How does XS guest list work?

Guest list entry is always determined by the venue. Once you have signed up on our list, show up to the venue at 10pm and check in at the guest list area located at the club entrance. Simply tell them you are on the list under No Cover Nightclubs.

How much is it to get into XS?

How much is cover charge at XS? Cover charge for general admission at the door is around $20-30 for women and $30-50+ for men. Holidays and special events such as Drake and The Chainsmokers will start around $100 and go up from there.

Is XS a pool party?

XS Nightswim is a seasonal nighttime pool party that’s an outgrowth of the extremely popular XS Night Club. Located in the mall area between Wynn and Encore, the space is dominated by a large, shallow pool surrounded by lounge areas, private cabanas, bars and dance floors.

Can you swim at XS Nightclub?

Go straight from Encore Beach Club, or another day club, to dinner and then rally with your friends to XS Night Swim in whatever you’ve been wearing during the day. At XS Night Swim, you’ll see a mixture of casual outfits and club dresses, really anything goes.

How do you get on the XS guest list?

Simply fill out the below form with your name, contact information, the number of people within your party, and the date you want to attend. Each night, we submit our guest list directly to the XS Nightclub’s door. It’s as easy as that.

Can you get into XS for free?

Yes! We never charge money to join and use our XS guest list. That is the way it has always been, and the way it will always be.

Can you enter XS Nightclub free?

Cover charge is common at XS Nightclub at the entrance. Men typically pay between $30 and $100 dollars and women between $20 and $75. For holiday events and special performances the cost for cover charge may increase.

Does XS have dress code?

No jeans, pants, chains, or robes. No clothing that contains rivets, hooks, studs, etc. No work boots. Business Casual Dress is also allowed.

Can I wear sneakers to XS?

XS Dress Code

A nice pair of slacks or jeans, a collared shirt, with some nice dress shoes will do. Perhaps add a sport coat. No athletic shoes, jerseys, baggy clothes or hats/ballcaps allowed.

Can you smoke in XS Nightclub?

Yes, smoking is permitted throughout XS Nightclub, however smoking is prohibited in the water. Cigars are not allowed inside the venue.

How do I get on a Las Vegas guest list?

To get on a Las Vegas guest list, you can: Call or text a host or promoter that works for the club. Visit a club’s website and see if they’re accepting guest list reservations. If you’re staying at the same hotel as the club you want to visit, call your concierge and ask if they can add you.

Can I wear sneakers to XS Nightclub?

A nice pair of slacks or jeans, a collared shirt, with some nice dress shoes will do. Perhaps add a sport coat. No athletic shoes, jerseys, baggy clothes or hats/ballcaps allowed. It’s Vegas!

Can you wear jeans to XS Nightclub?

Our Las Vegas Services
For XS Las Vegas dressing in nice jeans or dress pants, dress shoes, and a button up shirt or sports coat will always be accepted.

Can I wear sneakers to XS nightclub?

How much are drinks at XS Las Vegas?

How much is the drink price at XS, Las Vegas? For the drink prices, the standard rate of alcohol bottles tend to start at around $500 and go up as high as $3000 per bottle. A bottle of Vodka might cost you around $575 and you can get a bottle of Scotch at $595.

How do I get into Xs Las Vegas?

XS is not only one of the top clubs, but it’s arguably the best nightclub in Las Vegas. Prime example, no other venue beats its talent line-up.

There are three ways to get into XS Nightclub:

  1. Buy a ticket.
  2. Get on the guest list.
  3. Pay a cover at the door.

Do girls get in free at Vegas clubs?

Ladies get free entrance and sometimes get free drink tickets. Men may get reduced cover charge or free entrance. Some clubs require an even ratio of women in their group, or more women than men in their group, but not all. Men and women skip the general admission line.

Are Vapes allowed in Vegas clubs?

Smoking is permitted however we do not allow e-cigs, vaporizers, mechanical smoking devices or cigars. AM I ALLOWED TO SMOKE MARIJUANA IN THE VENUE? Nevada voters legalized the personal possession and recreational use of marijuana in your private residence.

What is a Vegas bottle girl?

“Bottle girl” is slang for girls who work in clubs and do bottle service specifically, but both terms describe what I do. Carrie Orozco, 28, is a model cocktail waitress at Omnia Nightclub inside Caesars Palace.

Can hotels detect vaping?

Even some vapes that do have a scent do not necessarily scream “vape sent.” So if the hotel is going to catch you vaping it’s usually not by smell. However, if you were vaping non-odorless marijuana, that has one of the most recognizable odors and could possibly be detected.

Are puff bars legal in Vegas?

Currently, it is legal to smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere in Nevada.

How much do you tip a bottle girl?

typically a bottle is between $500 to $600; the automatic gratuity is usually 20% of $600. That means you’ll be tipping $120, now divide that between you and your squad, let’s say there are 6 of you that’s $20 each. Keep this rule of thumb in mind whenever you’re planning a club night with bottle service.

Do bottle girls share tips?

As the day winds down, the TikToker shows two checks — one with an $1,800 tip and another with a $3,000 tip. It’s unclear how much Nina gets to keep for herself. The bills seemed to come from large parties that also paid for bottle service, so it’s possible the club or other waitresses split some portion of the tip.

How do you vape without getting caught?

There are several ways to minimize or hide the vapor you exhale. Swallowing the vapor before breathing out gently through your nose is a good way of eliminating the visible evidence of your vape device. Sometimes an extra breath between inhaling and exhaling can also combat vapor.

Can you vape in hotel bathroom?

Conclusion. Vaping is banned in hotel rooms. Even though no smoke or tobacco is involved hotels treat vaping the same as smoking. It’s probably best not to vape inside your hotel room and it might be better for other guests and the staff of the hotel if you go outside onto a balcony or to a designated smoking area.