How do I access the NUS staff portal?

Open your web browser and go to Please note the supported browsers as indicated below. 2. Click on click here under Public Computer Access.

How do I sign into NUS in Outlook?

Go to Enter your account in the format of [email protected] where userID is your NUSNET ID. Note that this is not your email address. You will be directed to the NUS login page.

How do I check my NUS email?

You can access your Office 365 email via

How do I change my 2FA device to NUS?

Sign in to VIP Self Service Portal and follow the on-screen instructions to change your 2FA token. You can make this change on any device such as your office PC, personal laptop or mobile device.

How do I log into my NUSNet account?

i. Go to ii. Enter your NUSNet ID, NRIC/FIN (last 5 characters), mobile number and follow the instructions on the screen.

Do NUS students get free Microsoft Office?

Microsoft 365 Apps is included in Microsoft 365. You can access them by logging in to with your NUS-ID.

What is the NUSNet ID?

The NUSNet ID is your access gateway to a spectrum of systems within NUS. It is essential for you to acknowledge the NUS IT Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) within 30 days from the creation of your NUSNet ID.

How do I install Microsoft Office NUS?

Installing Office 365 ProPlus

To download Office 365 ProPlus on your machine(s), login to Office 365: Click Install Office 2016. A smallsetup file will be downloaded. Run this setup file to install Office 365 ProPlus.

How do I set up NUS email?

  1. Android. Email Setup Guide.
  2. A. Introduction.
  3. B. Configure NUS Mail on your Android.
  4. Make sure that you have 3G or wireless connection first.
  5. Enter your NUS Email Address and NUSNET Password, and then tap Next.
  6. Tap Microsoft Exchange Active Sync.
  7. The setup will now verify your account settings.
  8. Tap Activate.

How do I change my VIP to a new phone?


  1. Download the VIP Access application on the new phone.
  2. Access the Web Security Console.
  3. Under Two-Factor Authentication: Secondary Methods select ‘Add a new method’.
  4. Select ‘VIP Security Token’ and click Next.
  5. Enter your Credential ID and six-digit code as seen in your VIP Access application.

How do I use VIP Access app?

Symantec VIP – Secure Your Customer Access – YouTube

What is your NUSNet ID?

What is NUS ranking in the world?

In the ranking released on Thursday (June 9), NUS came in 11th globally, retaining its place from last year, while NTU took 19th place, down from 12th last year. NUS has held the top position among Asian universities for the past five years in the Britain-based higher education analysis firm’s rankings.

Can you use NUS email after graduation?

NUS Alumni Lifelong Email was introduced in 2013, which allows students to keep their student email for life after graduation. This means that all NUS alumni who graduated in July 2013 or after can continue to use their student email, which comes with 50GB of email cloud storage.

How do I get Microsoft Office NUS?

How do I get it? Microsoft 365 Apps is included in Microsoft 365. You can access them by logging in to with your NUS-ID.

How do I find my Nusnet ID?

Forget your NUSNet ID
Please contact [email protected] or 6772 5111 to retrieve your NUSNet ID.

Do NUS cards still exist?

NUS and TOTUM have since stopped offering the NUS alumni card (sometimes referred to as an NUS TOTUM card).

Do college students get free Microsoft Office?

Office 365 for Education
If you’re a student or teacher, you are eligible to get the online version of Microsoft Office for free, plus 1 TB of online storage. Your school may also provide the full Office apps.

How do I get my NUS email on my phone?

Tap on IMAP Enter the Enter the following information:

  1. Email Address: your full NUS email address.
  2. Description: you can give any name here.
  3. Incoming Mail Server.
  4. Host Name:
  5. User name: enter your NUS email address, for example [email protected].
  6. Password: enter your NUS email password.
  7. Port: 993.

How do I get NUS friendly email?

1) First and last names should be used together as the friendly email address for your official NUS email account.

Recommended formats:

  1. [email protected].
  2. [email protected].
  3. [email protected].
  4. [email protected].

Can I use VIP Access on multiple devices?

For security reasons, VIP Access can only be installed on one device at any given time. So for example, if it’s currently installed on your smartphone, you won’t be able to install it on your desktop without first removing the smartphone install.

How do I reset my VIP app?


  1. Set the time zone and system time on your device to the correct values.
  2. Security codes are time-forward only.
  3. Open VIP Access Desktop.
  4. Click on the icon in the top-left of the application window and select Settings.
  5. Click Reset.
  6. Test the security code using the steps below.

How do I log into VIP Access?

If you have a VIP Security Card: Press the button on the card. Use the six-digit security code you see in the upper right corner of the card to Sign In. If you have VIP Access: Use the six-digit security code that is displayed to Sign In. Sign In to VIP Manager with your email address and password.

How do I set up VIP Access?

On your Windows, Apple, or Android Device you can go to to download the device.
Install the VIP Access

  1. Click on Download.
  2. Select the appropriate download for your operating system or device (Mac or Windows)
  3. Install the software.

How do I activate my NUS student card?

Upon collection of your NUS Student Card, you are required to activate it via the Education Records System (EduRec) immediately using your NUSNET ID and password. Registration (Part Two) is deemed completed only upon activation of your Student Card online.