How fast does a TRX 250R go?

71 mph

1986 Model 1987-1989 “Long Rod” Model
Rear Tires 20×10-9 Ohtsu H-trak P/V 701Z 20×10-9 Ohtsu H-trak P/V 701Z 20×10-9 Ohtsu H-trak M/R 501 Radial (option)
Top Speed 71 mph 71 mph
Lighting Handlebar-mounted 60/55 watt halogen Nosepiece-mounted 60/55 watt halogen
MSRP $3697 $4198

How fast does a Honda 250R four wheeler go?

The Honda ATC250R (or Big Red 250R) launched in 1981 and was the first to strengthen the foothold of ATCs in racing. Featuring Pro-Link suspension, an Enduro-Harley Davidson front aesthetic, and a 70 mph top speed, the ATC250R was tough and fast.

How much HP does a 250R have?

In terms of peak numbers, the 2021 Honda CRF250R churns out 39.0 hp at 12,900 rpm and 18.8 pound-feet of torque at 9,500 rpm.

Are 250R reliable?

If well maintained and not pushed past its limit, a Honda CBR 250R can last for over 75,000 miles without a rebuild. Its water-cooled, single-cylinder motor boasts Honda’s reliable manufacturing technology.

How much is a trx250r worth?


Excellent $1,780
Very Good $1,220
Good $625
Fair $270
Poor N/A

How much is a TRX 250 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $4,849 $4,570
Total Price $4,849 $4,570

How much horsepower does a Honda TRX 250 have?


Engine Type 4-Stroke OHC
Valve Clearance Cold Exhaust 0.08 mm (0.003 in)
Horsepower 19.3 hp/19.6 PS (14.4 kW @ 7,000 RPM)
Maximum Torque 19.9 Nm (2.03 kgf-m, 14.7 ft-lb @ 6,000 RPM)
Top Speed 71 mph (114.3 km/h, Wikipedia)

How much does a 250R cost?

2021 Honda CRF250R Claimed Specifications

MSRP: $7,999
Tires, Front/Rear: Dunlop Geomax MX3S; 80/100-21 / 100/90-19
Rake/Trail: 27.4°/4.6 in.
Wheelbase: 58.3 in.
Ground Clearance: 12.9 in.

What is the difference between 250R and 250x?

The more trail riding you want to do, the more accessories you’ll want to have on your bike. The CRF250R is lightweight and handles well, but the suspension and power is not good for trail riding. The CRF250X is clearly the better trail bike because it’s easier to ride and the suspension is more forgiving.

How much was a brand new 250R?

Motorcycle Insurance:

Model Type Off-Road
BASE MSRP(US) $7,999.00 Find Your Local Honda Dealer
Dealers Honda Dealers
Warranty 0

How much HP does a 250 make?

There’s no direct correlation between horsepower and a 250cc engine, since horsepower measurement depends on other factors, but a broad estimate is 15 to 16 horsepower in a 250cc engine.

How much was a brand new 250r?

How much does a TRX 250 cost?


$4,499. MSRP or Price does not include $420 in destination charges. MSRP or Price does not include $420 in destination charges.

Does a TRX250X have a clutch?

It has an auto-clutch system, so you can take off or shift without using the clutch lever, but as riders gain skill, the clutch lever can be used as a normal sport quad. The machine can never stall if you bog it down too much.

Does a 250EX have a clutch?

Clutch it and go, or just go. While the 250EX still retains its easy to ride centrifugal clutch setup. The lever on the left handlebar operates Honda’s new SportClutch, manual clutch setup. The SportClutch makes motocross style starts and clutching out of corners possible after you have mastered the basics of riding.

How much is a TRX250 worth?

Can adults ride Honda TRX250?

The rear axle is turned by shaft drive and the rear brake a sealed multi-disc design. The rear brakes could be a bit stronger. The rider area of the TRX is roomy and comfortable. Full-size adults at 6 feet tall can operate it without issue.

What does CRF250R stand for?

The F in CRF simply means four-stroke. The F in 250F means that it’s the trail bike version of their 250cc dirt bikes.

What is the difference between 250R and 250RX?

Alongside the new CRF250R comes the off-road version, the revamped CRF250RX, which also gets all the same treatment as the motocrosser for 2022. Like the R model, the RX also sees a significant reduction in weight. The new 250RX is six pounds lighter than the previous model.

Is a crf250 a good starter bike?

The CRF 250F is a great beginner bike if you’re an adult or teen that is the right size for this bike. I’ll cover it more later, but the biggest drawback is the weight of this 250f. It will be a little bit hard to handle if you’re a smaller or weaker rider.

How fast can a 250 engine go?

It is estimated that a 250cc bike can attain maximum speeds at 85mph (137 km/h) up to 90mph (145 km/h)easily which is more than enough to travel on highways. You can cruise along and catch up with traffic faster. Because a 250cc motorbike comes with low weight, it’s simple to handle and drive when you’re in traffic.

How fast does a 250cc motor go?

Most of the research we’ve done shows that 250cc motorcycles top out, on average, around 80-85 mph, although faster street racers like the Kawasaki Ninja 250 can achieve top speeds upwards of 100 mph. The reasons for this variance in top speed are due to several factors like torque, horsepower, and engine design.

How much horsepower does a trx250 have?


Engine Type 4-Stroke OHC
Horsepower 19.3 hp/19.6 PS (14.4 kW @ 7,000 RPM)
Maximum Torque 19.9 Nm (2.03 kgf-m, 14.7 ft-lb @ 6,000 RPM)
Top Speed 71 mph (114.3 km/h, Wikipedia)
Starter System Forward kick start mechanism

How many gears does a 250R have?

How many gears does a Kawasaki Ninja 250R have? The Kawasaki Ninja 250R have 6 gears.

Is a Honda TRX250 4×4?

The 1985 Honda FourTrax 250 was a sport/rec quad that came before the “ATV of the Century” – the 1986 Honda TRX250R. This 4×4 featured a powerful 246-cm3 engine, front-and-rear cargo racks, and rugged styling.