How do you open the Demon door in Greatwood Gorge?

The crunchy chicks to a one of your hot keys on your hot menu and then press the right trigger.

How do you open the Demon doors in Fable?

So being that this is one of the first demon doors that you can open you can open it immediately after leaving the guild. It is a really useful that includes a health elixir.

How do I open the guild demon door?

Location: This Demon Door is at Knothole Glade, a town located on Witchwood island. You’ll find the door in a path that is south of the shooting range. The description for the door says: “If you can hurt my face with an arrow, I’ll crack wide open for you.”

How do you open the Demon door in Darkwood Bordello?

The Demon Door in the Darkwood Bordello area demands that you must have had intercourse at least ten times. He will open once he knows of the Hero’s sexual prowess, allowing the Hero to get the Pimp’s Hat.

Can I open the Demon door without marrying Lady GREY?

The Lost Garden

Solution: You must be married to Lady Grey to get into the door. Note: If you choose to expose Lady Grey, rather than marry her, opening this Demon Door will be impossible.

What happens if you marry Lady GREY in Fable anniversary?

If you choose to marry Lady Grey in Fable, Fable TLC and Fable Anniversary you will receive a dowry of 15,000 gold: the largest marriage dowry in the game. In Fable, TLC and Anniversary she will not obey the command ‘follow’ no matter how many gifts you give her or how much she seems to like you.

Can you expose lady GREY after marrying her?

Upon researching the “Investigating the Mayor” quest online I found out that if you are married when you get the letter in the cellar she forces you to give her the letter and the quest is finished. You can’t expose her.

Which demon door gives you a million?

Pools of Sorrow
This Demon Door can be found in the wooded area to the left of the path after entering the region from Mourningwood. To open the door, it quite simply requires you to be King or Queen of Albion. You receive 1,000,000 gold for accessing this door.

How do I open the Rose Cottage demon door?

This area contains a Demon Door, which holds the Will User’s Bright Outfit. In order to open it, the player must give it a gift, even a simple one, such as chocolates or a rose. There is also a Silver Key in this area, buried in the middle of the ring of roses near the house. The spade is required to dig it up.

How do you open the first Demon door in Fable Anniversary?

Demon Door #1 – The Library Arcanum
Only a light will reveal it. And you are not bright enough. Solution: Simply, turn on the lamp and be done with it. However, note that you will not be able to open this door after you accept the ‘Try to Stop Jack of Blads’ quest.

What’s behind the Lady GREY demon door?

To open this door, the player has to be a member of the Grey family. The only way to achieve this is to marry Lady Grey. If the player does open it, they will find the legendary Ronok the Axe.

Can I marry Lady GREY and then expose her?

Can you have kids with Lady GREY Fable?

In Fable, TLC and Anniversary she will not obey the command ‘follow’ no matter how many gifts you give her or how much she seems to like you. However, you can have sex with her, but she must be in her house and it is very difficult and time-consuming to convince her to go to bed with you.

Can you have multiple wives in Fable anniversary?

Note that the hero can have multiple spouses, one for each marital home you own. Therefore the hero can have up to 5 spouses at a time.

Whats the best armor in Fable?

Archon’s Battle Armour
Archon’s Battle Armour is an outfit exclusive to Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary.

Archon’s Battle Armour.

Archon’s Battle Armour
Effects 1109 Armour +40 Attractiveness +60 Scariness
Source 25 Silver Key Chest at Necropolis
Base value 18562 gold

Does your kid grow up in Fable 3?

They will grow to be more like you in personality and alignment. Children go through two stages: baby and child. Babies stay in their cribs and do not move, while the child has the traits of any of the NPC children. Before the trip to the Tattered Spire they will not age from the baby status until you return.

How much money do you need to save Albion in Fable 3?

6,500,000 Gold
The economics of saving Albion are quite simple: In one year, you will have to make 6,500,000 Gold to save every citizen of Albion. Each unit of gold directly corresponds to a life. The gold cannot just sit in your pockets (or in the Sanctuary).

How many demon doors are there?

six Demon Doors
There are six Demon Doors in the game. You must perform certain actions to convince them to open and reveal a secret area with some awesome treasure; click on the Demon Door below to find out how to appease it.

How do I give the Demon door a gift?

“I Never Open On A First Date” Demon Door (Rose Cottage) – YouTube

Can you still expose lady GREY after marrying her?

Is Lady GREY evil fable?

Lady Elvira Grey was the Mayor of Bowerstone during the age of heroes. She lived in her mansion on the north side of Bowerstone. At the time, Lady Grey arguably controlled the most powerful government in Albion. She has proven to be seductive, but also villainous.

Can you have kids in Fable?

Trivia. While it was planned and dialogue still exists in the game files to support this, it is not possible to have a child in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters or Fable Anniversary.

What happens if I marry Lady GREY?

What is the best weapon in Fable?

Skorm’s Bow – The most powerful ranged weapon in “Fable,” this longbow was rumored to have belonged to the god Skorm. It even looks powerful, feating a blood red plate that encompasses the wielder’s hand.

How do you get Archon armor in Fable?

How To Unlock This Legendary Armour: Silver Keys unlock the most powerful armor in the game. Archon’s Battle Armour can be found in the Necropolis silver key chest, which requires you’ve collected at least 25 silver keys to open it.