rentals.
  4. Sea buses.

Is Antiparos a day trip?

If you are looking for a short getaway from Paros, Antiparos is the perfect destination for a day trip.

Is Paros worth visiting?

And in recent years, Paros has become one of the most popular Greek islands to visit. So these days Paros is known mainly for lovely, unique beaches and a sophisticated nightlife scene.

How far is ferry from Athens to Paros?

97 nautical miles
There are 97 nautical miles (180km) separating the Piraeus port and the Paros port, with SeaJets delivering the fastest ferry crossing from Athens to Paros in around 2 hours and 45 minutes. Getting to the Piraeus ferry port is very straightforward as it’s located only 12km southwest of Athens city centre.

Which is nicer Naxos or Paros?

Naxos is slightly more family-friendly, while Paros is slightly more romantic. Both islands have charming villages by the sea, gorgeous traditional villages in the hills, and smaller beach resorts around the coasts.

Whats better Paros or Naxos?

Paros is also suitable for beach time, and the food is fantastic. You can also go hiking, windsurfing, waterskiing, and sailing on Paros, but the difference is that it’s more about nightlife and shopping, compared to Naxos. You could say that Naxos is ideal for families, while Paros is ideal for couples and groups.

Is Paros a party island?

Along with Mykonos and Ios, Paros is the third island of Cyclades that has become famous for its exciting nightlife. You can start your evening walk with a light cocktail at the bars of Parikia, right on the beautiful waterfront.

Is Tinos worth visiting?

It’s far less developed than many of its neighbouring Greek islands, and herein lies its appeal. From scenic villages and quiet, pristine beaches to cultural events and mouthwatering delicacies, Tinos is sure to amaze you with its unassuming beauty and unique traditions.

Where was Mamma Mia filmed in Greece?

island of Skopelos
The location in question, known as Kalokairi in the film, was the Greek island of Skopelos. One of the Sporades, it sits pretty off the eastern shore of the mainland and was largely known for its abundance of plums until, in summer 2007, Hollywood arrived.

Which is better Mykonos or Paros?

Mykonos is more touristy, which means more people. It is also more expensive. But it does have more shops, more nightlife and a bit more ‘chic’. Paros is a nice island with some good beaches, a bit more laid back, and ‘very laid back’ Antiparos next door.

How long should I stay in Tinos?

One to Three days. Although Tinos has gradually developed as a tourist destination over the last years, it still keeps its peaceful and traditional character. This is the most authentic out of the tourist-developed Cycladic islands.

What is the nicest Greek island to visit?

The 23 best Greek islands to visit in 2022

  1. Santorini. Best for: Honeymooners and first-timers.
  2. Syros. Best Greek island for: Culture and off-season cachet.
  3. Naxos. Best for: Endless sandy beaches.
  4. Corfu. Best of the Greek islands for: character and lush landscapes.
  5. Cephalonia / Kefalonia.
  6. Sifnos.
  7. Hydra.
  8. Milos.

What’s the best Greek island to visit?