How did chatterer become a Cenobite?

That night, Seth leaves without opening the Configuration and Jim’s desire is granted, after he inadvertently triggered a living nightmare worse than death, or perhaps even Hell itself, and is forcibly disfigured by the jealous God of Pain and Pleasure – Leviathan – and transformed into the Cenobite Chatterer.

Do Cenobites give pleasure?

All Cenobites would appear to have great knowledge of both pain and pleasure, making them masters of both physical and psychological torture—this coupled with their supernatural abilities serve to make Cenobites arguably amongst the most frightening and dangerous of all demons in fiction.

Who is the oldest Cenobite?

Turpis was an older Cenobite that appeared in the Clive Barker’s Hellraiser series by Epic Comic. Turpis was one of six Cenobites chosen by the Puzzle Chamber to take on the Harrowers in wake of their moves against Leviathan.

Status Deceased
First Appearance

Who is the scariest Cenobite?

The nastiest of the Cenobites has to be Pinhead, who has been played by Doug Bradley in no less than eight Hellraiser films. Pinhead wasn’t always going to be the main antagonist of the series, though.

Is Pinhead the most powerful Cenobite?

Not only is Pinhead considered to be the most powerful mainstream horror villain, he also has three followers. And as the series progressed, it is revealed there are many, many, many more Cenobites.

Is the Chatterer female?

Chatterer has become a fan favourite character in the Hellraiser franchise.

Alias Chattering Cenobite Female Cenobite The Blind Sadist The Angel of Suffering
Species Human/Cenobite
Gender Male
Primary location “The Labyrinth”/Hell

What happens when a Cenobite dies?

In the movie version when a Cenobite dies, they return to their human form. Closing a puzzle box automatically forces all Cenobites summoned through it back into Hell.

Who would win Freddy or Pinhead?

Both villains would come prepared with their specific skills and powers. However, when choosing between Freddy Krueger the nightmare murderer, and Pinhead the killer from Hell, Freddy would win the fight. Crossovers are commonly anticipated within the horror/slasher genre.

What is the female version of a Cenobite called?

Hellraiser Films

The original three male Cenobites were dubbed “Pinhead”, “Chatterer”, and “Butterball” and the one female Cenobite called “Open/Deep Throat”.

Why does Kirsty become a Cenobite?

Kirsty got dragged into the dark world of the Cenobites thanks to her evil uncle Frank, who manipulated Kirsty’s stepmother Julia into helping him regenerate his flesh after escaping from Hell, and later used Kirsty’s father Larry as a replacement skin suit.

Who can defeat Pinhead?

The movie reveals that Pinhead and crew were all people who opened the box and were mutilated into their current forms. His real name was Elliot Spencer who is a World War I vet. Once he is reverted to his human form, he is able to be killed by grizzly throat-slitting.

Can Pinhead beat Freddy?

Why does Chatterer look different?

Like his fellow Cenobites, Chatterer’s body has been subjected to an extreme form of body modification and ritual scarification; in Chatterer’s case, his face has been severely disfigured and his lips have been peeled back to permanently expose his teeth, which he can only click together as a means of communication.

Was nemesis inspired by the Chatterer?

Chatterer’s appearance inspired Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis.

Can Pinhead beat Pennywise?

Being able to blow things up at will, and even able to turn things into other things. Pinhead, unlike other slashers, really doesn’t show a consistent power level. In the end, the Pinhead bent on word domination would destroy Pennywise, especially with the box.

Who is Pinhead in love with?

Merkova is a cenobite that appears in the Hellraiser comic series, primarily the ones about the Harrowers, she is the cenobite love interest of Pinhead, as shown in the series they care very deeply about each other.

Why are all Cenobites bald?

Life as a Cenobite
She was pulled into Hell and was clad in black leather, with holes in the torso and had a pin shoved through her nose, had her hair shaved off, and had five wires pull back her throat, causing her to have a raspy, whispery voice.

Is Pinhead the strongest Cenobite?

Who is stronger Pennywise or Pinhead?

Pinhead, unlike other slashers, really doesn’t show a consistent power level. In the end, the Pinhead bent on word domination would destroy Pennywise, especially with the box. But the Pinhead who is merely “an explorer in the furthest region of experience” would have the floor wiped with his skull.

Who would win Michael Myers or Pinhead?

It’s safe to say that the only way to make this a fair fight would be to put both characters in the physical world and give Michael his Curse of Thorn immortality, but even with that, it’s clear that Pinhead would win.

Who was Nemesis before mutation?

Nemesis-T is a T-103 Tyrant with a parasite in him. T-103s are modified clones of the T-002, a prisoner experimented on by Umbrella in 1998.

Can Pinhead beat Jason?

Pinhead from Hellraiser
Being a masked serial killer who can’t die is one thing. Being an immortal hell monster from another dimension is another and a deadlier threat. Once the puzzle is solved and the cube is unlocked, Jason wouldn’t stand a chance against the horrific force known as Pinhead.

Does Pinhead have a weakness?

Weaknesses. Pinhead’s only real weakness lies within the same object used to summon him: the Lament Configuration. The box can be used to banish him back to Hell.

What is female Pinhead called?

Nikoletta was paired with Pinhead, a favourite of Hell, from the very beginning.

How much IQ does Pinhead have?

Pinhead [IQ: 154]