How long is BMT route march?


On 3 Dec, more than 3,000 recruits set foot on their 24km route march, marking the end of their Basic Military Training (BMT). The march, typically held from Changi to Marina Bay since 2010, is now conducted back on Pulau Tekong as part of measures against COVID-19.

How long is 24km route march?

Recruits starting off their 24km route march. It is also routine in operational combat units. Infantry specialist cadets go through a 32km route march and navigation exercise to earn their Combat Skills Badge, while Commandos have to complete a gruelling 72km to earn the coveted red beret.

Is the route march important?

As it turns out, the route is not only plottable, but historically significant. It is the same march that Prisoners of War were forced to walk in the past; generations of Singapore Soldiers reversing that route symbolises the pride of our country overcoming the difficulties of our past.

What is BMT pop?

The POP or Basic Military Training (BMT) graduation is the first major mark an NSF clears before his Operationally Ready Date (ORD).

How heavy is NS field pack?

Clarification: The weight of the field pack varies depending on your vocation and it ranges from 15kg (not including rifle/SBO) to 27kg.

What is a road march in the army?

A tactical road march is a rapid movement used to relocate units within area of operation to prepare for combat operations. Units maintain security against enemy air attack and prepare to take immediate action against an enemy ambush, although they do not expect contact with significant enemy ground forces.

Is life better after BMT?

You may have heard some people say that BMT is the ‘worst part of NS’, and that your unit life will be better.


BMT Unit Life
Amount of admin time Around 2 hours everyday For 1st 8 months Also around 2 hours everyday but also sometimes less than 2 hours After 8 month period Around 4 hours of admin time per day

Is SCS difficult?

The journey as an SCS cadet is not an easy one. There will be many intense training sessions to build fitness, learn specialist skills, and outfields.

Can you bring IPAD into camp?

SAF now allows personal tablets & laptops to be used in green zones in camp.

What should I buy for BMT?

Best Things to Bring For BMT

  • Facial Wipes and Body Wipes for Instant Cleansing.
  • Facial Scrub to Wash Off Camo and Dirt.
  • Petroleum Jelly for Long Road Marches.
  • Sunscreen for Sun Protection.
  • Fabric Freshener for Smelly Clothing.
  • High Energy Snacks for Energy Slump.
  • Medication Pouch.
  • Permanent Marker to Mark Your Belongings.

How long should a 12 mile march take?

3 hours
The Ruck March is a 12-mile foot march which must be completed in 3 hours or less, while carrying a 50-pound backpack. Marine veteran and YouTuber Armando Nava demonstrated the Ruck March in a video where he walked 12 miles through New York City.

How far does an army march in a day?

The average for a march was between 8 and 13 miles per day, with 20 or more miles being more exhausting and less frequent. Also, the armies usually walked less after a battle, unless in retreat or in pursuit.

What is the success rate of BMT?

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How long is SCS training?

22 weeks
The course duration is currently 22 weeks. Graphical presentation is as shown in the figure below. The SCS graduate is a competent, fit, confident, committed and adaptive section leader, grounded on SAF values.

What comes after BMT?

After Basic Military Training (BMT), you will be assigned to a suitable vocation based on organisational requirements, your military performance, your commanders’ recommendations, education qualifications and medical fitness.

What is red zone ns?

Red Zone: Camera-equipped mobile devices are not allowed in Red Zones and must be deposited in designated lockers before entry into the area. Unauthorised photography and videography within all MINDEF/SAF premises remains prohibited in all zones.

What do I need for reservist?

The hassle of going for reservist training is usually the packing. You have to ensure you don’t miss out on any essentials.
Have your basic necessities all in one place

  • a soap sponge.
  • soap container.
  • toothbrush.
  • toothpaste.
  • shaver.
  • toilet paper roll.
  • foot powder container with powder included.

Is there WIFI in Tekong?

There is no Wi-Fi on Tekong, if you were wondering.

What time do you wake up in NS?

The timing at which you wake up, better known as “Reveille”, is very early (around 5 am). At first, your body clock may not get used to it thanks to those nights you stayed up late.

How hard is it to ruck 12 miles in 3 hours?

To reach Level 2, you must carry your 40 lb ruck for 12 miles in less than three hours. This pace equates to 15 minutes per mile, and is the same time standard as the US Army, though with admittedly less weight.

How do you pass a 12-mile ruck march?

Crush the 12 Mile Ruck | Ranger School, Special Operations …

What is the army standard for a 12 mile ruck march?

Loaded marches in the United States Army are known as ruck marches and are part of basic recruit training. In order to gain the Expert Infantryman Badge (a further qualification for existing infantry personnel) candidates must complete a ruck march of 19 kilometers (12 mi) within three hours, carrying a rifle and load.

How fast is an army march?

Speed ​​marching is seen as a discipline that is suitable for training the physical and mental resilience of soldiers. Usually, the performance of speed marching is as follows: alternating one minute of marching at a speed of 6 to 7 km/h, then two minutes of running at a speed of 8 to 9 km/h.

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