How do I talk to agent at Service Canada?

Contact information

  1. Telephone: 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232)
  2. TTY: 1-800-926-9105.
  3. From outside Canada: Call 1 800 O-Canada from abroad.

How long is EI under review?

How do I apply for EI benefits? It usually takes over 4 weeks for Service Canada to review an application and start paying benefits. You should expect to be without any income for up to a month.

Can I leave Canada if I am on EI?

You’re not usually eligible to receive regular benefits while you’re away from Canada. However, you may receive regular benefits if you show that you’re available for work in Canada while abroad. You must also notify us of your travel on My Service Canada Account (MSCA) or through your bi-weekly report.

What is the EI reporting phone number?

By telephone

If you don’t have Internet access, you can use the Telephone Reporting Service by calling 1-800-531-7555.

What is the best time to call EI Canada?

Best time to call EI call centre
Wednesday and Thursday all day. Note: Avoid calling EI call centre right after Monday long-weekend.

How can I get EI fast?

If your case is taking longer than 28 days to get EI after you first apply, call Service Canada. Do not wait and hope they move quickly on their own. If you call and speak with a Service Canada agent they could diagnose a problem in your application or resolve one, expediting your case immediately.

Why is my EI decision taking so long?

How long does it take for EI to make a decision?

You’ll receive your first payment about 28 days after you apply if you’re eligible and have provided all required information. If you’re not eligible, we’ll notify you of the decision made about your application.

Can I get EI if I quit due to stress?

Yes, a worker can quit their job due to stress and still receive employment insurance (“EI”) if they can prove that they had no reasonable alternative but to resign.

Does EI know if you travel?

If you don’t declare your travel abroad, EI integrity office will eventually send you a letter to inform you they have received your travel history and ask you to return the weeks of benefits you should have not entitled to.

What is the best time to call Service Canada?

The best time of day to call customer service is in the morning. On average, call center wait times are 70% shorter before noon (between 5am and 12pm). The longest wait times are between 3pm and 12am.

How can I speed up my EI claim?

Can I get EI if I quit my job due to stress?

How long does it take for an EI claim to be approved 2022?

Waiting for a decision to be made:
You must wait for up to 21 calendar days from the date of your request was made for a decision.

Is EI delayed 2022?

2022 New Year Employment Insurance payment delay —
All EI claimants (regular or special benefits) may experience a delay of one or two business days in…

Why is EI taking so long to approve?

If your claim requires further details from either your former employer(s) or claimant, it will very likely get delayed. Waiting for a decision to be made: You must wait for up to 21 calendar days from the date of your request was made for a decision.

Can you be denied EI?

Employment Insurance (EI) may give one of these reasons for turning you down: You do not have enough hours of work to qualify. To get EI benefits, you must have worked a certain number of hours. You must have worked those hours in your qualifying period, which is usually the year before you apply.

What reasons can you quit a job and still get unemployment?

You may qualify for unemployment benefits if we decide you quit for the following good-cause reasons: You quit to take another job. You became sick or disabled, or a member of your family became sick, disabled or died, and it was necessary for you to quit work.

How do I explain stress leaving my job?

It’s starting to impact my health, and as such, I must tender my resignation. As you know, this is an extremely high-stress environment. Despite my very best efforts, I am not able to continue with this degree of elevated anxiety any longer. As such, I’m giving you my two weeks notice.

What happens if you lie on EI report?

Depending on the circumstances, if you knowingly make false or misleading statements, you will likely be fined. The amount of the fine varies, but you may have to pay up to 150% of any overpayment you received, or three times your benefit rate for every false statement, whichever amount is lower.

What happens if you leave the country while on unemployment?

If we learn that you received benefits while outside of the United States, we will issue an over-payment determination. That makes you liable to repay any benefits that you were not entitled to receive. You are in a foreign country when you go outside of the United States or a U.S. Territory (except Canada).

Can you call EI on weekends?

Employment Insurance Telephone Information Service
It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call, you can use self-service options to: submit electronic reports.

Why is it taking so long for my EI claim?

Why is my EI taking so long?

How long does EI take to make a decision?