How do you release MERS?

The loan servicer will send a lien release to the county recorder’s office. The release should contain the MIN and the telephone number to access the MERS VRU, which is the number the general public may call to obtain information about the MERS servicer. The number for the VRU is 1-888-679-MERS (679-6377).

What does MERS do for mortgage?

MERS, the Mortgage Electronic Registration System, tracks the owners and servicers of mortgage loans in the United States. Homeowners can visit MERS’s website to look up the owner or servicer of their mortgages.

What is a MERS transfer?

The Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) is a database created by the mortgage banking industry. A confidential electronic registry of mortgages originated in the United States, it keeps track of transfers of and modifications to servicing rights and ownership of the loans.

How long do you have to register a loan with MERS?

Register a loan closed on a Security Instrument name Mortgage Electronic Systems Inc. (“MERS”) as the original mortgagee (“MOM”) no later than 7 calendar days after the Note Date (or funding date as applicable for refinance loans or in escrow states).

How do you know if mortgage is a MERS?

Or call 1-888-679-6377. There are certain instruments, including Mortgages, which are recorded in the public land records identifying Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (“MERS”) as the nominee of the lender and the lender’s successors and assigns.

What states require a MERS rider?

Rider (MERS Rider) (Form 3158) to modify the standard security instruments in the states of Montana, Oregon and Washington. The MERS Rider must be used in these three states for newly originated mortgage loans that will be registered with MERS.

Who owns MERS mortgage?

MERSCORP Holdings, Inc.Mortgage Electronic Registrations Systems, Inc / Parent organization

What is a MERS fee?

The MERS registration fee is a one-time fee. Presently, the basic fee is $3.95 and is considered “reasonable and customary”. This fee has been paid in connection with 32 million loans nationwide and is accepted in the conventional market, where it is an allowable borrower charge permitted by both FNMA and Freddie Mac.

Can MERS satisfy a mortgage?

No. MERS, MERSCORP Holdings or the MERS® System do not service mortgages. Mortgage lenders, or other mortgage servicing companies, collect payments from borrowers and manage their loans.

What is MERS On a closing statement?

MERS is short for Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems. MERS is an electronic national database that tracks changes with registered mortgages. It serves as a common link between the lender and the homeowner. The system receives service of process, legal notices and other mail regarding the mortgaged property.

Who pays the MERS fee?

VA Funding Fee Unless exempt, each veteran must pay a funding fee to VA. Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) Fee The veteran may pay a fee for MERS. MERS is a one-time fee for the purpose of electronically tracking the ownership of the beneficial interest in a loan and its servicing rights.

How much is a MERS fee?

MERS System Transaction Fees

Transaction Amount (per loan)
iRegistration Registration (MERS is not mortgagee, loan registered for tracking purposes only) $0.00
Pre-Closing Registration $2.00
Post-closing Registration (completes associated Pre-Closing Registration) $22.95
iRegistration Conversion to Non-MOM $24.95