How can I get my old Viber messages back?

To manually restore your chat history:

  1. Open Viber on your new phone.
  2. Tap on More (Android) (iOS)
  3. Tap on Settings.
  4. Tap on Account.
  5. Tap on Viber Backup.
  6. Tap on Restore.
  7. Select Restore Now.

Can I restore Viber messages without backup?

More often than not, the deleted or lost Viber chats have no backup. At this time, a professional Viber message recovery tool is necessary. iReparo for Android is exactly the best Android data recovery app for recovering Viber messages and files from Android phone and tablet.

Can I retrieve deleted messages in Messenger?

You can recover deleted Facebook messages by downloading them or checking old email notifications. You can also recover them by looking in the cache of the Messenger app, if you use Android. You can also check your archived messages or ask the person you were messaging with for a copy.

Where is Viber back up stored?

Google Drive

To back up your messages in Viber, just follow these steps: Start Viber on your smartphone, press hamburger icon and choose“Settings”. Next, select “Account”. Once the backup process s finished — you will find the backup file on your Google Drive.

Why did my Viber messages disappear?

One reason why you may not be able to see messages in Viber is because they’re sent via Secret Chat. In this case, either the messages have already been erased, or you simply didn’t unhide the chat so you can read them. Do the following, to unhide a secret chat: Bring up the chat window.

How can I recover deleted Viber messages without iPhone backup?

Now, let’s check how to restore Viber messages without backup.

  1. Download iPhone data recovery tool. Free Download PhoneRescue for iOS on your computer firstly > Install and open it.
  2. Connect your iPhone and choose recovery mode.
  3. Scanning the app data on your iPhone.
  4. Select the files to recover.

How can I recover deleted Viber messages without iOS backup?

How can I recover permanently deleted messages from Messenger 2022?

Retrieving Your Chat Data on Android

  1. Download and install a file explorer on the Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the application and go to your Internal Device Storage > Android > Data.
  3. Look for the folder that hosts Facebook’s data, namely: “com. facebook.
  4. Here you can find your deleted messages and can recover them.

How can I recover permanently deleted messages from Messenger 2021?

STEP 1- Launch the Facebook Messenger App on your device. Make sure you’re logged in! STEP 2- Go to the search bar and look for the conversation you think you deleted. STEP 3- When you see the desired chat, send another message to the recipient, which will unarchive the entire conversation.

Does Viber Keep your messages?

This includes screenshot protection – Android users can’t take a screenshot, and if someone on an iPhone takes a screenshot, you will receive a notification. The right to keep your personal chats your own – Viber doesn’t store your personal chats. Messages that are delivered aren’t copied onto Viber’s servers.

Does Viber keep history?

Your chat history is connected to the platform that your phone uses, i.e. Android or iOS.

How long do messages stay on Viber?

From early May 2020, users on Viber will be able to set a timer when sending text, photo, video, or other types of files, for the automatic deletion of the content. The countdown can last anywhere from a few seconds to minutes, hours, or even days – and begins immediately after the recipient sees the sent message.

How can I recover deleted messages on Viber IOS?

If you back up everything to Apple’s native cloud storage, you can easily recover Viber messages from iCloud. All you need to do is to log in to your iCloud account and activate the app to finish the process. Viber automatically detects the existing backup and offers you to recover Viber chat history right away.

Are Deleted Facebook messages gone forever?

No, you can’t see deleted messages or conversations. Deleting a messagepermanently removes it from your Chat list. Keep in mind that deleting a message or conversation from your Chats list won’t delete it from the Chats list of the person you chatted with. Learn how to remove a message you’ve sent.

How do you see deleted messages?

How to Find and Recover Deleted Facebook Messages – YouTube

How can I recover permanently deleted Facebook messages 2022?

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log in to
  2. Tap on Messenger.
  3. After that, tap on Settings on the top of your messages.
  4. Next, tap on “Archived Threads.”
  5. Consequently, look for messages you want to retrieve back.
  6. If you cannot find your messages here, it means that you deleted them.

How can I download my deleted messages from Facebook?

How to See Deleted Messages on Facebook Archive

  1. Navigate to the Facebook site and click on the Messenger icon in the top right.
  2. Pick See all in Messenger.
  3. Click the … icon next to Chats.
  4. Pick Archived chats from the dropdown menu.
  5. Scroll down to see if you can find the message you need.

How do I find my archives on Viber?

How to Find Hidden Chats on Viber? Access Hidden Viber Chats

Does uninstalling Viber delete messages?

The app will simply be uninstalled, but your account information will still exist. This means that if you install it again, you could sign into the same account again. In other words, if you uninstall Viber, you will lose all the chat history if you never backup but you won’t lose contacts.

Are Viber messages saved?

Automatically backup your chat history
To ensure that your chat history is always up to date, we recommend a daily auto backup of your data. To turn on auto backup: Open Viber on your phone. Tap on More (Android) (iOS)

Are deleted messages on Facebook gone forever?

Unfortunately, when you delete a message in the Facebook Messenger app, it’s permanently deleted, according to Facebook Messenger’s official policy. This is great for privacy but can become a problem if you delete something valuable by mistake.

How can I retrieve deleted messages from Viber Android?

How to Restore/Recover Viber Messages on Android Mobile? (2022)

What happens to my messages when I deactivate my Viber account?

Deactivates Viber on all your devices, including desktop and tablet. Won’t delete your scheduled messages in Communities and Channels. Will permanently delete all your scheduled messages in Communities and Channels.

Does reinstalling Viber delete everything?

Does Viber keep data?

Personal data required to be retained in order to maintain your Viber account and to enable you the use of Viber Services – these types of data, including your mobile number, and phone address book, will be retained for as long as you maintain your Viber account.