How do you start a Makita chainsaw dcs6401?

Put your open-air defender down into place pull the starter cord until the saw fires move round behind the saw and squeeze the throttle to set it to normal idles.

How do you start a Makita chainsaw?

Place your right foot through the rear handle opening and firmly grasp the front handle with your left hand pull the starter handle smoothly. And evenly do not over pull the starter handle.

Should I start chainsaw with brake on or off?

When using a chainsaw, you should always start it with the chain brake engaged so the chain does not move.

Why is my chain saw not starting?

A spark plug might be defective and needs to be replaced.

If your chainsaw has a defective spark plug, it cannot create an electrical current to ignite the system. Remove the spark plug and inspect if it is dirty, cracked, eroded, or damaged. There may also be a heavy carbon buildup or a burned-up electrode.

How many pulls should it take to start a chainsaw?

With the choke in the “off” position, pull the engine’s crank cord through again. The engine should start in 1 to 3 pulls. Try it first without using the throttle control—unless recommended by the manufacturer.

Do you throttle when starting chainsaw?

Hold the chainsaw firmly by the front and rear handles. Accelerate and then release the throttle. Activate the chain brake by turning your left wrist towards the guard.

Is there a trick to starting a chainsaw?

Chainsaw is HARD TO START? Try this EASY TRICK, especially on the …

How do you start a chainsaw that has been sitting?

Just let the saw sit for 30 min and the excess gas will evaporate. Remove the spark plug, dry it, crank over the engine a few times to dry the cylinder. Now refit the plug and try again. Set the switch to “On”, set throttle to fully open, set choke to “Off” and crank over the engine.

Why is it so hard to start my chainsaw?

A fuel issue is one of the most common reasons why a chainsaw won’t start. If the operator has repeatedly been trying to start the chainsaw through the recoil starter system, they may have accidentally flooded the engine with fuel. A common indication the engine has been flooded is the smell of gasoline in the air.

Why is it so hard to start a chainsaw?

#1 Dirty carburetor
This is easily the top culprit. In fact, anytime I run into a chainsaw, string trimmer, lawn mower or other small engine that won’t start, is hard to start or runs poorly, I suspect a dirty carburetor first – and it’s usually the case. Gasoline begins to break down in as few as 30 days.

How do I make my chainsaw easier to start?

How do you start a chainsaw that won’t start?

Top Reasons Chainsaw Won’t Start — Chainsaw Troubleshooting

What causes a chainsaw to be hard to start?

Once gasoline oxidizes, varnish, gums and other insoluble debris form, which can plug the tiny fuel passages in a chainsaw carburetor. It doesn’t take much to interfere with proper fuel flow, causing chainsaw starting problems or rough running once you get it going.

Why is my electric chainsaw not starting?

If it has a battery, the battery may be faulty and require replacement. If it won’t start even when the saw is plugged into a power source, the battery is not the likely culprit. Replace the fuse in the chainsaw if it is still not starting and the battery appears healthy.

What could be the problem when chainsaw getting fuel but not starting?

How do you start an electric chainsaw?

To start the chainsaw, press and hold the throttle lockout and squeeze the throttle. With the saw running at full speed, press against the wood with firm, steady pressure. Don’t force it. Let the chain do the cutting.

Why is fuel not getting to the carburetor?

The carburetor won’t get fuel when the float or float needle are stuck and won’t allow fuel to flow into the carburetor bowl. The float and float needle are responsible for regulating the amount of fuel in the bowl. A float and float needle can become stuck and fail to allow gas into the carburetor bowl.

What would keep a chainsaw from starting?

Top chainsaw starting problems

  1. #1 Dirty carburetor. This is easily the top culprit.
  2. #3 Plugged fuel filter. This, too, marches in lockstep with gasoline condition.
  3. #4 No spark. A spark plug in a properly running saw should last for years.
  4. #5 Clogged spark-arrestor screen.
  5. #6 Plugged air filter.

Why can’t I get my chainsaw to start?

How do I know if my carburetor float is stuck?

Engine misfiring: Another indicator or symptom of a sticking carburetor float is when the motor stalls or the engine fails. One or two cylinders do not get enough fuel or get too much fuel when the spark plugs give a spark. This occurs when the float is trapped, either in the open or in the closed position.

What pushes fuel to the carburetor?

The fuel is drawn into the carburetor by the vacuum created on the downstroke of the piston. As air accelerates through the Venturi, it creates a low pressure area and velocity of the intake air increases. This rapid acceleration causes the air and fuel to mix and vaporize.

What are the symptoms of a stuck float?

How do you free a stuck float?

Float Stuck! How to Fix Your Carburetor Float if it is – YouTube

What causes a carbureted engine to not idle?

Often, dirt in the idle circuit can cause a no-idle situation, where the engine will run well at road speed. Sometimes, removing the idle mixture screw, blowing compressed air into the hole, replacing the mixture screw and readjusting the mixture may cure this problem.

Can a float switch get stuck?

If water has been sloshed around or your pump has expelled a lot of air, this can cause the float to become stuck on the sides of the sump pit.