How can I recharge Airtel online?

Mobile Recharge using My Airtel app

  1. Log in to My Airtel App and navigate to the Payments Bank Section.
  2. Click on ‘Recharge’
  3. Select ‘Mobile’. Enter the mobile number and select your operator.
  4. Browse from a list of plans and pick one that’s best for you.
  5. Enter the recharge amount and click on ‘Pay now’.

What is 79 Airtel recharge plan?

Users receive 200MB of data, Rs 99 in Talktime, tariff calls at 1 paise per second, and SMS at Rs 1 for local messages and Rs 1.5 for STD texts with this package. Summary : Airtel Rs 79 Price Hike.

Revised Airtel Prepaid Plan Prices.

Old Price Rs 79
Validity Unlimited
Benefits 12GB data
Old Price Rs 251
New Price Rs 301

What is 99 pack in Airtel?

For instance, the Rs 99 plan comes with Rs 99 talktime along with 200MB data and 28 days of validity. Users will be able to make local/STD calls at the rate of 2.5 paise per second. The SMS will cost Re 1 for local and Rs 1.5 for STD. Similarly, the Rs 109 prepaid plan also comes with Rs 99 talking, 200GB data.

Did Airtel remove 79 recharge?

Post scrapping its Rs 49 plan in July 2021, Airtel’s most cost effective plan was Rs 79. However the return of Rs 49 plan can be seen as a big relief for the users. The Airtel Rs 49 plan offers its users with a talktime of Rs 38.52 for a period of 28 days. A data of 100MB is also available for the users in the plan.

Can we recharge Airtel prepaid online?

Online Recharge – Airtel

Airtel Prepaid Mobile Recharge can be done in easy steps through online mode. Enter the Airtel mobile number and proceed to choose prepaid recharge pack from a range of best-selling Airtel Prepaid plans.

How can I do online recharge?

Recharge for the first time

  1. Step 1: Add your number. Open Google Pay . From the bottom of the screen, swipe up. Tap New. Recharge Prepaid Mobile. Enter the mobile number you want to add.
  2. Step 2: Recharge your account. Choose a type of recharge: Pay a custom amount: Tap Search. . Enter the amount that you’d like to recharge.

What is 129 pack in Airtel?

129 Airtel prepaid recharge plan benefits. The Rs. 129 prepaid recharge plan by Airtel offers 1GB high-speed data access along with unlimited local, STD, and roaming call benefits and 300 SMS messages. It comes with a validity of 24 days.

What is 128 plan in Airtel?

Rs 128 plan
The Rs 128 monthly plan comes with benefits including calls charged at 2.5 paise per second, video calls charged at 5 paise per second and data charged at 50 paise per MB. Meanwhile SMS is charged at Rs 1 and Rs 1.5 for local and STD messages respectively. The plan is valid for 30 days.

What is the minimum recharge for Airtel 2022?

Bharti Airtel lowest recharge plan for 2022 comes for Rs 99. After the prepaid tariff hikes, the Rs 79 plan’s price was increased to Rs 99. With this plan, users get 200MB of data, Rs 99 worth of talktime, tariff calls at 1 paise per second, and SMS at Rs 1 for local texts and Rs 1.5 for STD texts.

Which site is best for online recharge?

Paytm currently has over 350 million active users who have shown their trust in the company and its online services, which is why Paytm strives to provide them with the best services and an exceptional experience.

Can I recharge with WhatsApp?

To use the service, IDFC FIRST Bank customers can start by just sending ‘Hi’ to the Bank’s official WhatsApp chatbot number at +919555555555. Users will first need to save the number > open the WhatsApp chatbot > select the recharge option > enter the amount of recharge > and authenticate the transaction via an OTP.

What is 119 pack in Airtel?

Airtel 119 INR Special, 3G Data Prepaid Plan

Operator Airtel
Amount 119
Plan Type Special, 3G Data
Validity 4
Plan Description Rs. 100 Talktime (main account) and 120 MB 3G/2G

What is 149 pack in Airtel?

Airtel recharge plan of Rs 149
Reliance Airtel’s Rs 149 prepaid plan offers 1GB data per day. The pack comes with a validity of 20 days which means that you will get 28GB data for the entire validity. Unlimited voice calls are also available in this plan with 300 SMS.

What is the price of Airtel 1.5 GB per day?

Airtel Rs 779 plan launched
The newly launched Airtel Rs 779 prepaid plan offers a total of 135GB data with 1.5GB daily data benefit. Other benefits of the plan are just the same as the Rs 519 plan, just that this one comes with a validity of 90 days.

What is 118 plan in Airtel?

Rs 118 – The 4G data recharge plan comes with 12GB of data. The pack is valid till the validity of the primary recharge plan. Rs 148 – The 4G data plan offers 15GB of data and has the same validity as your existing pack.

What is the minimum recharge for Airtel to keep active?

The affordable option for you to keep your SIM active with Airtel is the Rs 99 plan. This plan will ensure that your SIM will be active for 28 days.

How can I get 1 year validity in Airtel?

Airtel’s Rs 2,999 recharge plan comes with 1 year of validity and offers 2GB of daily data. Other benefits include unlimited voice calls and 100 daily SMS. The long-term plan also offers 30 days of Amazon Prime Mobile Edition Free trial.

Is online recharge safe?

Absolutely! All connections to FreeCharge through the browser and application are 128-bit encrypted. This simply means that all your transactional & personal card details added while doing your online recharge will always be safe & secure.

Is WhatsApp free of charge?

Is WhatsApp free? WhatsApp is free to download from the App Store or Play Store. It uses your phone’s internet connection and allows you to send unlimited messages, pictures and videos, so you don’t need to worry about using up your allocated text or call allowances.

Is WhatsApp paid or free?

The way WhatsApp used to make money was through a subscription model. It cost $1 to download and then $1 a year going forward. Meta eventually removed the $1 fee and made WhatsApp a free service, with the idea that consumers would communicate with businesses through it and businesses would pick up the cost.

What is 249 plan in Airtel?

The Rs 249 prepaid Airtel plan comes with 1.5GB of daily data and with the addition of free 500MB data, customers will get a total of 2GB data per day. The additional data offer is only valid on this plan and one can avail the same via the company’s Airtel Thanks app.

How much is Airtel 2GB data plan?

The Airtel Rs 699 recharge plan offers 2GB of 4G data per day and comes with a validity of 56 days. Users will also get unlimited voice calls and 100 daily SMS under the plan. The prepaid plan also offers Amazon Prime membership along with Apollo 24/7 Circle for 3 months at no additional cost.

How much is Airtel 1GB data plan?

Here’s a list of Airtel 1 GB Per Day Net Pack with offers along with prices ranging from Rs. 104 to Rs. 779.
Airtel 1 GB Per Day Net Pack List.

Pack / Plan Validity Price (Rs.)
1.5 GB / Day Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack 77 days 666
1.5 GB / Day Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack 84 days 719

What is Airtel Lifetime Validity?

If you take the Airtel Lifetime Validity Plan 2, you get a Talktime for Rs 420.73 and outgoing validity for 28 days, and a lifetime incoming validity for a lifetime at the cost of Rs 500. There is no data included in this plan. You can also avail of Airtel’s long-term validity plans for Rs 145 and Rs 245.

What is lifetime validity?

What is lifetime validity? Lifetime validity essentially means you pay a certain amount — between Rs 950 and Rs 999 at the moment — for a prepaid card and you get a mobile connection for life with free incoming calls.