How do I start my medical Sync program?

How it works

  1. Talk to your pharmacist about enrolling in med sync or find a pharmacy near you using our locator map.
  2. Once enrolled, pharmacy staff will review your ongoing monthly medications and develop a plan to synchronize them so they can be picked up on a single day each month that is convenient for you.

What synchronized prescriptions?

Medication synchronization is a medication management strategy that aligns the refill dates for two or more prescriptions. When a patient receives multiple prescriptions, it is unlikely the refill dates will all fall on the same day.

What is the first step to be completed when implementing a medication synchronization?

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  1. The Medication Synchronization Process.
  2. Identification.
  3. Step 1: Patient Identification and Recruitment.
  4. Essentially any patient who would benefit from a monthly appointment is eligible.
  5. Step 2: Selection of Medications.
  6. Selecting the right medications to sync can seem daunting at first.

What is Kroger sync up program?

The solution leverages a central call center and 2,200 Kroger Family of Pharmacies locations to enroll patients and support pharmacy associates engaged in med sync, allowing patients to refill multiple prescriptions on a single date.

What is Medsync at Meijer?

Med sync allows patients to pick up of all of their ongoing prescription refills at the pharmacy on a single, convenient day each month and work closely with the pharmacist on sticking to their medication regimen.

How do you manage prescriptions?

These organizational tips will help ensure your medications are taken safely and at the right time.

  1. Use a Daily Pill Organizer. mother image/Getty Images.
  2. Create a Dosing Schedule Chart.
  3. Keep a Detailed List.
  4. Use a Medication Reminder App.
  5. Check Prescription Labels Often.

What is medication reconciliation in nursing?

Medication Reconciliation — The process of identifying the most accurate list of all medications that the patient is taking, including name, dosage, frequency, and route, by comparing the medical record to an external list of medications obtained from a patient, hospital, or other provider.

Did Kroger stop taking GoodRx?

According to Wall Street analysts, the grocery chain that no longer accepts the GoodRx discount card for some or all prescriptions is Kroger.

What pharmacy system does Kroger use?


Kroger Co. spokesman Gary Rhodes said in-store pharmacists can save valuable time by using the software program of PocketScript, and the services from its wholly owned subsidiary, ScriptConnect, both based here.

What do you do with expired medicine in Michigan?

When drugs are no longer needed, they should be taken to a collection for incineration to destroy the chemicals within them and prevent them from entering the water resources we use for drinking water. If this is not available, follow the instructions provided to dispose of them in the trash.

Does Meijer take-back unused medication?

Meijer also collects unused and expired medications year-round through their drug take-back kiosks located near each pharmacy. The retailer is encouraging customers to take advantage of the program that allows them to bring their unused and expired medications to its pharmacies to help properly dispose of them.

How do you keep track of multiple medications?

Use a Pillbox
Pillboxes or pill dispensers are a great way to keep track of all of your daily medications. If you have multiple medications each day, you can put each pill in the box for the corresponding day.

How do you keep track of medication?

The first step in keeping track of your medicines is to know what you’re taking.

  1. Make a master list of all your medicines .
  2. Know what each medicine is for and what side effects to watch for.
  3. Know when you will run out of each medicine.
  4. Know what to do if you miss a dose.
  5. Make sure your medicines aren’t expired.

Can an RN do a medication reconciliation?

Nurses considered themselves to be second only to physicians in medication reconciliation since they: obtain an accurate medication history on admission, verify and reconcile discrepancies between the medication history list, those ordered on admission and at transition, and send the discharge medication list to the …

What are the 3 steps of medication reconciliation?

Medication reconciliation involves a three-step process: verification (collecting an accurate medication history); clarification (ensuring that the medications and doses are appropriate); and reconciliation (documenting every single change and making sure it “squares” with all the other medication information).

What has happened to GoodRx?

Shares of GoodRx Holdings Inc. sank in after-hours trading Monday after the company, which offers tools that help consumers compare drug prices, exceeded expectations with its March-quarter results but disclosed that it is unlikely to achieve its full-year outlook due to recent actions taken by a grocery chain.

Why did Kroger leave GoodRx?

In May, GoodRx (ticker: GDRX) said a key grocer—analysts suggested it was Kroger (KR)—was renegotiating contracts with all pharmacy-benefit managers, or PBMs, on a subset of drugs. The result was that GoodRx wasn’t able to offer discounts at the grocery chain’s locations, which accounted for 25% of its transactions.

Can you donate unused medication in Michigan?

To find options for donating unwanted chemotherapy or prescription drugs, contact the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) at 517-241-0205 or [email protected]

What do you do with medicine you don’t need anymore?

The best way to dispose of most types* of unused or expired medicines (both prescription and over the counter) is to drop off the medicine at a drug take back site, location, or program immediately.

Is there an app for medication list?

Medisafe (free, iOS, and Android)
It’s a favorite for many people and is free to use. To use the app, you would type in your medications, similar to what we described above. After you type in all of your medications, the app builds a report of when you take each of your medications.

What medications Cannot be taken together?

Specifically, drugs that slow down breathing rate, such as opioids, alcohol, antihistamines, CNS depressants, or general anesthetics, should not be taken together because these combinations increase the risk of life-threatening respiratory depression.

Is there an app to list my medications?

Can an LPN do medication reconciliation?

In nursing homes, both registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) frequently are assigned to detect medica- tion order discrepancies, using the process of medication reconciliation.

Who is allowed to do a medication reconciliation?

The medication reconciliation process is the shared responsibility of healthcare providers in collaboration with patients/clients and families. It requires an inter-professional team approach that includes pharmacists, physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers.

What are the 5 beers criteria?

The AGS Beers Criteria® include the same five main categories as in 2015: (1) potentially inappropriate medications in older adults; (2) potentially inappropriate medications to avoid in older adults with certain conditions; (3) medications to be used with considerable caution in older adults; (4) medication …