How do I connect to YoLink?

Connect YoLink with Google Assistant.

  1. Click “ + ” in the upper left corner, then click “Set up device”.
  2. Click “Work with Google”, search “YoLink” and Click “YoLink” in the Search Results.
  3. Complete YoLink authorization and add smart home devices to follow the screen.

What is YoLink?

YoLink Smart Home Starter Kit: Security & Leak Detection Kit (Hub, Door Sensor, Water Leak Sensor, Plug Mini Compatible with Alexa, LoRa-Powered 1/4 Mile Range.

Does YoLink work with Google?

Works With Alexa & Google Voice Assistants: Supercharge your YoLink system by adding the YoLink skill to Alexa or Google Assistant.

Does YoLink work with SmartThings?

YoLink works with SmartThings using Virtual Switches!

How do I add YoLink to Alexa?

Connect YoLink with Alexa.

  1. Click “ ” in the upper left corner, click “Skills and Games”, and then type “YoLink” in the search bar.
  2. Choose “YoLink”, then click “ENABLE TO USE”.
  3. Complete YoLink authorization follows the screen.

Does YoLink work with home assistant?

Integrates YoLink Devices into Home Assistant.

Does YoLink use Zigbee?

Answer: SmartThings hub uses the WiFi, Zigbee and ZWave short wireless range technologies, YoLink uses the new wireless LoRa technology with longest range, lowest power consumption. So you cannot control the YoLink devices via the SmartThings system.

What frequency does YoLink use?

Only support 2.4GHz WiFi. You can share your YoLink devices with your family members by setting home member in YoLink App.

Does YoLink have an alarm?

YoLink Smart Outdoor Motion Detector, Trespassing Alarm, Driveway Alert, 1/4 Mile Range LoRa-Powered Wireless Motion Sensor, App for Remote Monitoring & Alerts, Alexa, IFTTT. Hub Required!

Brand YoLink
Power Source Battery Powered
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.5 x 4.5 x 4 inches
Number of Batteries 4 AA batteries required.

Does YoLink work with Alexa?

You can say “Alexa, discover my device” to synchronize the devices with your YoLink account, or you can tap “ DISCOVER DEVICES” in the Alexa App.

Will YoLink work with home assistant?

What does a YoLink Hub do?

YoLink Hub as a bridge between YoLink devices that you have, which build your own smart home system. Monitor, control, and help secure your home. Automate your lights, and help save money.

Does YoLink work with Ifttt?

YoLink SpeakerHub & Two Door Sensors Smart Home Starter Kit – Audio Hub Plays Tones/Sounds, Spoken Messages, LoRa-Powered ¼ Mile Range, Works with Alexa, Google, IFTTT, Home Assistant, WiFi Required…

What is the difference between LoRa and Zigbee?

LoRa: proprietary, long-range, inexpensive and secure

The main difference is that, while Zigbee is a short-range IoT protocol aimed at connecting a number of devices in close proximity, LoRa focuses on wide-area networks.

Which sensor is best for motion detection?

Passive infrared (PIR)
Passive infrared (PIR)
This is the most-widely-used motion sensor in home security systems.

How do I reset my YoLink hub?

Hold the Set Button for 20-25 seconds until the Feature Light blinks red. Factory reset will be done when the light stops flashing. Internet light is off a f t e r t h e h u b i s powered on. Scan the QR code with YoLink App and it shows “This device has been set up with another account”.

How do you link YoLink to Alexa?

Does YoLink hub have a speaker?

YoLink SpeakerHub – Smart Home Speaker Hub, Plays Tones/Alarms and Your Text-to-Speech Custom Messages, Voice Announcements, Audio Voice Alert, Spoken Alerts, LoRa-Powered ¼ Mile Range, WiFi Required.

Is YoLink compatible with home assistant?

Is LoRa better than Zigbee?

Lora advantages
long-distance data transmission (and sensor integration), networking Convenient and stable (compared to 2.4GHz and Bluetooth, WiFi, and other technologies);

What are the disadvantages of LoRaWAN?

Disadvantages of LoRaWAN
Not for large data payloads, payload limited to 100 bytes. Not for continuous monitoring (except Class C devices). Not ideal candidate for real time applications requiring lower latency and bounded jitter requirements.

Do motion sensors work in the dark?

The short answer is yes. Motion sensors do work in complete darkness, as none of the motion sensors mentioned above are reliant on using images to detect motion. Instead of images, PIR motion sensors detect changes in the level of received infrared.

What is better PIR or motion sensor?

Residential use; winner is PIR
PIR-sensing lights are often the best choice for outdoor security lighting. Because they only detect movement from live objects, they are less likely to cause false alarms.

Can Alexa be a motion sensor?

Open the Alexa app, tap the Devices tab, tap Echo & Alexa, tap an Echo speaker, then tap the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen. You’ll see a Motion Detection setting under the General heading if the speaker supports the feature. Tap it, then tap the toggle to enable.

Can Alexa read humidity?

Amazon’s new Alexa-enabled air quality sensor alerts you to harmful allergens for $70. The Smart Air Quality Monitor detects carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, dust, temperature and humidity.