How do you text an HPI Check?

To get a full HPI™ Check, text the vehicle’s registration number to 78777. You’ll receive your report straight to your mobile instantly.

How do you know if a car is HPI clear?

A vehicle is only HPI Clear if the HPI Report shows the following:

  1. There is no active finance agreement or loan secured on it.
  2. It is not currently recorded as stolen on the Police National Computer.
  3. It has not been classified as a total loss / write-off by an insurance company.
  4. It hasn’t been recorded scrapped by the DVLA.

Is HPI Check genuine?

There’s no such thing as a FREE HPI Check. Any company claiming to offer a free HPI Check does not offer the genuine article. The HPI Check® is only available for purchase from It was created by HPI Ltd in 1938 and is a registered trademark.

How do I get a free HPI Check?

There’s no such thing as a Free HPI Check so be extremely cautious of any services that claim to provide an HPI Check Free. A ‘Free HPI Check’ is not genuine and will not provide you with the information needed to keep you protected from car scams and motor fraud.

Do logbook loans show up on HPI checks?

Do logbook loans show up on HPI checks? The HPI check will flag up any outstanding finance on a vehicle, so a logbook loan will show up if it has not been paid in full at the time of the check.

What is HPI check on car?

A HPI vehicle history check is an invaluable service allows used car buyers to find out more about a car’s history before they commit to a purchase. The HPI check consists of multitudes of information regarding your vehicle, providing peace of mind and helps to prevent any costly repercussions further down the line.

What is clear HPI?

HPI clear essentially means that the vehicle you’re hoping to buy has had an HPI Check which showed no adverse data. It is a great trust indicator and the ultimate seal of approval when buying a used car.

What shows up on a HPI Check?

Vehicle Identity

A car check will confirm with the DVLA the make, model, door plan, vehicle’s current colour & prior colour, transmission and engine size, as well as how many times it has changed hands.

Is HPI Check necessary?

An HPI (Hire Purchase Investigation) check lets you know if the car you’re buying is legit – you don’t want to buy a stolen vehicle, or one with outstanding finance on it. So the short answer to “do I need to do an HPI check?” is a resounding “yes”!

Is HPI Check safe?

Paying for an HPI check is a reliable way of ensuring that you don’t buy a used car with a hidden past. If you don’t investigate the history of a car you’re interested in buying, you could end up losing both the car and the money you paid for it.

How can I check a car’s history for free?

The National Insurance Crime Bureau offers a free VIN check to determine if the vehicle was ever reported stolen, or damaged to the point where it was issued a salvage title. NICB offers up to five free VIN checks from one IP address within a 24 hour period, using data supplied by car insurance companies.

What shows up on a HPI check?

How do you know if a car has a loan?

The registration document (RC) mentions the name of the entity to which the vehicle is hypothecated. So just check the RC and you’ll know if the vessel is under a loan. Once the loan has been paid off, the financer will issue a NOC ( No Objection Certificate).

Can a logbook loan company take my car?

If a borrower fails to repay the loan, the car can be seized by the lender. But if the car is sold on while the loan is still outstanding and payments are not being made the logbook lender is legally entitled to take away the vehicle from the new owner.

How do HPI checks work?

Is it illegal to sell a car with finance outstanding?

It’s illegal to sell a car on finance without telling the buyer that you still owe money on it and without paying off the debt. If you don’t tell the buyer, you will have committed fraud and could be prosecuted.

What details do I need for a HPI Check?

You can check the MOT status and history of any vehicle online. You can also make sure of the vehicle’s current road tax status. The HPI Check also includes vehicle identification data, previous owners, registration plate changes, previous colours, and mileage verification.

Does a HPI Check show damage?

If you are viewing a car with obvious signs of damage or repair, then be prepared to walk away. Even if the dealer or seller does not declare this – and they may not even be aware themselves – an HPI style check will not show up this information either, for the reasons above.

How do you clear finance on a car?

  1. Speak to the finance company.
  2. Pay the settlement figure and sell the car.
  3. Part-exchange the car for a cheaper new one.
  4. Use Voluntary Termination (VT) to end the agreement.
  5. Use Voluntary Surrender to return the car.
  6. Speak to the finance company.
  7. Pay the settlement figure and sell the car.

Are HPI checks instant?

We are a vehicle checking company, you can check the history of any vehicle simply by entering the vehicle registration Plate.

How do I check the history of a car?

Check the vehicle history, visit the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System website at

How do you tell if a car has been in an accident?

What to look for to check for previous accident damage

  1. Paintwork differences or bubbling. Look to see whether there are colour differences or paint splatters anywhere on the car.
  2. Car body filler.
  3. Cracks in the bumper.
  4. Misaligned doors or body panels.
  5. Different hinges.
  6. Unevenly worn tyres.
  7. Welding marks.
  8. Different bolts.

How do I check my loan status?

The customer service department of the lender can also help you track the status of your loan application. You may either call or email the customer service department to track the status of your loan.

How can I get out of a logbook loan?

In entering a logbook loan, you have signed a binding agreement to pay back the money you owe over the agreed period of time. That means the best way to get out of a logbook loan is to pay it.

How important is a HPI Check?

If you’re thinking of changing your set of wheels, the HPI check is a valuable tool to help you make the right decision. It will tell you the history of a car, in particular if it has outstanding finance, is stolen, written off or has an inconsistent mileage.