How do I make an appointment with HDB branch office?

call HDB Sales and Resale Customer Service Line at 1800 866 3066 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm)

How do I contact HDB?

For more information, please approach any HDB Branch, or call the toll-free Branch Service Line at 1800-225-5432.

How can I check my HDB status?

Application status

You will be notified of the ballot results by email. You may also check the ballot results via My HDBPage. If you have been invited to select a flat, you may check out the flats available for selection.

Who is the head of HDB?

Mr Tan Meng Dui
Mr Tan Meng Dui was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Housing & Development Board (HDB) on 26 February 2021. Before HDB, Mr Tan was the CEO of National Environment Agency (NEA), the leading public organisation responsible for ensuring a clean and green environment, and the sustainable development of Singapore.

Can I still rent out my room after selling back the lease to HDB?

Even after selling your tail-end lease back to HDB, you can still rent the rooms in your house out for additional income.

What is Silver Housing Bonus?

The Silver Housing Bonus scheme (SHB) enables you to supplement your retirement income if you’re moving to a 3-room or smaller flat. Part of your net sale proceeds will be used to top up your Retirement Account to boost your lifelong monthly payouts under CPF LIFE. You can also enjoy a cash bonus of up to $30,000.

What is HDB phone?

Mobile@HDB for iOS & Android is designed to let you access our suite of e-Services on-the-go. With this app, you will be able to find out about the latest Sales Launches, check Resale Flat Prices, and also Locate Nearby Car Parks.

How can I complain to HDB officer?

Via enquiry line: You may call CMC’s enquiry line at 1800-CALL-LAW (1800-2255-529) from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), 8.30am to 5.00pm.

How long does HLE approval take?

Only applications with a complete set of required documents will be reviewed. The HDB will usually reply within 14 days on the outcome of the HLE application. The HLE letter is valid for six months from the date of issue.

Can I apply for BTO If I own a HDB?

1) Yes, resale HDB flat owners are eligible to buy BTO flats.

Is HDB under government?

We are Singapore’s public housing authority and a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development. We take pride in creating homes and towns that form a quality living environment for the young and old.

Can I buy HDB flat after 55 years old?

Seniors looking to move into a new flat can buy a 2-room Flexi flat on a shorter lease. Those aged 55 and above can choose a lease of between 15 and 45 years in 5-year increments, as long as it covers them and their spouse up to the age of at least 95 years.

What happens when you sell your HDB after 55?

If you’re 55 years and above
Upon selling your property, you will need to refund to your CPF savings: the principal amount (P) you’ve withdrawn to pay for the property; the accrued interest (I); and.

What is the maximum silver housing bonus?

Is drilling allowed in HDB?

g) The house owners are advised not to carry out any Do-It-Yourself (DIY) works involving drilling and hammering from 10.30pm to 7am as such works generate some amount of noise which may cause disturbance to your neighbours. If you are unable to keep within these limits, you should inform your neighbours beforehand.

Where can I complain about noisy renovation?

4) If the noise continues, contact your town council or HDB
If they don’t follow the hdb renovation rules, you can send complaints to your town council or HDB. Your town council will act as the middleman between you and your neighbour.

How do you stop noisy Neighbours?

How to Deal with Noisy Neighbours

  1. Talk to them. The best way to deal with a noisy neighbour is to talk to them and, while keeping super calm, explain why their music, screaming baby, dog or heels are driving you mental.
  2. Talk to the Landlord.
  3. Contact the Local Council.
  4. Get your solicitor involved.
  5. Move away.

Can HLE be rejected?

Purchasing a New BTO Flat
An HLE letter allows you to apply for an HDB concessionary loan and reserve an HDB flat. If your application for an HLE Letter is rejected, you cannot apply for an HDB concessionary loan.

Can I book a flat without HLE?

You need to have a valid HLE letter before you may commit to buy a flat^ or take over the ownership of a flat. ^ There is no mortgage loan financing for the purchase of a short lease 2-room Flexi flat or Community Care Apartment. You have to pay for the flat using your cash and/ or CPF savings.

Can 70 years old buy BTO?

Hi, Yes, as long as they meet all the eligibility conditions, they will be able to apply for a new BTO flat.

Can I buy 2 HDB?

Can I buy a second HDB flat? Yes, you may purchase a second HDB flat. However, you will need to sell your current HDB unit within six months of collecting the keys of the new flat.

How many Singaporeans stay HDB?


Items Unit Latest Data
Resident Households by Type of Dwelling
Total 6/ % 100.0
Total HDB Dwellings % 78.3
HDB 1- & 2-Room Flats 7/ % 6.6

Do Singaporeans own their flats?

Under Singapore’s housing ownership programme, housing units are sold on a 99-year leasehold to applicants who meet certain income, citizenship and property ownership requirements. The estate’s land and common areas continue to be owned by the government.

What is the oldest age to buy HDB?

Those aged 55 and above can choose a lease of between 15 and 45 years in 5-year increments, as long as it covers them and their spouse up to the age of at least 95 years. At least 40% (subject to a minimum of 100 units) of the 2-room Flexi flats in a BTO project are set aside for seniors.

Can 70 year old buy HDB flat?

Hi, Yes, as long as they meet all the eligibility conditions, they will be able to apply for a new BTO flat. I am experienced and well-versed in both HDB and private transactions.