How do I get from Twickenham to central London by train?

South Western Railway operates a train from London Waterloo to Twickenham every 10 minutes. Tickets cost £5 – £11 and the journey takes 32 min. Alternatively, London Buses operates a bus from Green Park to Twickenham, Heath Road Grove Avenue every 2 hours. Tickets cost £2 and the journey takes 44 min.

Which train line goes to Twickenham?

There are regular direct trains to Twickenham station from London Waterloo, Clapham Junction, Reading, Ascot and Windsor & Eton Riverside. Travelling by London Underground is also an option – the nearest stations are Richmond on the District Line and Hounslow East on Piccadilly Line.

What time does Twickenham station close?

Ticket Office opening hours: Monday to Friday open from 06:40:00 until 20:20:00. Saturday open from 06:40:00 until 20:20:00. Sunday open from 07:40:00 until 19:10:00.

Ticket office.

Ticket Machine Available
Pre-purchase collection Available
Travel card zone Twickenham is in Zone 5

Is Twickenham in Oyster Card Zone?

Twickenham is in zone 5, so make sure your Travelcard covers zones 1-5. Cost is the same for a daily 1-6 Travelcard.

Has Twickenham got a tube station?

There is no direct tube service from London to Twickenham. The closest tube stations to Twickenham are Hounslow East on the Piccadilly Line and Richmond on the District Line. Both are a 45-minute walk to the stadium.

Which London station is Twickenham?

London Waterloo

Regular train services operated by South Western Railway connect London Waterloo to Twickenham in 34m, Clapham Junction to Twickenham in 26m, Reading to Twickenham in 1h, Ascot to Twickenham in 35m and Windsor to Twickenham in 30m.

Is there a tube to Twickenham?

Is Twickenham in TfL zone?

Twickenham railway station is in Twickenham in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, and is in Travelcard Zone 5.
Twickenham railway station.

Twickenham Location of Twickenham in Greater London
Location Twickenham
Local authority London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
Managed by South Western Railway

How far is it from Paddington to Twickenham?

The distance between London Paddington Station and Twickenham is 9 miles. The road distance is 10.4 miles.

Can I use my Oyster to go to Twickenham?

The correct fare is automatically deducted from your card. You can use your Oyster card on all Southern trains within the London Zones 1-6 – as well as on buses, Tubes, Trams, The Docklands Light Railway, London Overground, TfL Rail and most National Rail services in London.

Can I use my Oyster at Twickenham station?

Subway from Euston Square station to Ickenham station
All London buses are all cashless, so you will need an Oyster card, Travel card or use contactless payment. You can also purchase a one-day bus-only pass from Tube stations. On the bus, you only need to touch on with your Oyster card (not off).

Is Twickenham posh?

Of course, Twickenham is a highly desirable place to live and house prices reflect this, with an average property setting you back around £720,000.

What tube zone is Twickenham?

Zone 5
Twickenham railway station is in Twickenham in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, and is in Travelcard Zone 5.

What time do gates open at Twickenham?

Gate opening time: 1300hrs
Food and drink outlets are available inside the stadium once the gates open, 3 hours 45 minutes before kick-off.

Is there a park and ride for Twickenham?

There is even a park and ride site provided nearby for Twickenham stadium, which could potentially offer a more stress-free means of travel.

Which zone is Twickenham station?

zone 5
Twickenham train station is located in south-west London and in London fare zone 5.

How far out of London can I use my freedom pass?

jpg. Freedom Passes will be valid to use on all of the Elizabeth line including stops outside of London. Freedom Pass holders should note that Bond Street on the Elizabeth line is not currently in use.

What zones can you use Oyster card?

Oyster cards
You can pay as you go to travel on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground, most Elizabeth line, Emirates Air Line and Thames Clippers River Bus services. You can also travel on most National Rail services in London and some outside London. You can also add: Travelcard.

What is the safest area to live in London?

Safest Areas in London

  • Richmond – Crime rate of 54 crimes per 1,000 people.
  • Bexley – Crime rate of 56 per 1,000 people.
  • Kingston-upon-Thames – Crime rate of 57 crimes per 1,000 people.
  • Sutton – Crime rate of 57 crimes per 1,000 people.
  • Harrow – Crime rate of 63 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Twickenham a safe place to live?

Compared to the national crime rate, Twickenham’s crime rate is at 82%. Violent crime makes up 26.1% of all crimes reported in the postcode area. The total number of “violent crime” is 14.5k, and this number has increased by 6.0% when compared year-over-year in the period of July 2021 – June 2022.

Can I take a handbag into Twickenham?

As detailed in the Spectator Code of Conduct, you MUST NOT bring a bag of any kind or size with you to the Stadium. If you do, this may result in you being denied entry without refund or compensation.

What should I wear to Twickenham?

Remember to wrap up warm and wear layers, as match days can be nippy. Twickenham has an open roof inside the stadium bowl and is open to the elements, therefore hats, scarves and thick coats are highly recommended! You’ll want to have layers to remove though as your hospitality suite will be nice and warm.

Does Twickenham have a tube station?

Can I use my Freedom Pass to get to Heathrow?

Heathrow Connect: Freedom Pass is valid from 09.30 Monday to Friday and at any time on weekends and public holidays between Paddington and Hayes & Harlington only. If you are travelling to Heathrow you will need to purchase an extension or other ticket before you make your journey.

Do Over 60s get free bus travel in England?

If you live in England or Wales
In England you can get a bus pass for free travel when you reach the State Pension age. If you live in London, you can travel free on buses, tubes and other transport when you’re 60, but only within London. In Wales you can get a bus pass when you reach 60.