How do I register my courses online UCC?

To register for courses, do the following:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. In the search button, type
  3. Enter your Registration Number and Password to open.
  4. Click on the Register Courses Button to start the process.

Does UCC offer online courses?

Studying online offers you greater flexibility and convenience! If you are a busy professional, business owner, parent or student who wants to upgrade your education but do not have enough time to attend classes in person then studying online may be an option for you.

What courses do UCC offer?

All Programmes

Programme Degree Level Department
MBA Accounting Master of Business Administration Department of Accounting
B.Com Accounting Bachelor of Commerce Department of Accounting
B.Sc Actuarial Science Bachelor of Science Department of Statistics
M.Sc Advance Practice Nursing Master of Science Department of Adult Nursing

Are UCC courses accredited?

Registration and recognition mean that UCC is accredited to offer academic, vocational, technical, and professional programmes and to confer awards ranging from certificates through to the graduate level.

What is the deadline for UCC Forms 2022?

DEADLINES – The deadlines for the sale of application e-vouchers and the submission of completed application forms are Friday, 27th May, 2022 and Friday, 3rd June, 2022 respectively.

Can you change course in UCC?

Registered students may apply to change course if they: achieved the Leaving Certificate points or equivalent for the course they want to change to. meet the matriculation requirements.

Is D7 accepted in UCC distance learning?

State-owned institutions like the University of Ghana, KNUST, UCC and many others frown on D7 and will automatically reject you.

Is it possible to do a degree online?

Since 2020, Indian Universities can offer online degrees. Now, they have grown to 500 degrees from 60+ universities. In 2020, Indian Universities were for the first time able to offer fully online degrees.

Is UCC Form 2022 out?

The closing date for the registration of UCC admission has been scheduled between June 30th to July 31st, 2022. We are pleased to let you know that the University of Cape Coast (UCC) has released the long awaited admission form for prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students in the 2022/2023 academic year.

Does UCC take D7?

Is UCC accredited in USA?

The UCC was also previously awarded international institutional accreditation status in 2017 by the UK-based accreditation body, the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC UK). UCC is therefore now nationally and internationally accredited. Professor Dennis J.

Is the UCC recognized in other countries?

The first and arguably most important principle is that there is no UCC outside of the United States. The Uniform Commercial Code, and by extension, Article 9, exist only in the U.S.

Is 2022 2023 UCC forms out?

The University of Cape Coast admission form for 2022/2023 is now available online via and registration of UCC form will commence by April, 2022. The closing date for the registration of UCC admission has been scheduled between June 30th to July 31st, 2022.

Is UCC distance forms 2022 2023 Out?

The Management of the University of Cape Coast Distance Education (UCC) has officially released the UCC Admission Forms for prospective students to apply to various programmes for the next academic year.

What happens if I fail my repeat exams UCC?

If you fail a module you will be automatically progressed to the Autumn Supplemental Examinations provided a repeat examination is offered in the module you failed (please refer to the Book of Modules ). Generally marks achieved at the repeat examination are capped at pass standard.

Can I change course after first year?

Yes it`s possible in most of the colleges. Generally the allocation of seats i.e to change to any particular branch is done on basis of merit list on the score of your first year performance. However there is a limitation on number of seat to be allocated in each branch.

Can someone with D7 get admission?

You can get admission to a university in Ghana with D7 if you agree to re-write the paper through NOVDEC. There are some institutions that also provide pre-programs for candidates to study and write NOVDEC before gaining admission or a matured entrance exams.

Can I get admission with E8 in maths?

This means, where a school’s admission policy is lenient, candidates can still be offered admission with D7 or E8 in one or two of his or her required subjects. Below is the list of available courses, according to the official JAMB brochure you can consider for admission with an ordinary pass.

What kind of courses can I take online?

Best online courses to take to get a job

  • Programming and computer science.
  • Web development.
  • AI and data science.
  • Design.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Communication.
  • Languages.
  • Healthcare and medicine.

Are online degrees cheaper?

Online college costs less than many traditional campus programs. Online degrees at public four-year schools cost an average of $10,776 less than in-person degrees, according to Students pursuing an online bachelor’s degree spend an average of $51,091.

What is the deadline for UCC Forms 2022 2023?

Deadline for Sales of 2022/2023 UCC Undergraduate Admission Forms. The deadlines for the sale of Application E-vouchers and the submission of completed application forms are Friday, 27th August, 2022 and Friday, 3rd September, 2023 respectively.

Is D7 accepted in 2022?

The ear-pleasing news is d7 accepted in nursing training 2022 is YES!. Admissions in all nursing training schools that awards Certificate are admitting applicants with d7 in only Certificate awarding programs. Midwifery doesn’t accept d7 for admission into their fraternity.

Is F9 accepted in UCC?

Similarly to the issue of D7, UCC does not accept E8 and F9 for admission into the University.

Is UCC a good University?

UCC improved its rank to the 251-300 band in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Ranking published on 2 September 2021, This is THE’s flagship ranking and a key ranking for UCC as set out in UCC 2022. Over 1,600 universities around the world made the final published rank.

Does UCC apply in UK?

The short answer to that question is “No.” The Uniform Commercial Code does not exist outside the U.S. The U.K. does, however, have a system for the registration of secured transactions; the registration of mortgages and charges against “company debtors.” Company debtors are debtors registered with U.K. Companies House …