How do you use a piezo dental scaler?

Using small fine movements of one to two millimeters. And scaling with the tip is the most effective method remembering to angulate.

What is dental piezoelectric?

The machine uses piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. It employs the energy of ultrasonic vibration to crush and remove hard, calcified deposits and result in a cleaner, healthier smile.

What is a piezon scaler?

Product description. The PIEZON® 250 is a compact dental unit that is used for the professional removal of hard calculus and other mineralized deposits, with superior efficiency and comfort thanks to its thin, robust and lightweight PIEZON handpiece.

Is a cavitron and ultrasonic scaler?

A cavitron is an ultrasonic scaler which uses high frequency vibrations and water flow to clean the teeth efficiently.

What is the difference between piezo and cavitron?

Both piezo and magnetostrictive (eg. Cavitron) can be effective if used correctly. The Cavitron has more active surfaces and so is somewhat less technique sensitive when it comes to calculus removal. BUT it is more technique sensitive when it comes to minimizing root damage.

What is the difference between piezo and ultrasonic?

Piezo-electric scalers are touted as being more comfortable to the patient and less traumatic to the tooth and tissue than the ultrasonic scalers. However, in cases where there is significant tartar build-up, the ultrasonic scalers break away the large pieces of calculus faster and more efficiently than the piezo does.

Which is better piezo or cavitron?

What is the difference between magnetostrictive and piezoelectric?

Piezoelectric transducers utilize the piezoelectric property of a material to convert electrical energy directly into mechanical energy. Magnetostrictive transducers utilize the magnetostrictive property of a material to convert the energy in a magnetic field into mechanical energy.

Can ultrasonic scaler damage teeth?

Conclusions: The results of this study suggest that ultrasonic scaling can cause further damage to teeth with enamel cracks, early caries and resin restorations. Therefore, accurate identification of tooth conditions and calculus before the initiation of ultrasonic scaling is necessary to minimize damage.

What is a piezo ultrasonic scaler?

Piezo ultrasonic scalers allow plaque and tarter to be removed quickly and easily from the tooth surface without as much “scraping” of the tooth with a metal scaler. It allows more comfort for the patient during their cleaning appointment.

Can you use the tip of a piezo?

Piezo ultrasonic scalers use tips in their handpieces, magnetostrictive scalers use inserts. Inserts do not work with piezo scalers, and tips do not work with magnetostrictive scalers.

Can you put piezo tips in ultrasonic?

Piezo tips should remain within the wrench during the cleaning and care cycle. If cassettes are not used, carefully place the insert/tip in the ultrasonic cleaner either alone or in a location where it will not be subject to the weight of other dental instruments.

Is piezo a magnetostrictive?

The key difference between magnetostriction and piezoelectric effect is that piezoelectric effect can cause the direct conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy, whereas piezoelectric effect can convert the energy in a magnetic field into mechanical energy.

What is the disadvantages of the ultrasonic scaler?

However, the one downside to the ultrasonic scalers is that patients with recession of the gums can experience sensitivity. The sensitivity is caused by the vibrations of the scaler against the exposed tooth surface that was once covered with gingival tissue.

Why does ultrasonic teeth cleaning hurt?

Patients may experience discomfort due to the mechanical procedure and/or the presence of dentinal hypersensitivity. This sensitivity may be caused by dentin exposure due to recession,2 exposure of the root surfaces due to previous scaling and root planing,3 enamel or dentin erosion, or enamel/dentin abnormalities.

How do you insert a piezo tip?

Symmetry Piezo Tip Insertion and Removal – YouTube

What is the difference between a cavitron and piezo?

Magnetostrictive products, such as Dentsply’s Cavitron, have a linear or elliptical movement where all surfaces and sides are active. Whereas, with the Piezo scalers the tip movement is linear with just two sides being active.

What are the four types of ultrasonic scaler tips?

Four Factors for Selecting Ultrasonic Inserts

  • Tip Geometry. Ultrasonic insert tips come in a variety of diameters, lengths, shapes and cross-sections.
  • Water Delivery Method.
  • Handle Style.
  • Frequency.