How do I adjust my Avigilon camera?

In the camera web browser interface or the Avigilon Control Center software, use the camera’s Image and Display settings to zoom and focus the camera. Use the zoom buttons to zoom the camera in or out. Click Auto Focus to focus the lens. Use the focus near and far buttons to manually adjust the focus.

How do I access my Avigilon camera?

Logging In to Cameras

  1. When you launch the Camera Configuration Tool, you are immediately prompted to log in to all discovered devices. In the User Name and Password fields, enter the camera credentials.
  2. Click Connect to Devices. You are logged into the discovered cameras using the selected credentials.

What is Avigilon default password?


The default username is admin , and the default password is admin . It is recommended that you change the default password after your first login.

How do I install Avigilon client?

Installing the ACC Client

  1. Open a web browser from a network workstation with network access to the Internet.
  2. Download the ACC Client software from the Avigilon website:
  3. Install the ACC Client software on a network workstation with network access to the device.

What is the default IP for Avigilon cameras?
If the camera is not able to get an IP address from a DHCP server, the Avigilon camera / encoder uses Zero Configuration Networking (ZeroConf) to obtain an IP address in the 169.254. 0.0 / 255.255. 0.0 subnet.

How do I reset my Avigilon camera?

Resetting to Factory Default Settings

  1. Ensure the camera is powered on.
  2. Unscrew the configuration panel cover on the bottom of the camera.
  3. Using a straightened paperclip or similar tool, gently press and hold the firmware revert button for 3 seconds.
  4. Screw the configuration panel cover back into place.

How do I reset my avigilon password?

Resetting a Password

  1. In the New Task menu , click Site Setup.
  2. Click the site name, then click Users and Groups.
  3. In the Users tab, double-click a user.
  4. Click Change Password and enter a new password.
  5. Click OK to save the new password.
  6. Click OK.

What is the default IP address for Avigilon cameras?

What is Avigilon software?

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 is the latest and most advanced version of ACC™ video management software. Designed to bring the right information to you so that you can take action, ACC 7 provides an easy-to-use, AI-enabled user interface to help ensure critical events do not go unnoticed.

How do I factory reset my Avigilon camera?

How do I reset my IP camera password?

What should I do if I forget the username and password for my IP Camera? By default, the IP Camera’s administrator password is admin. And you can change the password on User Management page. If you forget the password, the only way is to reset the IP Camera to factory default setting via hardware reset button.

What company owns Avigilon?

Motorola SolutionsAvigilon / Parent organization

Do Avigilon cameras have audio?

You can also simultaneously listen to live audio from the camera and converse with the person in the camera’s field of view, if a microphone is connected to or built in to the camera.

How do I reset my Avigilon camera password?

How do I find my IP camera username and password?

How do I reset my IP camera to factory settings?

How to reset IP Camera to factory defaults

  1. Keep the device powered on for at least 30 seconds to complete its normal startup.
  2. Find something like a pin to press the Reset button on the camera and hold it for 15 seconds to restore the settings to factory defaults.

Is avigilon a Chinese company?

Avigilon is a Canadian subsidiary of Motorola Solutions, which specializes in the design and development of video analytics, network video management software, surveillance cameras, and access control products.

How many employees does avigilon have?

1,000 employees
Avigilon’s revenue growth from 2019 to 2020 is -2.38%. Avigilon has 1,000 employees, and the revenue per employee ratio is $862,300.

What is the default camera password?

Default Camera Passwords

Camera Manufacturer username Password
Grandstream admin admin
GVI Admin 1234
HIKVision admin 12345
Honeywell admin 1234

What is the default password for IP camera?

By default, when the IP camera powers on, it attempts to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server in your network. If the camera cannot obtain an IP address through DCHP within 90 seconds, it uses a default IP address of 192.168. 0.100. The default login credentials (Username/Password) are admin/admin.

How many employees does Avigilon have?

What company owns avigilon?