How do I redirect a URL to another URL in NetScaler?


  1. Enable the NetScaler Feature Responder. CLI,
  2. Create a Responder Action with type as Redirect. Set the Redirect Path as defined in the expression below.
  3. Create the Responder Policy that will be intercepted by the NetScaler and will then redirect the user request.
  4. Bind the Responder Policy to the virtual server.

What is rewrite in NetScaler?

Rewrite refers to the rewriting of some information in the requests or responses handled by the Citrix ADC appliance. Rewriting can help in providing access to the requested content without exposing unnecessary details about the website’s actual configuration.

How does content switching work in NetScaler?

There are two methods of Content Switching: Create a Content Switching Virtual Server that has a Content Switching policy that directs requests to a NetScaler Gateway. Create a NetScaler Gateway Virtual Server that has Content Switching policies that direct requests to Load Balancing Virtual Servers.

What happens to traffic that does not match any content switching policy?

Requests that do not match the content switching policy are forwarded to the default load balancing virtual server for the cache. For more details about the content switching feature and configuring content switching policies, see Content switching.

What is SSL bridge in NetScaler?

An SSL bridge configured on the Citrix ADC appliance enables the appliance to bridge all secure traffic between the SSL client and the SSL server. The appliance does not perform offloading, encryption or decryption, or accelerating the bridged traffic. Only load balancing is done by the appliance.

What is responder policy in NetScaler?

Responder policies allow a Citrix ADC/NetScaler to respond to a client request without querying the physical server.

What is Citrix NetScaler?

Citrix NetScaler is an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) created to optimize, manage, and secure network traffic. It analyzes application-specific traffic to distribute, optimize, and protect Layer 4–Layer 7 (L4–L7) network traffic.

What is normally meant by a content switch?

A context switch is a procedure that a computer’s CPU (central processing unit) follows to change from one task (or process) to another while ensuring that the tasks do not conflict. Effective context switching is critical if a computer is to provide user-friendly multitasking.

What type of policies can be used with content switching?

Both classic and Advanced policy policies are supported for rule-based content switching policies. A rule based policy can be configured with an optional action. A policy with an action can be bound to multiple virtual servers or policy labels.

What is the difference between load balancing and content switching?

A Content switching virtual server is capable only of sending the client requests to other virtual servers. It does not communicate with the servers. A Load balancing virtual server balances the client load among servers and communicates with the servers.

What is a NetScaler responder policy?

What is the difference between SSL offloading and SSL bridging?

SSL Offloading terminates SSL at the F5 and the server side traffic is non-encrypted. SSL Bridging terminates SSL at the F5 and then re-encrypts traffic on the server side by initiating a new SSL connection between the F5 and the Server.

What is SSL offloading in NetScaler?

SSL offloading is the process of removing the SSL-based encryption from incoming traffic to relieve a web server of the processing burden of decrypting and/or encrypting traffic sent via SSL. The processing is offloaded to a separate device designed specifically for SSL acceleration or SSL termination.

What is a responder policy?

A responder policy is based on a rule, which consists of one or more expressions. The rule is associated with an action, which is performed if a request matches the rule. Note: For creating and managing responder policies, the GUI provides assistance that is not available at the Citrix ADC command prompt.

Is NetScaler a load balancer?

In large, Unified Intelligence Center deployments, the Citrix NetScaler 1000v (Load Balancer) is used to load balance Unified Intelligence Center HTTP and HTTPS traffic. On the Citrix NetScaler 1000v screen, configure the settings and upload the license.

Is NetScaler a proxy?

You can set up your Citrix Netscaler VPX as a forwarding proxy. A forwarding proxy acts as a single point of control between clients on an internal network and the internet. A proxy allows the Network or Security Administrator the ability to create policies restricting access to internet sites.

What is context switching explain with example?

Example of Context Switching

Suppose that multiple processes are stored in a Process Control Block (PCB). One process is running state to execute its task with the use of CPUs. As the process is running, another process arrives in the ready queue, which has a high priority of completing its task using CPU.

How many context switches are needed?

two context switches
Only two context switches are needed.

What is the benefit of SSL offloading?

Benefits of SSL Offloading
The device completes the handshaking of SSL quicker than the web server. This results in smooth loading of the website and faster processing of requests at the end of the web application.

Why do we need to terminate SSL?

An SSL connection sends encrypted data between an end-user’s computer and web server by using a certificate for authentication. SSL termination helps speed the decryption process and reduces the processing burden on backend servers.

Why we use SSL offloading?

Why SSL offloading is required?

SSL offloading takes care of the encryption/decryption process on a separate device so that it doesn’t affect the web server’s performance. The idea behind SSL offloading is to do encryption operations anywhere other than on the web server.

What is Level 4 load balancing?

What is layer 4 load-balancing? A layer 4 load-balancer takes routing decision based on IPs and TCP or UDP ports. It has a packet view of the traffic exchanged between the client and a server which means it takes decisions packet by packet. The layer 4 connection is established between the client and the server.

Is NetScaler a reverse proxy?

Citrix NetScaler can help companies arrange this using the reverse proxy methodology. Citrix NetScaler will be the proxy between the Internet and the company network. So basically, the servers can be in the LAN network and Citrix NetScaler will be placed in the DMZ zone. This will perform a secure connection.

What is ICA proxy NetScaler?

Citrix Gateway has an ICA Proxy feature that authenticates the user, proxies HTTP traffic to StoreFront, and then proxies ICA traffic to VDAs. ICA Proxy is just one of the features that Citrix Gateway supports.