How do you use a roundabout in Barbados?

How to drive around a Roundabout in Barbados

  1. Yield to drivers in the Roundabout.
  2. Stay in your lane; do not change lanes.
  3. Do not stop in the Roundabout.
  4. Avoid driving next to oversize vehicles.

What are the rules of the road for roundabout?

The golden rule

You approach the roundabout from the 6 o’clock position, entering the roundabout by turning left so that you go around in a clockwise direction, while at the same time, giving way to traffic coming from your right, who are already on the roundabout.

What is the 12 o’clock rule on a roundabout?

Generally speaking, if the exit you need to take is at 12 o’clock (straight ahead) or before, you would choose the left hand lane on approach to and on the roundabout. If your exit is at 1 o’clock or after, you would choose the right hand lane.

How do you know which lane to go in when approaching a roundabout?

Knowing which lane you need to be in when approaching a roundabout is crucial. As a basic rule of thumb, you should be in the left hand lane if you’re going less than half way or half way around the roundabout, and you should be in the right hand lane if you’re going more than half way around the roundabout.

How do you use the Six Roads roundabout in Barbados?

The flow of Traffic and Navigating Roundabouts
Upon approaching a roundabout – SLOW DOWN! Look right and wait for a break in traffic before merging with the oncoming vehicles. Leave the circle using your indicator and turn left onto the road of your choice. Each Roundabout in Barbados has signage.

Who has priority on a roundabout?

When reaching a roundabout you should: Always give priority to the traffic coming from the right, unless you have been directed otherwise by signs, road markings or traffic lights.

What lane is 2nd exit on a roundabout?

Continue in the right-hand lane until you pass the 2nd exit. Check your main mirror, then your left door mirror and signal left. You’ll need to move into the left lane before exiting – so check your blind spot while doing this with a quick glance over your left shoulder. Once in the left lane you’re ready to exit.

Do you indicate to go straight on at a roundabout?

Ensure you’re signalling in the direction you want to take before entering the roundabout, unless you’re travelling straight on, in which case you don’t need to signal until you pass the exit before the one you are going to use.

What lane do you go straight on at a roundabout?

left lane
Going straight ahead at a roundabout
Unless road markings indicate otherwise, you should use the left lane when going straight ahead. There’s no need to signal on approach. Make sure you stay in your lane as you go around the roundabout. When you’ve passed the exit before the one you need to take, signal left and exit.

What lane should I be in to take 2nd exit on roundabout?

If there are three exits on a roundabout and three lanes, each lane corresponds to an exit, with the first exist being the lane furthest to the left. The second exit is the middle lane, while the third is the lane on the right. This gets a little more complicated when there are more exits than there are lanes.

How many roundabouts are in Barbados?

13 roundabouts
The roundabouts are a medium through which public recognition and island pride are recognized for individuals who have made a positive contribution to the development of Barbados. There are approximately 13 roundabouts on the ABC Highway, but the island’s traffic system includes others.

Is Barbados right hand drive?

Tips for Driving in Barbados. Being a small island, it’s easy enough to get around in Barbados, but it’s still a good idea to have a basic knowledge of the road rules before driving here. The main thing to know is that, as a former British colony, they drive on the left here.

When should you enter a box junction?

How to use a yellow box junction. You may enter a yellow box junction when your exit is clear and there is enough space on the other side of the junction for your vehicle to clear the box completely without stopping.

Is it difficult to drive in Barbados?

Most roads are in good condition but watch out for potholes when you are driving in the countryside. Be cautious when driving at night as most roads do not have pavements so pedestrians walk at the side of the road and can be difficult to see. Some country roads are very narrow so drive with extra caution and care.

Is driving easy in Barbados?

Barbados is one of the most scenic parts of a Caribbean island. It’s not mountainous, so that you can drive around Barbados in one day in your hire car. The main roads are in very good condition. However, watch out for potholes along the way into the countryside that can easily overlook at night.

What are the rules for box junctions?

You MUST NOT enter the box until your exit road or lane is clear. However, you may enter the box and wait when you want to turn right, and are only stopped from doing so by oncoming traffic, or by other vehicles waiting to turn right.

Can you get fined for stopping in a box junction?

Many box junctions have fixed cameras that monitor the road and in London, if you fall foul of the law you can be issued a penalty charge notice of £130, reduced to £65 if paid within 14 days. In other areas the penalty is £70 and the same 14 day rule applies.

What is the speed limit in Barbados?

Speed Limits

Urban areas 40 km/h (25 mph)
Highways outside cities 60 km/h (37 mph)
ABC Highway/Spring Garden Highway 80 km/h (50 mph)

What time is rush hour in Barbados?

In Barbados, the peak rush hours on weekdays begins from 6:30am to 8:30 am and from 4:30 pm to 5:30pm.

Do they drive on same side as UK in Barbados?

Remember that in Barbados we drive on the left side of the road. The vast majority of vehicles are right hand drive. Wearing of seatbelts is compulsory in Barbados for both drivers and passengers. Children under 5 years of age must use an appropriate child seat, which can be rented from local car rental companies.

Can you wait in a yellow box junction?

No waiting or stopping in a box junction is allowed unless you are stopped from turning right by oncoming traffic or traffic also turning right.

What are the new rules on box junction?

The only exception to the rule is when you are turning right and are prevented from doing so by oncoming vehicles or other cars waiting to turn right as well. If a box junction is located at a signalled roundabout, you may only enter the box if you are able to cross over it without stopping.

When can you not use a box junction?

Box junctions. These have criss-cross yellow lines painted on the road (download ‘Road markings’). You MUST NOT enter the box until your exit road or lane is clear.

How long can you stop in a box junction?

How long are you allowed to stop in a box junction? You must not enter the box until your exit road or lane is clear. However, you may enter the box and wait when you want to turn right and are only stopped from doing so by oncoming traffic, or by other vehicles waiting to turn right.

What are the rules of a box junction?